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Warranty for washing machines Samsung

Warranty for SM SamsungAny technique has the ability to fail. The same goes for Samsung washing machines. They can break even without having served the warranty period, despite their world-renowned durability and reliability. To understand the features of establishing a warranty for Samsung washing machines, the difference between the warranty period and the service life, etc., read this article.

Warranty and Service

So, the difference between the warranty period and the service life is quite easy to understand. The service life of the machine is set by the manufacturer on the basis of any features of the model, materials and other things. In other words, the manufacturer merely tentatively notifies the potential buyer about how long his device will last.

In the case of the warranty period, everything is somewhat different. If the machine breaks down before this time period expires due to manufacturing defects or incomplete parts, the manufacturing company (in our case Samsung) is obliged to repair the device. The warranty period imposes certain obligations on the manufacturer, in contrast to the service life.

The service life of the washing machine is usually counted from the date of manufacture in the event that the user manual does not impose any adjustments. For example, with modern Samsung machines, the service life is 7 years, if you follow all the prescribed rules for use. But the warranty period depends on the country in which you buy the unit, as different trade laws apply in different countries. For example:

  • in our country, the warranty period of the machine is 1 year;
  • in the Republic of Belarus - 2 years;
  • in Azerbaijan - 1 year;
  • Georgia - 1 year;
  • Armenia - 1 year.

Note! The indicated dates may also vary depending on the model. For example, Samsung premium cars have a longer warranty.

When is the warranty valid and when not?

But before contacting the manufacturer with a request for repair before the expiration of the warranty period, understand in which cases the warranty applies. Indeed, if you received a warranty card, this does not mean that the manufacturer will repair your car in case of any breakdown. Repair will be carried out only if a manufacturing defect is detected in the device. If you break the car yourself, the warranty is not valid.

For example, you can contact the warranty service if the machine does not cope with the spin cycle, vibrates too much, etc. The repair service will check the device and find out if the cause of the breakdown is in the defect during manufacture or in the wrong operation.

It is worth noting that Samsung can establish a longer warranty period for certain individual parts of the machine, for example, to direct-drive units and their control modules (although these parts fail much less often than all others).

Do not expect warranty repairs

warranty serviceThe warranty period is designed to ensure that the buyer is sure: his car will be repaired if a manufacturing defect is discovered. But in order to get the service, you also need to follow certain conditions. For example, when buying a unit, you should not refuse to install a professional.

If you want to install the machine yourself, then the manufacturer ceases to be responsible for any breakdowns (after all, you could damage something with an unprofessional installation). If a professional installer damages something during the installation, then the company will pay for the repair and will not take money from you for installation. There are several situations where warranty repairs are not performed:

  1. If you connected the machine to the mains, you used an extension cord.
  2. If you used the machine for washing things that cannot be washed in it (this is usually indicated in the instructions).
  3. If, before calling the repair service, you took the repair actions yourself.
  4. If your warranty card is filled out incorrectly.

We get warranty service

Thus, knowing the warranty periods of the purchased device and observing all the above rules, you can always count on the repair of your equipment in the event of a marriage (as a rule, cases of validity of the warranty are stated in the coupon). Getting repairs is pretty simple. If you find a problem, contact a service center. There, your washing machine will be checked and installed whether it is defective or not.

If the defect is confirmed, you will be repaired; if not, they will offer to repair the device at your expense. At the same time, employees must make sure in which store you made a purchase, whether you have a check and an agreement. If they are absent or you have lost them, the service center employees have the right to refuse to repair you.

Be careful! Examine the cases and types of breakdowns covered by the warranty, collect the necessary documents and make sure that the marriage is really industrial. If everything is in order, feel free to contact for warranty repairs!

It is better to find out such information directly from the manufacturer, because sometimes service center employees may try to trick you. If you clearly know all the conditions, your rights and the rights of the company, then for sure you will not have any problems.


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