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Manual for washing machine Ardo A600X

Ardo A600X manualThe instruction manual for the washing machine allows you not only to familiarize yourself with the rules of controlling the equipment, but also the nuances of the machine itself. We offer you a brief version of the instructions on the example of the Ardo A600X.


If calling a wizard to connect a washing machine is not possible for a financial reason, then you will have to do everything yourself. But when connecting the machine yourself, do not violate the requirements and safety precautions. After all, then you will not only risk losing your washing machine, but will not make warranty repairs either, since the manufacturer is not responsible for your actions.

How to connect a typewriter? First unscrew the transport bolts. You need to rotate them counterclockwise. Keep the bolts, washers and O-rings themselves in case of repeated transportation of the washing machine. The instruction in Russian for this model of the machine tells us that the preparation for the connection does not end there. It is necessary to completely remove the back wall of the washer in order to remove the transport spacers. Next, we screw the wall into place and the job is done.

Next, we need to drag the machine to the prepared installation site. How to properly prepare a place for a washing machine of any model is described in the article Instructions for the washing machine Indesit WISL 85, we will not repeat.

Using the usual building level, we align the body, alternately twisting all 4 legs. At the next stage, we fasten one end of the inlet hose to the outlet of the inlet valve, which is located in the upper right corner behind the machine body, and the other end to the outlet of the water pipe. Do not over tighten. Note that the machine will not draw water if the water pressure in the water supply is too low.

Remember to insert the rubber bands into the hose so that it does not leak under pressure.

In the next step, we need to screw a drain hose, one end of which is already attached to the washing machine. There are different options for organizing the discharge of waste water from the washing machine, you can read more about this in the article How to drain into the sewer, and we move on.

Having organized the connection of two hoses, you need to check again, if all the connections are tight, if water leaks somewhere. If everything is in order, we connect the machine to an electrical outlet and you can check the "home assistant" in work.

Control panel and dispenser

The Ardo washing machine has a mechanical control panel, on which there are two switches and five buttons. The extreme selector on the right is needed to select programs, the second selector allows you to set the required temperature for heating the water.

In the center of the panel is a warning warning paw whether the machine is on or off.

control panel ardo A600X

The button on the panel under the number 7 suggests an additional rinse. The button at number 6 is pressed if it is necessary to stop washing without letting water out of the drum, for example, for soaking for a while. The button under the number 3 suggests turning off the spin, that is, at the end of the wash, the water from the tank will simply be drained. Button number 4 allows you to reduce the duration of the wash cycle, making it economical. Button 5 - turn on and off the machine.

The powder dispenser in this washing machine is divided into three compartments. Left compartment for prewash, followed by the main wash. Section on the right for rinse aid. You can use both powders and liquid detergents for washing, the main thing is that they are intended for “automatic machines”.


Operation of the new washing machine should begin with the launch of a short program without laundry to clean the drum. Before washing, be sure to check whether the water tap is open and do not forget to check the pockets of clothes, sort the laundry. Launching washing is carried out as follows:

  1. Load items into the drum according to the maximum load for this mode. For example, for the cotton mode, the load is 5 kg of dry linen, for delicate fabrics 2.5 kg, and for woolen products, no more than 1 kg can be washed at a time.
  2. Close the drum door.
  3. Pour the powder according to the dosage into the powder collector.

    Do not pull out the tray during washing so that water does not leak.

  4. Turn the selector clockwise to the desired washing mode; you cannot rotate it counterclockwise.
  5. If there is such a need, press the button for an additional function.
  6. Press the power button. Please note that the power button is pressed only after the program is selected.

User Tips

Ardo A600X washing machineIn this paragraph we offer recommendations for the user and safety notes:

  • use the equipment only for its intended purpose at home;
  • Do not try to repair the device yourself without certain skills, this can lead to damage to the machine, and it is also life threatening;
  • do not move the device alone; it is very heavy;
  • changes in the electric or water supply network must be carried out by masters;
  • connect the machine only to a grounded outlet;
  • after washing, do not forget to turn off the machine from the network and close the water;
  • Do not touch the machine and wire with wet hands;
  • do not overload the drum with linen, do not wash the carpets in it;
  • wash those things and fabrics that are not “afraid” of machine wash, the manufacturer writes about this on the clothing label;
  • Check your clothing pockets to prevent small objects or important items such as a phone, bank card or passport from getting into the drum;
  • open the hatch door only a minute after washing is completed;
  • at the end of washing the pile products, check and clean the drain filter;
  • leave the machine’s hatch and powder dispenser open to prevent mold and odor;
  • Warranty repairs must only be carried out by a service center.

So, the main information on the operation of the washing machine we set out. See the full instructions below for details.


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