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Manual for washing machine Ardo A1000X

Ardo A1000X manualIf you need the instruction manual of the Ardo a1000x washing machine in Russian, most likely you bought the "home assistant" of this model of the European assembly, intended for the European consumer. The Russian translation of the instruction is not attached to the “European” Ardo, in addition, all the inscriptions on the control panel are also made in a foreign language. So understand which handle to turn, and which button to press. Let's try to fix the situation by providing you with a Russian version of such an instruction.

Preparation for operation

Most users who have just purchased a washing machine, rush to connect it immediately, often without knowledge and experience in this matter. The manufacturer recommends contacting a specialist who will lay the necessary communications, and then makeinstallation and connection of the washing machine by all the rules.

Remember, the manufacturer's warranty does not apply to cases where a malfunction occurs due to improper connection of the machine.

The main thing that you can do with your own hands is to unscrew the transport elements. The fact is that all moving parts of the machine for greater safety during transportation, are fixed with special spacers and attracted by bolts. In some cases, the spacers are on the outside of the case, and sometimes inside. If plastic spacers are inside, then:

  • first unscrew the screws;
  • then remove the back cover of the machine;
  • remove the spacers;
  • we put and screw the cover in place;
  • plug the holes that remain from the bolts.

removal of transport elements

Spacers and bolts should not be thrown away. If you take your washing machine again somewhere, they will need to be installed in the reverse order, otherwise there is a serious risk of damage to internal parts during self-transportation, which is also not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Control elements

The factory instruction manual for the Ardo a1000x machine gives us a complete list of control elements, which in turn are located on the control panel of the washer. In principle, it is intuitively clear how to use many of these elements, but nevertheless it is better to cover this point in more detail. Elements of the control panel of the Ardo, we will describe from left to right. That is, we will start with those parts that are shown on the powder receptacle cover and end with a control light.

control panel and item description

  1. Table of washing modes that are supported by the washing machine of this model. All are listed on the dispenser cover.
  2. Dispenser is an important part of the control panel, although it is designed very simply. In the picture, it is represented by the number 2.
  3. Using the button under number 3 you can limit the temperature of the water during washing
  4. The number 4 gives us the opportunity to turn off the program while the water still remains in the tank.
  5. Economic washing can be activated with button 5.
  6. Well, the sixth button serves to turn off the spin.
  7. Under the number 7 is a button to enable and disable the "home assistant".
  8. The number eight indicates the temperature switching knob.
  9. You can adjust the spin speed using the knob under the number 9.
  10. The tenth digit indicates the program switch.
  11. And the last on our list, under the number 11, is a light bulb that tells us that the machine is turned on.

In the Ardo a1000x washing machine, the instruction tells us the characteristics of the washing programs that we will not describe in the shortened version of the instruction. If you need details, read the factory version of this document, which we have posted at the end of the article.

Powder box

The powder receiver of the washing machine of this brand has the simplest device. The shape is rectangular, three standard compartments. If you count from left to right, the first compartment is needed to soak the laundry.There you need to put funds only if the program includes pre-washing. The middle compartment is perhaps the most sought after, as this is the department for regular washing. Well, the third compartment, which is on the right, is also often used, since air conditioning should be put in it.

The manufacturers of the Ardo a1000x washing machine recommend using a descaling agent that is placed in the main compartment, which not only protects parts of the machine, but also improves the quality of the wash.

Start using the machine

Before the first wash, the manufacturer recommends starting a single wash without laundry. To do this, select any short cycle, add powder and turn off the spin function. All subsequent launches are started as follows:

  1. Check if the water supply is open.
  2. If necessary, turn the programmer knob to the Stop position.
  3. With dry hands, plug the machine into the network.
  4. Put things in a drum, sorting them by weight, type of fabric, color. Be sure to check the pockets, as well as the drum itself for foreign objects.

    Do not overload the machine, lay the laundry according to the program table in the full instructions, it indicates under what mode, how many kilograms of clothes you can wash.

  5. Close the hatch.
  6. Put detergent in the powder dispenser.
  7. Turn the program selector right to the desired program. Do not turn the knob to the left, this is prohibited.
  8. Set the heating temperature and spin speed.
  9. Select, if necessary, an additional function.
  10. Press the program enable button.

After completion of the program, the door of the washing machine unlocks in a minute, then it will be possible to pull out things. The machine turns off not from the button, but by pulling the plug from the outlet. The water supply tap closes immediately.


The manufacturer, developing a washing machine, minimized its maintenance. The main task of the user in time to wash and clean it. Are exposed to cleaning:

  • drum and tank;
  • cuff;
  • cuvette for powder;
  • drain filter;
  • bulk filter.

The machine body can be wiped with a cloth dampened in a mild soapy solution, other chemicals and solvents are prohibited. After washing, wipe the surface of the drum and cuff with a dry cloth so that mold and an unpleasant odor do not the filter in the Ardo washer

To wash the filter, you need to unscrew it, but only when there is no water in the tank. When pulling out the filter, put on a rag; in any case, the remaining water will flow out. To clean the tank of the machine from scale, you can use specialized tools, it is enough to run a “single wash” with such a tool once every six months.

We hope that the instruction presented for the Ardo A1000X washing machine will help protect the washing machine and protect itself and its property. You will find more detailed information in the complete instruction manual attached to this article.


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