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The dishwasher door does not close

the dishwasher door does not closeA malfunction in the dishwasher can occur at the most inopportune moment. So, for example, it happens when you load the machine with dishes and detergents, and suddenly the door does not close or do not fit snugly, as a result there is a large gap through which water flows. What to do in a similar situation?

Causes of malfunction

First you need to find out the reason why the door of the dishwasher is not tight or does not close at all. To do this, disconnect the car from the electrical network and proceed to its inspection and search for reasons.

  • If the sealing gum is deformed, the door will not close tightly.
  • See if the container for the dishes is installed correctly, the door may not close because the container needs to be installed correctly.
  • Check if the dishwasher is installed at the level, maybe the door hurts for something due to the tilt of the machine, therefore it does not close.
  • Inspect the lock, if it is deformed, then it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Lock installation and repair

It is quite possible to replace the lock of the door of the dishwasher yourself, before starting work, buy the original spare part for your model of the machine. Consider the replacement algorithm using the Bosch dishwasher as an example:

  1. Installation begins with the fact that we open the door of the machine and around the perimeter we unscrew the bolts holding the front panel.

    Be careful to hold the door panel with your hands so that it does not fall and pull the wires behind you.

  2. Take a picture of the location of the wires on the lock and disconnect them.
  3. Next, on the top of the door you need to unscrew the two cross bolts that hold the lock.
  4. Take a new lock and screw it in place of the old one.
  5. Connect the wires and assemble the door. Installation of a new lock is completed.

In some cases, you can not buy a new castle, but repair the old one. Typically, a plastic “lock” on dishwashers breaks off the holding antennae. Here they can be restored. This will require:

  • a metal plate 0.5 mm thick and 4 mm wide;
  • file;
  • drill;
  • two small screws;
  • a little patience.

With the help of a file, it is necessary to sharpen the uneven edges of the broken off antennae. And bend the bracket from the tin as shown in the photo.

dishwasher lock repair

Next, you need to use a drill to make holes with a diameter of 1.5 mm on the sides of the metal plate. On the sides of the lock you need to make holes with a diameter of 1 mm, so that by their location they coincide with the holes of the plate. We connect the plate and the lock with small screws. Now you can put the lock on the door.

dishwasher lock repair

Change the sealing gum

sealing rubberInstallation of a rubber band located along the contour of the dishwasher under the door is even easier. Consider replacing a gum with the example of a Zanussi dishwasher.

  1. First you need to tear off the old gum with your hands.
  2. Next, we take the gum for your dishwasher, which can be purchased at a specialized parts store.
  3. Now you need to insert a new rubber band in place of the old one so that it fits tightly into the groove, gradually moving along the perimeter of the body.
  4. If the gum If it was too long, then you need to cut off the excess with scissors.

What to do if the door does not lock

Very often, buying a new built-in dishwasher, users complain that the door opens very tight and does not lock in the open position. However, this is not a reason to raise a panic. In fact, the door will open well only after its installation and fastening on the facade door.

In addition, the machines have an adjustable spring tension. In some models of dishwashers, for example Samsung brand, the adjustment bolts are located on top. There are dishwashers such as Bosch, in which the adjustment bolts are located on the sides of the door at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Note! The stronger the bolts are tightened, the greater the effort must be made to open the door. As a rule, this effort is from 2.5 to 8.5 kg.

dishwasher door adjustment

So, the door of the dishwasher may not close for several reasons, one of which is the incorrect installation of the built-in dishwasher. In most cases, this malfunction can be eliminated by yourself. Be patient and follow the instructions.


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