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Is it possible to wash a cast-iron pan in a dishwasher

can cast iron be washedBefore you hopelessly ruin expensive dishes, think carefully and find out how to wash it. Firstly, you can read the instructions that can go with the pan, and secondly, such information can be found in the instruction manual for the dishwasher itself. And finally, thirdly, find information on the Internet that you have already done. We will answer your question: is it possible to wash a cast-iron pan in a dishwasher?

Should I wash the cast iron in the dishwasher?

Many housewives have cast-iron heavy frying pans; they can last even a dozen years with proper care. But with the advent of dishwashing equipment, some wondered if such pans could be washed in a dishwasher. In fact, cast iron is a rather brittle steel, which has special properties, we will not describe them. The main thing you need to know is that you cannot wash cast iron pans in the dishwasher.

The surface of the cast-iron skillet is uneven, which is why some people call this material porous. In fact, the structure of this metal is rather dense and not porous; if it weren’t, then it would absorb water like a sponge. Cast iron does not absorb water, of course, but oil - yes. More precisely, it seems that it absorbs. The oil only fills the invisible cavities and irregularities, when interacting with oxygen it polymerizes, forming a surface film, thereby making the pan more even and smooth.

New cast-iron pans have a lacquer coating that makes them shiny, and over time it becomes thinner and washed off.

If this film is washed off by chemical means, then the pan will become rough, and the food cooked on it will stick so that it cannot be scraped off. In addition, active processes of rusting of metal will begin with active contact with air, which contains nitrogen, oxygen, carbon. In general, the film on the surface of a cast-iron frying pan protects it from environmental influences.

How to wash cast iron dishes correctly?rusty cast iron

If the pan cannot be washed in the dishwasher, then you need to do this manually, but only correctly. Even a hand wash can ruin cast iron. Many people mistakenly believe that this metal is "inconsequential", however, cast iron requires no less maintenance than Teflon.

Wash a cast-iron pan with hot water. In this case, it is impossible:

  • use cleaning powders;
  • detergents with a high alkali content;
  • metal brushes.

Important! When cooking in a cast-iron pan, be sure to put oil.

If the food is still burnt, then you can wash the carbon deposits as follows. It is necessary to pour water into a pan, pour a handful of salt and baking soda, and then boil for 30 minutes. All soot will go away. If the deposit is not strong, then simply fill the pan with water and leave it overnight. After that, you can wash it with a mild detergent.

After washing, always wipe cast iron products with a dry cloth and lightly wipe with oil to restore the protective film. Moreover, you need to rub not only the inner, but also the outer surface.

To save the cast iron skillet after the dishwasher, on which you saw the first signs of rust, you can calcine the salt, for this:cast iron salt

  1. Wash the product in warm water, washing off the rust.
  2. Dry the pan.
  3. Rub the oil on the inside.
  4. Sprinkle salt.
  5. Heat until a slight smell.
  6. Let the salt cool.
  7. Pour salt.
  8. Wipe with a cloth soaked in oil.

What pans can be washed in a car?

So, do not wash cast-iron and teflon pans in the dishwasher. The question arises, but which ones are possible? Generally speaking, those who are not afraid of the high temperature of water and chemicals. These pans include:

  • those that are covered with stone are very durable and not whimsical to care for;
  • from stainless steel;
  • with durable enameled and ceramic coating;
  • titanium coated;
  • aluminum pans with expensive anti-dark coating.

If the manufacturer of the dishes allows you to wash the products in the car, then for your part, do not forget the rules of machine washing:

  1. pour the detergent according to the dosage, otherwise the excess will fall into the result in food;
  2. install the pan in the basket so that the working surface looks down;
  3. do not often wash expensive pans in the dishwasher, as a rule, the food does not burn on them, and washing them by hand is not difficult.

That's all, we hope, now you understand what pans you can wash in a dishwasher. It is better to wash cast iron dishes with your hands, and for a dishwasher you can purchase a separate set. Good luck


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