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What will happen if you do not unscrew the transport bolts on the washing machine

What will happen if you do not unscrew the transport bolts on the washing machineBoth the factory instruction, the loader, and the consultant in the store warn: if you do not unscrew the transport bolts before using the washing machine, then inevitable problems will arise. But what exactly awaits the inattentive owners of washers - not everyone knows. We suggest figuring out what consequences unfastened fasteners can turn around in time.

What could break?

Removing the transportation bolts is a momentary matter, but banal rush and carelessness can play a bad joke with the owner. After all, if you forget about the fasteners, you can permanently lose the machine you just bought or make yourself problems with the guarantee and further operation. Such a perspective is explained simply.

The bolts used during transportation are designed to fix the movable drum of the washing machine. This eliminates its sagging and rotation during transportation and ensures delivery intact. But starting a cycle with a stationary drum will only harm:

  • convulsive “jumps” around the room;
  • uncontrolled vibration;
  • loud knocks.

All this is the most harmless thing that will happen in this case with a washing machine. More often it ends up much sadder - the drum is damaged, and the machine itself fails.

Strong vibration will cause huge loads on all elements of the washing machine, and especially on the bearing assembly and motor.

the machine can jump precisely because of the transport boltsIt is forbidden to turn on the washing machine with transport bolts just because of excessive fixation. A screwed-up drum does not “hang” on vibration-damping shock absorbers, and all the jolts from the accelerated motor go directly to the body. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the balance of linen is disturbed, which crumbles and causes random tremors. The type of drive does not play a role - idle dampers will harm both direct-drive cars and belt-driven machinery.

Avoiding an unpleasant prospect is simple - just remove all the transport bolts in time. Or check the work of the installers: take a look at the rear panel of the machine and make sure that there are closed or open holes in their place. If you can’t find the grooves for the fasteners, you can look at the instructions and check the data sheet. As a rule, four large screws are used for fixing, the absence of which is easy to notice.

The fate of the guarantee

machine warranty will be voidedEven a once-launched washing machine with transport bolts will forever deprive the owner of the guarantee put on the machine. Washing with unfastened fasteners is a direct violation of one of the main requirements of the instruction, which leads to an automatic termination of the warranty period. Therefore, if you want to repair third-party failures at the expense of the manufacturer, the consumer will receive a reasoned refusal from the service center.

To hide the fact of violation of the guarantee will not work. If you do not remove the transport bolts and start the machine, then characteristic damage will remain on the drum, which is easy to notice even with an unprofessional look. Any further repairs will have to pay for their own means.

Cash losses are also expected when selling a washing machine. First of all, attention is paid to the condition of the drum, and it is highly likely that after an unsuccessful start there will be an unpleasant knock and increased vibration. Therefore, it is better to spend time and double-check again than go to the store for a new machine.


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