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Where is the filter in the LG washing machine?

Where is the filter in the LG washing machineThe LG automatic machine is usually picky, the device can be used for a long time completely without failures and problems of a different nature. This is due to the high reliability of the washing machine: you can repeatedly load and unload the machine, use powders, capsules and conditioners, without thinking about the technical side of the process.

Like any technique, the washing machine needs preventive maintenance, every couple of months it is advisable to clean the powder compartment, check the status of the trash filter, cuffs and snails. Most owners know where the cuff and powder tray are located, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows where the drain pump filter is in the LG washing machine.

Filter location

After a social survey conducted by employees, it became reliably known that approximately every twentieth user of a washing machine has no idea about the location of the filter. Naturally, none of them even thought that it needs to be cleaned, and this leads to breakdowns of the device. If you do not know where the trash filter is located, look for it in the lower right corner of the machine LGIt closes with a hinged lid.LG washing filter

To start cleaning, you should open the lid, this is done easily, just pry a fingernail and pull, it will open instantly. Under it you will see a large rounded filter element, or rather its visible part, as well as a black emergency drain hose. On top of it there is a part - a plug, which must be removed when the equipment breaks down to drain the water from the tank. It will have to be done long enough, it flows slowly, but there is no other way out, therefore it is better than nothing.

The dust filter is easy to remove. This is done by twisting it from the machine. For this, there is a convenient handle on it, holding it, you can easily remove it for subsequent cleaning. The garbage filter in the device consists of two parts:

  • handle seal;
  • trash bin.

Remember, not only the filter element is subject to cleaning, but also the sink into which it is screwed, this is necessary, since various things often get there: socks, scarves, thongs and much more. The snail is connected to a pump, which is designed to pump liquid from the tank of the washing machine, but you do not need to touch it, unless of course there are no problems with it.

Bulk valve filter element

Experts say that you need to clean the dust filter at least once every two months. In addition, the filter element of the filling valve should be cleaned once every six months. It is necessary not only to clean it, but also check for damage before doing so.

This problem is most relevant for those owners who have water in the car directly from the water supply, without being filtered.

clean the filling valve filterIn case you have installed an anti-limestone filter in front of the tee, which is subject to regular change, you can ignore this rule. Another question, where can I find it?

  1. Shut off the water supply by closingtee at the end of the inlet hose.
  2. The other end of the hose, which is attached to the rear wall of the top of the machine, must be unscrewed
  3. Look inside, you will find a mesh, it needs to be pulled out and washed out.

The easiest option is to use a pair of pliers, they can grab the filter by the mesh and remove. If it is completely clogged with plaque - the washing machine will not be able to function normally, as the water simply will not enter the tank. To clean, place it in a solution of citric acid, dilute 20 g into a glass of liquid. Then rinse with hot water.


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