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Manual for washing machine Indesit WISL 82

instructions for the washer (first)The instruction manual is the first assistant to the newly made owner of the washing machine. Before you begin to use the "home assistant", you must carefully read it. However, the instructions for some washing machines are simply impossible to read. Either they are translated too crudely, or they are oversaturated with information, so that the basic data is lost. We decided to rewrite the operating instructions for the washing machine of this brand, just to facilitate understanding of its contents, we hope this will help you.

We will install correctly

Well, the new Indesit WISL 82 washing machine has been delivered, we open the packaging. Try to open the box more carefully, suddenly the washing machine is malfunctioning. The more carefully you open the box, the easier it will be to pack the machine back. Next, do the following:

  1. Inspect the washing machine for scratches, dents, or other damage. Open the hatch and check the large elastic (cuff). Check the powder receptacle so that there is no damage, either externally or internally.
  2. Inspect the control panel. The program selector and buttons must be integer. If damage is found, you must immediately inform the seller.
  3. On the back wall of the machine body, around the service hatch, find the four transport bolts and carefully unscrew them. Close the resulting holes with plugs.

Do not lose the transport bolts. In the future, they may be required for self-transportation of the machine.

remove the transportation boltsNow you need to find a suitable place to install the washing machine. The operating instructions for the washing machine of this brand indicate that the place should be suitable. What does it mean?

  • The base under the washing machine Indesit WISL 82 should be as strong as possible. So the floor before installation needs to be strengthened.
  • The walls of the case should not touch other interior items (the gap should be at least 1 cm).
  • The connection points of the washer to the water supply, sewerage and electrical network should be in close proximity to the building (ideally 1-1.5 meters).

Once you can prepare a suitable place, you can proceed with the installation. Learn more about how it is made. DIY installation and connection of a washing machine, you can read in the article of the same name published earlier on our website. If you have any difficulties connecting the machine, use the services of a professional.

Having connected the "home assistant", do one wash cycle correctly. This must be done in order to clean the inside of the machine of engine oil, and possibly some garbage that could get into the bowels of the equipment during assembly. How to do it?

  1. Open the powder receptacle and pour a little washing powder into the middle compartment.
  2. We close the powder receiver, and then using the special program selection knob, set any long-term mode at a temperature close to boiling - 90 degrees. At the same time, linen cannot be thrust into the drum.
  3. We are waiting for the wash to finish and that’s it, the machine is ready for use in normal mode.

Where and how to pour detergents?

If you care about the quality of washing, learn not only how to dispense detergents correctly, but also how to distribute them inside the powder receiver. If you open the powder tray, you will see there are three main compartments and one additional, which can be installed as needed. We will count the compartments from left to right.

  • powder collector deviceThe first compartment, which is located on the left with the edge, is intended for prewash. If the program you choose does not involve pre-washing, you don’t need to pour powder there.
  • The second compartment, which is located in the middle, is intended for the main wash. There we pour powder or pour a liquid remedy in all cases.
  • The third compartment, which is located on the right side of the edge, is necessary in order to pour fabric softener and other similar additives there.
  • The fourth compartment is installed directly inside compartment No. 1 and is needed if you intend to use bleach when washing.

Remember! Aggressive bleaches can ruin the fabric.

Do not pour too much powder. In this case, its remnants will contaminate the powder receiver and clog the nozzles of the washing machine. Indesit WISL 82 instructions contain a ban on the use of powder for hand washing. Everyone knows this position. But we would like to add on our own that you need to pay attention to the quality of the powder. The better the powder dissolves and the less it dusts, the better wash it will provide.

If you need to start prewash, make sure compartment 4 is removed. If you need to start only bleaching, then insert compartment 4. In the middle of this compartment, a small jar is installed in which to bleach. After that, you can close the powder receiver and turn on the program.

Programs and Features

Indesit WISL 82 instructions contain a description of all the programs and functions supported by the machine. Each program is used in its case, depending on the things loaded into the drum, on how dirty things are and other parameters. Let's look at these programs in order.

