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Manual for washing machine Indesit IWUC 4105

Indesit IWUC 4105 manualOnly those who doubt how to properly start the washing process recall the instructions for the washing machine. However, we recommend that everyone read it at least briefly before using the equipment. To do this, we offer an abridged version, using the Indesit IWUC 4105 washing machine as an example.


Connecting the washing machine begins with its installation on a flat and strong floor, so take care of this place in advance. After unpacking the machine and inspecting it for damage caused by transportation or marriage, you can unscrew the transportation bolts. These bolts are needed during transportation to secure the movable mechanisms, so do not lose them or throw them away.

With the machine in its designated place, adjust the feet to level. This will avoid excessive vibration during operation. The error in the horizontal deflection of the body must not exceed 2 degrees.

Important! Between the machine installed on the carpet and the carpet there should be a small clearance for ventilation.

Now you can connect the machine to communications, if you have all the conclusions ready for this. Take the inlet hose and connect it to the siphon outlet or to a separate outlet of the water pipe. Remember to insert the rubber seal at the end of the hose. And before connecting, drain dirty water from the pipe by opening the tee tap. Connect the other end of the hose, the one that is slightly bent, to the outlet of the washing machine. The thread is screwed on by hand, without an additional tool.

Discharge of water from the machine can be arranged in the bathroom or directly into the sewer. In the first case, the faucet is mounted on the edge of the bath, for this a guide is used. In the second, you need to insert the end of the drain hose into the drain of the sewer and fix it. In both cases, remember that the top point of the drain hose must be at least 65 cm and not more than 100 cm from the floor. This is achieved by securing the hose with a latch on the wall of the machine body at the rear. When building up a short hose, the total length should not exceed 150cm, otherwise this will lead to additional load on the pump.

To connect the washing machine to the network, you will need a grounded moisture-proof outlet, which is connected to the energy source through a difavtomat. Instructions for the use of technology fully sets out these technical requirements, and the manufacturer recalls that he is not responsible for damage to health or property in case of violation.

Launch order

The Indesit IWUC 4105 washing machine starts up quite simply thanks to the buttons on the control panel. This is done as follows.

  1. Connect the machine to the network and press the On / Off button, located next to the detergent drawer.
  2. Load the laundry and close the hatch door.
  3. Turn the toggle switch to select the desired program.
  4. Set the washing temperature by turning the toggle switch to the appropriate number 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 degrees or turn off the heating.

    Remember! That it is impossible to increase the temperature of water heating above that which is laid down for the corresponding program, but you can lower it.

  5. Set the spin speed by turning the toggle switch to the appropriate number 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 or 1000 revolutions. By turning this knob, the spin can be turned off.
  6. Add detergents to the powder compartments.
  7. If necessary, you can enable additional functions, such as additional rinsing, bleaching or delaying the start. This is done by clicking on the appropriate button.
  8. Press the start / pause button to start the wash.

After the machine finishes washing, wait until the “lock” indicator stops lighting, then open the hatch door and remove the laundry. Do not forget to turn off the machine by pressing the Off button.

Detergent TrayIndesit IWUC 4105

The Indesit IWUC 4105 washing machine has a standard detergent tray located in the upper left corner. The tray extends with one hand toward you. It is divided into 3 main branches. If you count from left to right, then the leftmost tray is needed for preliminary washing, powder is poured into it or poured into it. The center compartment is the most important and is used for basic washing; the compartment on the right is needed for air conditioners and fabric softeners.

The tray design also allows the use of bleach. It is poured into the fourth compartment, which is a small container installed inside the compartment for prewash. The process of bleaching laundry eliminates pre-washing in the machine.

Care and safety

You cannot ignore the issue of safety and maintenance of the washing machine, this will extend the life of your equipment. We offer the basic rules:

  • after the wash is finished, you need to disconnect the machine from the electrical network and shut off the water supply;
  • do not use the washer for industrial purposes, it is intended for domestic use only;
  • do not allow children to reach the machine during operation, do not allow them to play with the machine;
  • Do not touch the case with wet hands;
  • Do not open the powder receptacle during washing;
  • Before putting the laundry into the drum, check that there are no foreign objects in it;
  • if the machine breaks down, then do not try to repair its components yourself when the equipment is under warranty.

As for care, it is required not only to the machine body, which can be wiped with a cloth with detergent, but also to individual parts. Regularly need to wash:

  • drain filter to prevent excess load on the pump and stopping the machine from clogging;
  • a powder cuvette so that the water inlet is not clogged with powder and gels. In addition, the cuvette should always be wiped with a dry cloth so that mold does not appear;
  • the hatch door and the drum, they are washed with a rag after washing and I open t for ventilation;
  • the inside of the machine, they are cleaned every six months using special descaling and limescale cleaners.

Do not use abrasives or solvents to wash or clean the machine!

So, for the Indesit IWUC 4105 washing machine, the instruction does not differ much from other models of machines, but there are still features. We have stated the most basic, and all the details you will find in the full version, which is located below.


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