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What depth are dishwashers?

dishwasher depthWhen planning the interior decoration of the kitchen, it is necessary to accurately calculate the location of each piece of furniture so that everything is in place. But what if, at the planning stage, we still have not decided which furniture or appliances we will purchase. Well, let's say it’s easier with kitchen furniture, you can draw a sketch with the designer and order it in size, but what to do with appliances, in particular with a dishwasher. In order not to make a mistake with the dimensions and not spoil the interior, you need to know exactly the dimensions of the acquired dishwasher, in particular the depth, and we will talk about it in the article.

Are there dishwashers with a shallow depth?

Some will say, why bother with measuring the depth of the dishwasher? When ordering furniture, it’s enough to define a niche for a dishwasher with a margin of 10-15 cm so that the hoses enter and end. The main thing is that the width and height clearly correspond, because when there are gaps between the walls of the niche and the walls of the dishwasher, it turns out ugly, and if the dishwasher is not included, then this is generally a “pipe”. But in fact, not everything is so simple.

Quite often, the dimensions of the kitchen furniture, and the kitchen itself simply do not allow to leave such reserves in depth. Moreover, the width of the furniture is too small even for the majority of machine models to simply enter the niche, but you still need to leave room for the front part. Let's count a little. Suppose we have a fully built-in dishwasher with a depth of 55 cm, it is necessary to calculate the depth of a future niche for it, what should be taken into account?

  • Set the depth to the base depth of 55 cm.
  • We add to the base depth a place for communication 55 + 10 cm.
  • We add another 5 cm to the front part, as a result of 55 + 10 + 5 cm, we get the minimum niche depth of 70 cm.

And what about people who have a depth of furniture in the place of the proposed installation of the dishwasher less than 70 cm? There are three obvious solutions:

  1. reduce the estimated niche depth due to communications by 5 cm (you have to press the hoses);
  2. find another place in the dishwasher;
  3. Find a model of a dishwasher with less depth.

dishwasher depthThe most acceptable and safe, we consider the third option. Let's try to look for a dishwasher that is not so deep, for example, not 55 cm, but 50 or even 45, or maybe 40 cm, but are there such dishwashers?

Having analyzed the offer on the modern market of dishwashers, experts came to the conclusion - in Russia and neighboring countries you can buy a dishwasher with a minimum depth of 48 cm. Neither 45 nor 40 cm deep dishwasher you will not find. In principle, 48 cm is very good, there is little narrower furniture, but the fact is that the dishwashers of small sizes have a depth of 50 and 48 cm.

Compact dishwashers not everyone will be satisfied, because they need to be built in in a special way, they are not suitable for full integration. They contain a very small number of dishes - about 6 sets. They work quite noisily and are pretty limited in functionality. It seems that buying a compact dishwasher with a depth of 50 or 48 cm, you win space, but hopelessly lose in technical capabilities, because even for a family of 3 people such a machine will not be enough.

But what about full-size and narrow dishwashers? Is there really at least one model with a depth of less than 55 cm?

About standard dishwashers with a depth of 50, 45 or 40 cm, we no longer dream. There are dishwashers a little more than 50 cm, but less than 55, and there are quite a lot of them, let's talk about them.

Depth of narrow dishwashers

Let's make a small review of narrow dishwashers with a depth of more than 50 cm, but less than 55 cm. The data for the review were collected on the basis of the Yandex Market service and that's what happened.

  • Gorenje GV50211 is a narrow fully built-in dishwasher that holds 9 sets of dishes. Dimensions W x D x H - 45 x 54 x 82 cm. The average price is 21,000 rubles.
  • Korting KDI45175 is another narrow dishwasher, but with a larger capacity - 10 place settings. Dimensions W x D x H - 45 x 54 x 82 cm. You can buy such a machine for 30,000 rubles.Korting KDI45175
  • Midea M45BD-1006D3 - a similar narrow machine, 10 sets included. W x D x H - 45 x 54 x 82 cm. It costs 27,000 rubles.
  • Delonghi DDW06S - a very spacious narrow dishwasher, as many as 12 sets fit in it. Dimensions similar to W x D x H - 45 x 54 x 82 cm. The price is about 30,000 rubles.
  • Hankel WEE1745 - dishwasher with a width of less than 45 cm., W x D x H - 44.5 x 54 x 81.5 cm, includes 8 sets of dishes. The average cost is 28,000 rubles.
  • MBS DW-451 is a narrow dishwasher with the smallest depth that we found W x D x H - 45 x 51 x 82 cm, while 9 sets of dishes are freely included in it. This is a very good result with a depth of only 51 cm. Such a machine costs 31,000 rubles.

The bulk of narrow dishwashers has a depth of 55 cm or more. In our review, we tried to introduce models with less depth. Basically, these are machines with a depth of 54 cm, but there are with a depth of 51 cm. We did not meet narrow dishwashers with a depth of 50 or even 40 cm and less, apparently there are none on sale.

Be carefull! In some cases, the manufacturer intentionally indicates the incorrect dimensions of his dishwasher equipment, especially such a sinner, is found in Chinese firms. Better double-check.

Depth of full-size dishwashers

We figured out the depth of narrow dishwashers, MBS DW-451 has the smallest depth of 51 cm, narrow machines of 50 cm and less are not on sale. And what about the full-size dishwashers 60 cm wide? Yes, about the same. There are not many models with a depth of less than 55 cm, however, they are, let's give examples.

  1. Media M60BD-1205L2 - a full-size fully built-in dishwasher 60 cm wide, zigmund-shtain-dw-894503-xcontaining 12 sets of utensils. W x D x H - 60 x 54 x 82 cm., The cost is 26,000 rubles.
  2. Zigmund & Shtain DW60003X - a fully built-in dishwasher 60 cm wide. Includes 12 sets of dishes, depth 54 cm, height 82 cm, price 24600 rubles.
  3. Maunfeld MLP-12ln is a dishwasher with overall dimensions of 60 x 54 x 82, which includes 14 sets of dishes. The car is worth 36,000 rubles.
  4. Korting KDI6045 - machine with dimensions 60 x 54 x 82 cm with a washing tank for 14 sets. The average price is 32500 rubles.

The list could be continued, but it will only include dishwashers, the depth of which is 54 cm. Full-size machines with a depth of 50 cm and less do not exist on sale, as well as dishwashers with a depth of less than 54 cm. But machines with great depth: 60 cm, 62 cm, 65 cm, more than enough!

In conclusion, we note that the depth of the built-in and any other dishwasher is a very important parameter that you need to pay attention to when buying it. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account not only the main depth of the machine, but also the margin necessary for connecting communications and hanging the facade. If you need a machine with a very shallow depth (less than 50 cm), you will have to pay attention to compact dishwashers, because the depth of narrow models starts from 51 cm, and full-size ones from 54 cm. Have a good purchase!


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