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Which washing machine is better than Indesit or Candy

Which washing machine is better than Indesit or KandyAmong dozens of Italian brands of washing machines stand out at an affordable cost, attractive design and advanced functionality of the Candy and Indesit brands. Each company represents innovative, high-quality and easy-to-use household appliances with a large model range. Despite the strong similarity, brands have their own distinctive features, weaknesses and strengths, knowing which you can understand which washing machine is better.

Choosing Indesit or Kandy will be easy if you compare the strengths and weaknesses of the machines of each company. This will help detailed descriptions of the modes, conditions of use, average life, equipment and dimensions. A nice bonus will be a rating review of the best washing machines among Candy and Indesit models.

Pros and cons of these cars

Millions of people have already made their choice in favor of Candy or Indesit, and the reviews left are the best indicator of the quality and ease of use of individual washing machines. If we compare the observations left with the advantages declared by the manufacturers, we can make a comparative analysis of the “pluses” and “minuses” of each brand. It looks like this:

Indesit. The slogan of this company is “tested by life,” and behind this phrase is the accessibility, understandability, compactness, and cost-effectiveness of promoted household appliances. A single focus is reflected in the advantages of washing machines, which are characterized by wide functionality (about 20 programs), silent operation, high quality washing, user-friendly interface and affordable price. Also among the strengths are the stability of the machine during the spin cycle and the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

The Indesit machine also has disadvantages: a cast drum, poor electronics, often breaking bearings, expensive repairs beyond the warranty period and the need to use only soft water (low in sulfates, calcium and magnesium bicarbonates) for washing.

Kandy. A leading European brand that has existed in the mechanical engineering market for over 70 years and has nine enterprises in different parts of the world. The reputation checked over the years is reflected in the high quality of components and parts of washing machines, a long five-year safety margin, unique modes and high energy efficiency. A particular advantage is a wide range of different price, functional and size ranges.

The weak points are the glued drum, the long processing of the selected teams, the complex design and not everyone understands the controls. The remaining disadvantages - expensive repairs out of warranty, the difficulty of self-repairing the breakdown and the need to contact service centers - appear after the end of the durability.

Bearing in mind the above advantages and disadvantages of washing machines of the brands Kandy and Indesit, you can choose the most suitable machine, without fear of surprises. And for those who have not yet decided on their choice, we suggest delving into the existing differences between brands and exploring specific models of each manufacturer. This will help detailed reviews of the most popular washers.

Review of the best models of Kandy

Let's start with Kandy washing machines, the best of which are Candy GVS34 116DC2, Candy GVS44 138TWHC and Candy Aqua 114D2. All of them are stand-alone machines of white color, with a front loading type, having both basic standard programs and unique options. Let's get acquainted with the parameters of each machine closer.

Candy Aqua 114D2. If you need to buy a compact and inexpensive, but high-quality and multi-functional washer, then Candy Aqua 114D2 is ideal. Its dimensions do not exceed 51 cm in width, 44 cm in depth and 69 cm in length, the tank capacity is not more than 4 kg, and the remaining parameters are not inferior to more voluminous and expensive cars. Also note:

best cars kandy

  • increased energy consumption class A +;
  • spin up to 1100 rpm with the possibility of high-speed regulation and free shutdown;
  • leakproof housing;
  • automatic control of drum balancing and foam level throughout the cycle;
  • 16 programs, including washing clothes from wool, cotton, linen, super-rinse options, express wash;
  • delayed launch up to 24 hours;
  • sound accompaniment;
  • digital panel;
  • electronic control.

Candy GVS34 116DC2. The average in capacity, cost and characteristics is considered the brand Candy GVS34 116DC2. The main washing and spin parameters coincide with the previous model, however this washing machine has its advantages. In addition to the maximum load of up to 6 kg, touch control and dimensions of 60/34/85 cm, it has a higher energy consumption class (A ++) and special modes designed for washing children's things and jeans.

