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What are open panel dishwashers

open panel dishwashersSome users think that a dishwasher with an open panel is called so because its door does not imply the placement of a furniture facade. And in front, in the upper part of the body, the control panel is located, just like on a washing machine. Pretty interesting opinion. What of this is all true, and what is fiction, let's figure it out. In general, let's find out more about this type of dishwasher.

What kind of machine is this?

The dishwasher familiar to all of us has a control panel (button or touch) on the upper end of the door. You can also see the display at the top end, but there are models of built-in dishwashers, in which the control panel is brought forward, just like the washers. Such a panel does not hide during washing dishes and it can always be seen in front of you. The open panel is so called because the installed furniture facade does not close it, which inevitably affects the aesthetics of the kitchen.

The open panel of the dishwasher can be electronic, or it can be mechanical.

What does it mean? There is a category of users of dishwashers who categorically do not want to see the equipment in front of them, so they hide it behind the furniture facade. The dishwasher with a hidden panel is hidden completely and is no different from other cabinets and cabinets of the kitchen. It is impossible to completely hide the dishwasher with the open panel, but this is not what suits them, but we will not get ahead of ourselves.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

I would like to know more specifically what a dishwasher is with an open panel, is it worth buying at all. To make a choice, you need to study the pros and cons of such a technique. Let's start, according to tradition, with the pros.

  1. Access to the control panel at any time to change the washing program.
  2. You can sometimes glance at the washing process without even going to the dishwasher.
  3. Stylish ergonomics that affect the interior composition of the entire kitchen.

The last advantage on our list is evaluative, but many will agree that a kitchen designed in the Hi-tech style will perfectly perceive a bright panel that glows with multi-colored indicators. Such an element will beautifully complement the interior, giving it expressiveness. Now about the cons.

We have already mentioned one relative drawback, saying that the open panel is always visible. But, unfortunately, this drawback is not the only one.

  1. Firstly, models with this arrangement of control panels are considered exclusive. For this, the manufacturer throws 20-30% of the cost, regardless of any arguments.
  2. Secondly, an open panel is more vulnerable to damage and pollution, it must be constantly wiped. And if water is accidentally spilled on it, then a short circuit is not excluded.

In the kitchen, anything can happen while cooking. If a small amount of moisture gets to the control panel, this is already a threat.

  1. Thirdly, the open panel of the dishwasher for the baby is even better than candy, and your hands reach out. The situation can be protected from children, but, as it turned out, not all cars with an open panel have it. So you can’t keep track of the native child and it is not known what could happen.

Model Examples

With the advantages and disadvantages of a dishwasher with an open panel, we figured out, now let's see what specific models of such machines the market offers us today. The offer is small, so our review will be short.

Smeg PLA6442X2Let's start the review with the Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 dishwasher. This is a compact model, partially embedded, which can be used as a freestanding. It holds 8 sets of dishes and is capable of washing dishes using 5 programs. The model is completely protected from leaks, has a width of 60 cm and a bunch of different functions. Well done delay timer start. You can delay the start of program execution from 1 to 24 hours. The machine is a little expensive.The current cost, taking into account the discount of 733 dollars, but what can you do, the notorious surcharge for exclusive.

Smeg PLA6442X2. And this is a striking example of a full-sized dishwasher with an open panel. It’s also not possible to buy it cheaply, but unlike the previous model, it holds 13 sets of utensils. You can wash the whole mountain. She is crammed, like all Smeg cars, to the eyeballs:

  • display and modern electronic control;
  • 9 washing modes;
  • half load function;
  • protection against child intervention;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • a sensor that controls the purity of water;
  • a set of indicators showing the presence of salt and rinse aid, etc.

The reliability of the machine is also not in doubt among specialists, but a lot will have to be paid for this reliability. The average price of the model is about 1135 dollars and this is also taking into account the discount.

Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544. Another compact model of the dishwasher with an open panel. The baskets of this machine can accommodate 6 sets of utensils, but the washing chamber is not large enough to allow large items to be washed in it. The machine works quietly, it has as many as six programs and a huge variety of different functions, including exclusive ones like Vario Speed ​​Plus or Extra Dry. The model is notable for low noise during operation and good efficiency. The average cost is 932 dollars.

So you are convinced that dishwashers with an open panel can be very advanced in technical terms, but their price is sometimes huge. Are these cars worth their money? Specialists and manufacturers say they are, but we will not take their word for it. Let's see what people say, maybe their reviews will shed light on our main question.

Opinions of people

Natalya, Moscow

I acquired Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544 last year. Very good car, and most importantly small. It holds a little dishes, but this capacity is enough for me alone. Washes almost any dirt, even the old pans in this machine are updated over time. The countdown lights up on the display and you can always see how much time is left until the end of the wash. Not every machine has such a “chip”, and my Siemens looks unusual, not like everyone else. Five points!

Alexandra, Tver

Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544 performs its function flawlessly. It processes tablets 3 in 1 well. I haven’t tried the powder yet, but I think it will be washed normally with it. We live together with our son, so we have enough of such a small dishwasher, it will not be suitable for a large family. It is a little expensive. Conditionally recommend!

My recommendation is conditional on the fact that the price of the model is too high. In my opinion, this is not justified by the costs of the manufacturer, but maybe I'm wrong.

Ivan, Naberezhnye Chelny

Very stylish dishwasher Smeg PLA6442X2 with a control panel, which is always at hand. It is made of very good materials and at first glance makes a favorable impression. The machine can do a lot. I don’t understand half the functions, and I don’t use them. It’s enough for me that she washes dishes perfectly and does not break, otherwise, let the experts understand. Recommend!

Alena, KrasnodarBosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55

The Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 dishwasher bought last year could not even stand a year, it broke. The heating element is out of order. They replaced it with us for free, because the warranty has not yet expired. Now it is over, and I am horrified to expect something else to break. The dishwasher is expensive and I would not want to lose it. Maybe it’s just a factory marriage, or maybe the fact is that Bosch is insolent, they began to make the technique “on the floor of the whistle”.

Sergey, Moscow

The year before last, I bought my firstdishwasher Hansa ZWM 416 WH 45 cm wide. The experience of its operation was unsuccessful. Firstly, as it turned out, I don’t need such a big machine, because I don’t accumulate so many dishes, and secondly, it broke for the first time in five months, and then there was a second and third breakdown. As a result, the machine had to be put into parts.

After some time, I acquired a reliable and expensive machine Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 compact size. Ask what “compact” means? Very simple, this machine has very small dimensions of 60 x 50 x 60 cm. I placed this “crumb” right on the edge of the kitchen worktop and use it as needed. I am very pleased, because my dishes always shine and seal with cleanliness!

So we found out what a dishwasher is with an open panel. We hope you find this information useful. We tried to be as objective as possible, and if somewhere, by thoughtlessness, "went too far," then forgive us for that. Good luck


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