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Overview of washing machines Indesit 5 kg

Overview of washing machines Indesit 5 kgIndesit offers low-cost household appliances, including automatic washers. And if some are frightened by the price reduced by 40-50 thousand, then the majority “for” cheap “home helpers” who are not inferior in quality and power to expensive models. Especially if we consider the washing units that are average in capacity and capacity. For those who opted for compact and inexpensive 5 kg Indesit washing machines, we have prepared an overview of the best and most proven of them.

Indesit BWUA 51051 L B

The rating is opened by a freestanding machine with a front type of laundry loading - Indesit BWUA 51051 L B. Its main advantage is the presence of Push & Wash technology, which saves time on choosing a mode. Using a special button and turbo-programming, the system selects the appropriate temperature and spin force, starts the cycle and completely cleans and rinses it within 45 minutes.

In their reviews, users note other "pluses" of this model. Dozens of people have tested and recommended 14 different modes, among which the prevention of creasing, washing of downy and mixed things, as well as super-rinsing, stand out especially.

Relative noiselessness, profitability and stability of the unit without jumps and jumps around the room are also mentioned as advantages. The compactness of the model with dimensions of 60/35/85 cm (width, depth and height, respectively) is positively evaluated. Such indicators are due to excellent performance characteristics:

  • energy consumption class - A +;
  • washing efficiency of level A, spin - C;
  • water consumption per standard cycle - less than 47 liters;
  • spin intensity - about 1000 revolutions with the possibility of cancellation and regulation;
  • panel lock;
  • partial leakage protection;
  • auto control of drum balancing and foaming;
  • delaying the start of washing up to 9 hours;
  • the presence of a dispenser for liquid detergents;
  • hatch diameter - 34 cm;
  • automatic conditioning with removal of odor from tissues;

It is possible to adjust the temperature.

Despite its impressive production capacity and advanced functionality, there are some disadvantages. Among these, users call the lack of a wash timer, poor washing out of the powder from the tray and the unpleasant smell of plastic when first used. There are single complaints of cumbersomeness and standard design.

Indesit IWSC 5105

“Optimum value for money” - this is how most of its owners respond to this washer, noting the absence of breakdowns and repairs during prolonged and regular operation. In addition to strength and reliability, a convenient hatch is mentioned, energy and water savings, as well as a large selection of modes, which the machine has 16. The most "running" - a program for washing silk, jeans and for pre-cleaning.

Another feature of the front model IWSC 5105 is the presence of a removable cover, which allows you to embed the machine in a kitchen set or other furniture. Compact dimensions with a depth of 41 cm also simplify the use. It will not be superfluous to automatically adjust the level of water collected in the drum, control the imbalance during intensive rotation of the tank and monitor foaming. The remaining performance indicators of this washing machine are also worth paying attention to.

  1. The volume of water consumed per cycle is 43 liters.
  2. The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm.
  3. Energy class - A.
  4. The washing efficiency class is A.
  5. The push-up quality class is C.

The case is partially protected from leaks, however, the dashboard is not blocked from accidental pressing or child intervention. There is a timer for delaying washing, as well as the ability to independently adjust the temperature and the degree of extraction.

Indesit BWUA 51051 L B Indesit IWSC 5105

Not without “minuses”.Consumers who managed to get acquainted with IWSC 5105 cars in real life noticed noisy revolutions, insufficiently traced signs on the control module and the lack of emergency drain.

It should be borne in mind that when operating at high temperatures of 80-90 degrees, the unit heats up very much and is frightened by the “plastic” smell.

Indesit IWSD 51051

Another front model is IWSD 51051. Its "trick" is the support of the bio-enzyme phase, which allows the use of special modern biological detergents that carefully and thoroughly remove dirt. More precisely, “eating” pollution at the molecular level due to special microorganisms called enzymes. The result is perfectly clean underwear without soapy stains and stubborn stains. Other parameters and functions of the model are not inferior to the declared level:

  • low power consumption class A +;
  • high washing efficiency - A;
  • economical water consumption not exceeding 44 liters per cycle;
  • intensive rotation of the drum up to 1000 rpm;
  • selection of the spin speed until its cancellation;
  • medium safety due to partial body protection, automatic balancing with strong rotation of the tank and control of the level of foam formed;
  • programs - 16 (including the regime for silk, sports items, stain removal, soaking);
  • delayed start up to 24 hours.

If you study customer reviews, among the advantages there is a convenient large door, a scoreboard with a timer, stability, electronic control and a nice design. Shortcomings are also given: the lack of heating of water during quick washing and noticeable noise during the spin cycle.

Indesit BTW A5851

Among the popular Indesit washing machines with a load of 5 kg, there are also units with vertical loading. Its main advantage lies in a narrow case, which does not exceed 40 cm in width. This allows you to significantly save space in small rooms, without sacrificing capacity and quality. An important addition is the possibility of reloading linen, which makes washing even more convenient and faster. Briefly go through the rest of the options, parameters and characteristics.

  1. Class of electricity consumption - A.
  2. Quality of washing - class A.
  3. The volume of water in one cycle is 41 liters.
  4. Spin - up to 800 rpm.
  5. Spin intensity adjustment with full shutdown.
  6. The number of modes - 12 (including preliminary and delicate washing).
  7. Noise in the range of 61-73 dB.

Indesit IWSD 51051 Indesit BTW A5851

Another indisputable “plus” of this model is the increased safety of the machine. We are talking about the integrated protection of the case and electronics from water leaks, the possibility of blocking the control panel from children, control of imbalance and automatic monitoring of the level of foam formed.

They respond mostly to the typewriter, noting its reliability, washing quality, compactness and economy. Of particular admiration is the opportunity to report forgotten things to the drum and adjust the water temperature in free mode. But there are also disadvantages: semi-wet things after a low spin, an unremarkable design and a detergent remaining in the tray.


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