  1. Cotton, first mode at high temperature 900C. Wash very dirty white cotton linen. When implementing the program, pre-wash is launched first, then the main wash, then rinse and spin. Add powder and conditioner. Implementation time 137 minutes.
  2. Cotton, second mode at 900C. It differs from the first only in the absence of preliminary washing and the possibility of bleaching, and everything is exactly the same. The implementation time is 120 minutes.
  3. Cotton, third program at 600C. It is more in demand because it is used when it is necessary to wash white cotton or mixed linen, as well as firmly colored items with a strong and medium degree of pollution. The program includes basic washing, rinsing and spinning, bleaching is possible. You can add air conditioning. Implementation time 105 minutes.
  4. Cotton, fourth program at 400C. It differs from the third regime only in water temperature. However, this difference is significant, since even molting colored items, but slightly soiled, can be washed in this mode. Implementation time 72 minutes.
  5. Cotton, fifth mode at 300C. A complete analogue of the fourth program. The difference is only in temperature and, as a consequence, the quality of washing. The instruction recommends using this mode only for strongly shedding colored things. Implementation time 65 minutes.
  6. Synthetics, sixth program at 600C or at 400C. Here you can select the washing temperature. The mode includes the main wash with the addition of powder and conditioner, rinse, delicate spin. Suitable for washing heavily soiled synthetic clothing with strong color. The implementation time is 77 minutes at sixty degrees and 62 minutes at forty degrees.
  7. Synthetics, seventh program at 500C. Basic washing program, rinse, gentle spin. Add powder and conditioner. We erase substantially soiled, well-colored clothes. Implementation time 73 minutes.
  8. Synthetics, eighth program at 400C. It is similar to the previous one with the only difference that you can wash only lightly soiled, but any colored synthetic clothes. Implementation time 58 minutes.

Note! Each of the above synthetic laundry programs allows you to include stop functions with water and delicate whitening.

  1. Synthetics, ninth program at 300C. You can wash any colored clothes. The whitening function does not work. Implementation time 30 minutes.
  2. Wool, tenth at 400C. This program involves all the same washing steps with the option of stopping with water. Woolen or mixed items can be washed. Can pour air conditioning. Implementation time 50 minutes.
  3. Delicate fabrics (silk, viscose, etc.), the eleventh program at 30 degrees. It is similar to the previous one except for the temperature of washing and spinning. Spin is not possible on this program.

In addition to the above washing modes, the Indesit WISL 82 washing machine includes partial programs that can be activated if necessary. It is a rinse, a delicate rinse, a spin, a delicate spin and a drain. Also, if necessary, it will be possible to use one of the functions: bleaching, easy ironing, additional rinsing, exclusion of spin.

Other modes and start of washing

Well, we figured out the programs, now briefly on how to start a wash. First you need to press the "power" button (a large button that depicts a vertical stick). If everything is normal, then all the lights will turn on, then go out. Only the light next to the power button will blink. Next we do the following.

  • We load the pre-sorted laundry into the machine and close the hatch.
  • Turn the program selector and find the desired washing mode.
  • Turn the temperature selector and select the desired temperature.
  • Open the powder receptacle and add detergent and conditioner.
  • We press the Start / Reset button, holding it for 2 seconds, and the washing will begin.

Indesit WISL 82 allows you to activate a special program, which is traditionally very popular by users - daily wash 30 minutes. With it, you can quickly freshen up lightly soiled clothes without spending extra time, electricity and water.

Do not forget to follow the machine

When operating a "home assistant", do not forget to monitor its technical condition so that in the future an unexpected breakdown does not knock you out of the usual rut of home life. First of all, close the tee tap after each wash so that the water system of the machine does not wear out. Do not forget to wipe and wash the cuff of the hatch and other rubber bands of the washing machine. Pull out and rinse the powder receptacle periodically so that the powder remains do not dry on its internal surfaces.

dust filter location

To prevent mold from forming inside the washer, do not close the hatch door tightly after washing. At least once every 6 months, remove the lower front panel of the washing machine to clean the trash filter. It usually gets a large amount of different dirt and small objects, from threads and spools, to coins and paper clips. Inspect the inlet hose once a year. If you find cracks on it or it starts to leak, change this part immediately.

So, we tried to review the most important information contained in the instructions for the Indesit WISL 82 washer. If you need to clarify any points, you can read the original instructions that are attached to this publication. Good luck


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    Good afternoon. I have this problem with the Indesit wi82 washing machine. You put the washing mode 4, water 40 degrees, the UBL is turned on, water is poured. And then everything merges a little bit. After 3-5 seconds, it starts to wash. But immediately turns the knob to select programs. The selector has three stop points, reset. So, the handle is spinning, the laundry is on. Turned off the power button, put it on the reset, turned it on and everything repeated. Two stop resets do not turn off, one top reset worked. The sunroof indicator and the power does not blink. What is the reason?

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