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Manual for washing machine Ardo A800X

instruction for Ardo A800xMany Ardo Italian washing machines still work. But here the instruction manual is lost or is, but it is not written in Russian. Even if it is required, it is quite possible to get by with the electronic version. So, for example, we offer brief instructions for the Ardo A800X.

Machine installation

Before operating the machine, it is necessary to remove not only the packaging from it, but also 4 safety screws and spacers. Insert plastic plugs into the holes from these screws. After choosing a place for the machine, set it in level, tightening the lock nuts on the legs. Failure to level the machine will result in noise and wear on the internal parts.

Important! Install the washing machine only in a room where the air temperature does not drop below 0 degrees.

Before connecting the machine to the water supply, open the tap and drain the dirty water, then only screw the inlet hose. You only need to connect the equipment to cold water, while between the tap and the hose you need to insert a filter pad, the same pad is placed on the other end of the hose. When washing, the water tap is fully open.

The drain hose is connected to the sewer drain so that the top point of the drain is at a height of 60-90 cm from the floor. You can insert the drain hose directly into the sewer pipe, the diameter of which must be at least 40 mm. Fasten the hose so that it does not pop out under the pressure of the draining water. If you intend to drain water into the bathroom, fasten the hose with the holder from the kit.

Connection to electricity requires a moisture-proof outlet with a 1.5 mm power cable. Such a socket must withstand the maximum load that the machine exerts. For safety reasons, a difavtomat is installed on the electrical panel when the wiring for the washer is removed. In addition, the machine can be connected to the network through Voltage regulatorwhich will smooth the jumps.

Remember! Do not turn the equipment on or off with wet or damp hands.

Control Panel and Tray

The user communicates with the Ardo a800x washing machine through the control panel, on which there are buttons and rotary knobs, namely:


  • washing temperature control knob;
  • spin speed selection knob;
  • program selection knob;
  • heating off button;
  • button to stop the car with water;
  • spin off button;
  • button to reduce the wash cycle.

Note that all programs are numbered, and their names are displayed on the control panel.

The detergent tray in this machine is divided into three parts. The leftmost compartment is for powder that is consumed during prewash. The next compartment (in the center) is for the powder that goes to the main wash. The rightmost compartment is for the air conditioner. It seems that everything is simple, but there is one BUT, when using liquid powder, you need to insert a special dispenser into the compartment for the main wash and pour the powder into it.

powder collector in Ardo

Launch Wash

Having found out the purpose of all the buttons and where to pour the powder, you can proceed to the first wash, which must be done without laundry and without the spin function. Such washing will wash the drum of the machine from dust and debris. To start washing with laundry, you must first sort it, remove complex stains and put it according to the load in the drum, and then proceed according to the algorithm:

  1. turn on the water;
  2. set the program knob to the Stop position; do not forget that the knob can only be rotated clockwise;
  3. plug the machine into a power outlet;
  4. pour the powder into the powder tray;
  5. choose the necessary program, speed and temperature;
  6. pull the programmer toward you to start the wash; if the machine has an on button, then press this button;
  7. wait until the wash is finished;
  8. open the drum door;
  9. turn off the power;
  10. shut off the water supply.


The Ardo washing machine is designed in such a way that a person takes part in its maintenance as little as possible, however, you still need to do something, otherwise the equipment may fail. It is necessary to clean the trash filter about once every 3-4 months and check and rinse the filter screen once every six months, which is placed on the inlet valve. After each washing, it is necessary to wipe and ventilate the machine so that moisture does not accumulate in it and mold does not form. That's all the events.

You can not wash the machine with various abrasive products and products containing acids and alkalis. Soapy water is best.

Ardo A800xBe sure to leave the hatch and powder tray open after each wash. The powder receptacle sometimes needs to be completely removed and soaked in hot water so that the dried product completely dissolves and comes off. If it is time to clean the dust filter, do the following:

  1. Immediately after washing, open the cover-cap, which is located in the lower right corner of the front wall of the washing machine.
  2. Place a flat container under the filter plug so that part of this container fits under the machine body.
  3. We unscrew the filter plug and drain the remaining water into a substituted container.
  4. We remove the container, and then carefully clean the filter.
  5. We screw the filter plug back and close the cap. Be sure to check that the filter is tightened tightly, otherwise the next time you wash, you will fill the room with water.

And in conclusion, we remind you that the manufacturer is not responsible in case of your injury or breakdown of the washing machine in violation of the safety rules listed in the instructions. Be careful!


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