The washing machine also offers owners the functions of soaking and pre-cleaning.

Candy GVS44 138TWHC. The most expensive of the popular Kandy models will be the brand GVS44 138TWHC - a more family-friendly and easy-to-use option. The high cost is justified by a capacity of up to 8 kg, intelligent control and a long list of useful functions:

  • the highest of the existing energy classes - A +++;
  • drum rotation speed up to 1300 rpm;
  • increased housing safety, preventing the flow of water;
  • locking the door and buttons from children;
  • a unique program for washing silk;
  • support direct injection function, stain removal and steam supply;
  • “Cool Down” system - cooling the laundry to prevent jamming.

Review of the best Indesit cars

There are also favorites among the Indesit cars. Thus, the Indesit BWE 81282 L B, Indesit BWSD 51051 frontal washing machines and the Indesit BTW E71253 P vertical washing machines are popular. What are the features of their operation and the proposed functionality, we will tell in individual reviews, arranging the options offered by the brand in increasing prices.

Indesit BWSD 51051. Indesit BWSD 51051, the most inexpensive among the models under consideration, is Indesit BWSD 51051, which is an average automatic machine with a frontal location of the drum in terms of size, capacity and performance. The budget option is equipped with a standard set of features:

Indesit BWSD 51051


  • energy class A +;
  • capacity up to 5 kg;
  • sizes 60/43/85 cm (width, depth, height, respectively);
  • water consumption per cycle - about 44 liters;
  • Spin - up to 1000 rpm;
  • basic degree of security with locking the door and digital panel from accidental pressing, automatic control of the stability of the body and the level of foam;
  • 16 programs (including non-standard modes for delicate cleansing, washing of wool, down and sports clothes, as well as economical consumption, 32-minute universal washing, double rinsing, pre-washing);
  • delayed launch up to 24 hours;
  • temperature regulation;
  • “Push & Wash” system - after pressing the button the machine automatically switches to standard mode (temperature 30 degrees and duration 40 minutes);
  • aromatization and conditioning.

Indesit BWE 81282 L B. Frontal machines include the brand Indesit BWE 81282 L B. Customers note an excellent ratio of cost and washing efficiency, easy operation, a modern tray with stops, a volume drum, a powerful spin and silent unit. If in more detail, then the technical characteristics are as follows:

  • dry laundry capacity - 8 kg;
  • sensor control;
  • sizes 60/54/85 cm;
  • energy consumption class - A ++;
  • drum rotation of about 1200 rpm;
  • high degree of security (comprehensive protection against leaks, block from child intrusion);
  • sound signal at the end of the cycle;
  • Push & Wash technology.

Indesit BWE 81282 L B and Indesit BTW E71253 P

Indesit BTW E71253 P. The only among all the considered options, the washing machine with the vertical type of loading Indesit BTW E71253 P received the title "Customer Choice" and a total mark of 5 points. The high score is due to the combination of standard parameters of all machines of this manufacturer with some distinctive advantages. Of particular note are:

  • the possibility of reloading linen;
  • the highest existing energy class A +++;
  • the presence of 14 programs of simultaneous washing of several types of fabric, as well as sportswear and shoes;
  • Support for anti-crease function
  • free suspension of the cycle at any stage;
  • the noise level during washing at 58 dB, and during the spin cycle - no more than 77 dB;
  • mobility by equipping the unit with castor wheels;
  • “Turn & Wash” technology - standard wash at a temperature of 30 degrees for 45 minutes.

It is easy to understand which brand of washing machine, Indesit or Kandy, is worth buying if you are guided not by sympathy, but by the proposed characteristics. Each company presents a wide range of different price categories, functionality and design. It remains only to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of specific machines, see reviews of the best and thereby simplify the search and purchase of the most suitable option.


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    There was such a choice. But she preferred Indesit. Still time-tested company. They have cars with a large volume, and we have six people in our family. So this was the decisive factor.

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