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Overview of Children's Toy Dishwashers

Overview of Children's Toy DishwashersIf a child wants to “wash the dishes”, and nobody admits real household appliances, then it is worth considering toy dishwashers. By installing a mini-machine in a children's room or next to a real dishwasher, you can grow a future housewife without risk to health. Moreover, the variety of role-playing toys offered by manufacturers allows you to choose any suitable model. Our short review will help determine the choice.

HTI Smart

The Chinese dishwasher toy from the British brand HTI Smart is the optimal ratio of budget price and acceptable quality. Due to the universal red-yellow color, it is suitable for boys and girls and fits perfectly into the design of a children's room. Designed for children from three years and has the following features:HTI Smart

  • height - 25.5 cm;
  • light and sound indication;
  • on the dashboard - buttons for washing, draining and drying;
  • start the cycle with the rotary knob;
  • the door opens.

The toy dishwasher makes realistic sounds of a set of water, draining and drying.

The kit includes a basket for loading utensils and utensils. So, along with the machine there are 4 plates, two cups and a pair of spoons, forks and knives. Judging by customer reviews, the actual size of the dish is slightly smaller than that shown in the advertising picture. The machine runs on three AAA batteries.

Playgo 3635

Offers its own version of a children's dishwasher and the Chinese company PlayGo. Model 3635 is a modern black and red toy that will help a little housewife in a playful way get acquainted with household kitchen appliances.Playgo 3635

  • Dimensions - 29x14x25 cm.
  • Universal color of the case and utensils.
  • There are 7 buttons on the dashboard, through which the dishwasher or dryer is launched, the door opens, the washing mode is selected or the water temperature is set.
  • Two levels of utensil loading.
  • Realistic soundtrack, similar to a set of water and drying.
  • Camera backlight and button indication.
  • Using safe plastic.
  • Included are 2 deep and 2 flat plates, 2 mugs, forks and knives.

The brand suggests adding a dishwasher with a microwave, stove, coffee maker and other kitchen appliances.

The toy is recommended for children from 3 years old and contributes not only to the development of economic skills, but also to imagination with fine motor skills. To start, AA batteries in the amount of three pieces are required.

Rik & rok

Most like an adult dishwasher, a children's dishwasher Rik & Rok. It differs in the dashboard, on which, in addition to the buttons, there are several corresponding stickers imitating a complete unit. The toy also has other advantages:Rik & rok

  • dimensions - 32.4x22.8x38.1 cm;
  • two-level loading due to two baskets;
  • AA batteries included;
  • weight - 7 kg, due to which the dishwasher is stable and does not move;
  • a large set of dishes, which includes plates, saucers, cups and cutlery;
  • a combination of a universal white case design and bright equipment (red basket lattices, yellow-blue dishes).

A toy is made of safe plastic and metal. It is assembled in China as Auchan's own brand. Recommended for children from the age of three. Helps children in a playful way learn kitchen appliances, as well as develop fine motor skills and learn colors.


The most expensive of the models under consideration is the Belarusian toy dishwasher Carmen. Its main advantage is safety through the use of high-quality plastic, manufactured under license from the Spanish company Coloma y Pastor. The high price of 3-5 thousand is justified by a number of undeniable advantages of this machine.Carmen

  • The presence of a sink with a tap from which water flows (water is scrolled in a circle due to a special pump).
  • Light and sound accompaniment.
  • The kit includes a cutlery tray, spoons, forks, knives, plates and batteries.
  • White and pink design.
  • Dimensions - 31x28x45 cm.

Contains small items, therefore it is recommended to play with the dishwasher only under the supervision of adults.

The mini-machine gives the child the opportunity to wash the dishes both under water from the tap and load plates inside by turning on the Start button. As in other role-playing toys, there will be no water inside. But this model goes much further and creates the illusion of washing - water flows between the transparent walls of the door, simulating a running cycle. The manufacturer indicates an age range of 3-12 years, but judging by customer reviews, the toy is also interesting for younger children. Consumers especially note a comfortable deep sink, sturdy plastic, neutral colors and high build quality.

With the help of toy household appliances, you can help your child deal with household chores and accustom to cleanliness and order. It remains only to choose the most attractive size, design, functionality and configuration of a miniature "home assistant".


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