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Dimensions of the washing machine - dimensions: height, width, depth

Washing machine dimensionsIn modern stores selling household appliances, there is a fairly wide selection of different models of washing machines. Of course, the most popular cars are automatic. Semiautomatic devices and other units are less and less found in shop windows. And perhaps soon they will completely disappear from the shelves. That is why in this article we will consider various quality automatic washing machines.

If you decide to buy a car, then probably you are concerned about the functional and overall features of various models. City apartments, made during the existence of the USSR, are modest in size. And if you live in one of these apartments, then you are probably interested in saving space.

In this case, it is better to purchase a small-sized machine. Standard bathroom sizes may not allow you to place a full-sized washing machine. Or they will, but there may be inconvenience associated with a small amount of free space. In principle, you can buy a large machine. But in this case, it will have to be located in the kitchen or in the corridor.

The most common sizes of washing machines

Washing machinesMost models of washing machines are standard. They have approximately the same size. But if you need a washing machine for your own laundry or other similar purposes, then it is better to find a more overall model. Since such household appliances will be able to wash more laundry at a time.

However, most people want to buy a machine specifically for home use. In this case, you need to proceed from the free space available in the apartment. And from which washing functions are more necessary for your needs. Traditionally, a washing machine is usually installed in the bathroom. And we recommend that you first consider this option.

The dimensions of household appliances can be measured with parameters that are completely understandable to us. Such as: height, width and depth. In most cases, the main parameter for selecting a typewriter is its width. Also, in some cases, height matters. For example, when you want to place the washing machine under the sink or make a countertop above it.

Dimensions and practicality of use in narrow rooms can also depend on the type of machine:

  1. In front-loading washing machines, you need to provide that there is some free space on the front of the machine. Since it is from this side that she has an opening hatch. Through this hatch you will load dirty laundry into the drum and get it from there.
  2. When using machines with horizontal loading, you absolutely will not need to worry about the free space from the sides and front of our household appliances. After all, her door opens up. But keep in mind that placing it under the sink or placing a countertop directly above it is not the best option. Since in this case you will have problems with opening the door and loading and unloading the machine.

Dimensions and weight in numbers

The dimensions of the front-loading washing machine vary by model:

  • Width from 60 to 85 centimeters,
  • height about 90 cm
  • and the depth can be from 32 to 60 centimeters.

The dimensions of the machines with vertical loading are as follows:

  • Depth is usually about 60 centimeters,
  • height - about 85 cm
  • and width: 40-45 centimeters.

Cars also weigh differently. Some models can weigh 85 kilograms. The lightest are 50 kg. The bulk of the washing machines are located somewhere between these two weight indicators.

We choose a washing machine based on its size

Choose a washing machineIt is not always easy to choose a washing machine. It is especially difficult to decide for someone who has never bought this household appliance.When choosing, it is important not to make a mistake with the dimensions. Especially in cases where the place that you have chosen for the machine is very limited. Be sure to measure the prepared place with a tape measure. In order for new household appliances to fit in without any problems, you need to leave a margin of at least a few centimeters between the size of the machine and the amount of free space.

The dimensions of the doorways should also be taken into account. If you decide to buy a large machine, you must make sure in advance that it will go through all the doors that will be located on the way to its installation. Starting from the doors of the entrance and apartment and ending with the doors of the room in which you want to install it. If the machine does not go into the opening just a few centimeters, then you can temporarily remove the jambs. Perhaps this technique will help you get the machine through the door.

It is also important to consider the presence of pipes in the room. If you want to place the machine in the bathroom or in the kitchen, then there are water and other pipes. If one of these pipes is in a bottleneck along the path of loaders with a washing machine, then it can become a hindrance. It can also interfere if it is located at the place where you decided to place the machine. Do not forget to measure the distance with such pipes.

If it suddenly happened that you already bought a washing machine and it doesn’t enter the place you have prepared, then you have two options:

  1. Think about where else you can place it. If the machine does not fit in the bathroom, you can install it in the kitchen or in the hallway. True, in the latter case, you will most likely need to pull a water and sewer pipe to it. In the kitchen, these pipes are a stone's throw away. And you can avoid unnecessary spending on lengthening and laying pipes.
  2. If for some reason you cannot place it anywhere. Or, in principle, refuse to install it in any other place than the prepared one. And there she does not enter. So, it is necessary to return the washing machine to the store and exchange it for household appliances with a more modest size. Or request a refund.

Important features of washing machines

In addition to dimensions and weight, washing machines have other features that are important when buying and using them later. Globally, all existing washing machines can be divided into two types:

  1. Semiautomatic devices are an endangered type of household appliances. They are less and less found in stores because they do not meet the needs of consumers, have modest functionality and are not able to independently carry out all the necessary work. They need to be controlled. In addition, most of these machines do not even have spin.
  2. Automatic machines are, already familiar to us, modern units. Washing them is just a pleasure. They threw in laundry, covered in detergent, set the program, pressed the start - and that’s it! You can rest further. The washing machine will do everything herself. And you will get fresh and clean linen that can only be hung up. And even then it’s not always, some models have drying as well. In such machines you get immediately washed and dried things.

It is clear that the second option has a lot of advantages. And you probably guessed it. Why do semi-automatic machines die out like dinosaurs.

Saving washing machineBut besides this, there are other parameters that matter to the buyer. For example, the economy of a washing machine. The cost-effectiveness of washing machines in terms of energy efficiency is an important criterion for choosing household appliances. After all, there are such machines that consume a lot of energy. And there are those who are content with little. By this quality, all household appliances are divided into groups that are indicated by Latin letters.

The most economical option is cars with the designation “A ++”, then go “A +”, followed by “A”, then “B”, “C”, “D” and so on to the letter “G”.The further in the English alphabet the letter is from the letter "A", the more the machine consumes. As you may have guessed, most of the energy required for the operation of washing machines marked "G".

Also, different models of machines can wash different amounts of laundry at a time. If you live in an apartment one (one), then you do not need to wash a large amount of linen at a time. But if you want to wash for several people, then you need a machine that can wash more than 6 kg.

There is also a classification of the quality of washing and spinning. It also has a designation corresponding to the Latin letters and begins with the letter “A”. The model marked with this letter is considered the best in this parameter. Models that go in alphabetical order after this letter show lower qualities in this property.

You can find out other important criteria for choosing a washing machine by watching the following video:


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