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Where should the dishwasher be in the corner kitchen

PMM in the corner kitchenThe corner kitchen is a good old classic. In our opinion, this arrangement of the main place in the house is the most convenient and universal, even if we are talking about a small room. Corner kitchens with a dishwasher are highly functional, but there may be some difficulties at the planning stage of the room. Where better to put a dishwasher? We will discuss this now.

General recommendations

Even a novice user knows that it is impossible to put a dishwasher anywhere, especially in a corner kitchen. The machine should be comfortable, functional and safe. To achieve this, you should place a "home assistant" guided by a number of simple rules.

  1. In corner kitchens, the sink and sink are often placed in the corner, which means that the dishwasher should be nearby, near the right hand. It is very convenient. Imagine you are standing by a sink full of dirty dishes. The dishes must be cleaned and put in a dishwasher. You take a plate, open the left door of the sink, where there is a bin, and clean the plate. Next, with your right hand, open the door of the dishwasher, roll out the basket and put the plate. No unnecessary movements, everything is at hand!
  2. If possible, do not place the dishwasher close to the refrigerator, oven or microwave. Such a neighborhood can be harmful to technology, you need to leave a gap between the buildings, at least 2-3 cm. Better yet, separate the outdoor technique with pedestals.

An overheated oven next to the dishwasher will inevitably heat it, which can lead to breakage.

  1. The doors of the cabinets and sinks should not interfere with the opening of the door of the dishwasher. This, of course, is ideal, but not always possible.
    another option for placing the dishwasher next to the sink
  2. Communications to which the dishwasher is connected should be as close as possible. If we consider that we place the machine close to the sink, then we already have direct access to the water supply and sewage system. There is electricity left. About,how to connect the dishwasher to the mains You will learn from the article of the same name. The main thing is to make the outlet closer to the case so that no extension cords are required.
  3. It is also convenient that there is a countertop above the dishwasher. It is convenient to put clean dishes on such a countertop when you take it out of the baskets, and then put it in the cabinet.

In general, when you plan to place all the equipment in the kitchen, think about where to put it so that you are as convenient and comfortable as possible. Even if space is limited, try to plan first as conveniently, and only then adjust the plan for specific conditions. It’s easier to get the best result.

Installation depending on the type of dishwasherthe location of the dishwasher next to the sink

Most often, built-in dishwashers are installed, which is why many recommendations relate specifically to these machines. But you need to consider that there are still compact and hybrid dishwashers, the installation of which also needs to be said a few words.

A compact dishwasher can be found either on the countertop near the corner sink or in the sink. Both that and another option has the right to exist. A compact dishwasher standing on the countertop is more convenient to use, since you do not need to bend down to lay the dishes. The compact dishwasher in the sink is hidden from prying eyes and does not take up space on the countertop's working surface. True, you need to think about where you will store the bin, but these are trifles.

desktop dishwasher next to the sink

Some craftsmen install a compact dishwasher on the brackets directly above the sink in the corner. There it is securely fixed and does not bother anyone. Communication is all close and it is very convenient to use it, since you can transfer dirty dishes from the sink into the baskets of the machine without dripping grease onto the floor. A very good solution, although technically not entirely feasible.

If you are thinking about buying a 3-in-1 hybrid technology: a stove, oven, dishwasher, it is worth placing close to the sink. There are many advantages to this solution:

  • close to communication, the dishwasher is easier to connect;
  • having collected a full pan of water, you do not need to drag it from the sink through the shelves to the stove, since the stove is very close;
  • removing a baking sheet dirty from fat from the oven, you can shake off the leftover food from it and send it to the dishwasher, since everything is nearby: the oven, the bin, the sink and the machine.

Experts recommend that before buying a machine to study the "place of its future deployment." So you won’t be mistaken when it comes to the installation process. It is necessary to take into account not only dimensions, but also many technical features of the “home assistant”.

So, a dishwasher in the corner of the kitchen is a pretty good solution, but you still need to consider a lot of different factors and experts' recommendations. Many of these factors and recommendations were mentioned by us today. We hope we get you fresh ideas. Good luck


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