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Black dishwasher

black dishwasherBlack color has remained in the design trend for many years. Black kitchens with accent white spots and vice versa light kitchen furniture with black accents in the form of household appliances is very popular. However, when creating a designer composition, sometimes problems arise. For example, somewhere you need to buy a black dishwasher, and even so that it works well, does not break and is inexpensive. At first glance, this task seems overwhelming, but not for our specialists.

Dimensions of black equipment

There is an idle opinion that the black dishwasher is very limited in size by the manufacturer. Like, only standard, less often narrow models are produced in black, that the consumer is very limited in choice and there is practically no way to buy a good-quality black machine. 5-7 years ago, this opinion could be taken seriously, but not today. To date, manufacturers have responded to the needs of customers and offer:

  • black cars of standard sizes;
  • black cars with a narrow body;
  • compact black cars.

In addition, built-in and freestanding dishwashers perform in a black case, so it’s a sin for a modern consumer to complain. All to meet his needs.

Gorenje Simplicity GV6SY2B

We begin our review with a fully integrated full-size (60 cm) black dishwasher Gorenje Simplicity GV6SY2B. In technical and in terms of price, this machine is a “strong middling”, so if you do not pursue cutting-edge technical innovations, this model will occupy a worthy place in your kitchen and will work for many years. The dimensions of this Gorenie machine are: W x D x H - 600 x 570 x 820 mm, capacity - 12 place settings.

The machine has a modern electronic control, perfectly launders and dries dishes. When executing any washing program, the machine consumes no more than 12 liters of water. And you don’t have to complain about noise at all, because even with water intake it gives out no more than 49 dB. The arsenal has the famous regime of incomplete loading, although with such a flow of water the need for it is small. There are 6 programs, including one designed forwashing ceramics in a dishwasher.

Gorenje Simplicity GV6SY2B

I especially want to emphasize the presence of a timer that pushes the start of the machine by 3.6 or 9 hours. It is also encouraging that the machine is completely protected from leaking and can use tablets and capsules for washing dishes. The machine can notify the user not only with the help of indicators, but also with the help of sound signals. It is convenient during the day, but not very convenient at night, because the sound cannot be turned off. The equipment costs 671 dollars.

Beco DFS 26010 B

The width of the case of this narrow black dishwasher is even less than 45 cm. Its dimensions are W x D x H - 44.8 x 60 x 85 cm. But this is not its main advantage. The equipment perfectly washes dishes, holds as many as 10 sets of dishes, and besides, it is also cheap. Today in Moscow, some household appliance stores offer this model for $ 280. Among the black dishwashers, you still need to look for a cheaper one.

Beko DFS 26010 B is not an embedded model, but not everyone needs it. On the contrary, the black machine will show itself in all its glory, becoming in the kitchen an important accent element of the interior. In the presence of electronic control, display, protection against the actions of young children and 6 washing programs. Programs are very well selected and balanced, there is everything you need. The machine consumes a bit too much - 11 liters per cycle, but this is not critical. Moreover, we are not Europeans, obsessed with economy and will not count every drop of water.

Beco DFS 26010 B

The machine also has a timer delaying the start of the wash mode. It is completely protected from water leakage, recognizes tablets and capsules and has a special sensor that controls how clean the water is used. In general, the model is equipped not bad, but for its money it’s absolutely chic.

Bosch Serie 4 SPS 53E06

Quite a standard Bosch Serie 4 SPS 53E06 for technical specifications has a narrower case and not too attractive price - 578 dollars. Nevertheless, this model is unprecedentedly popular among buyers, as it is reliable and copes well with its main task. The model can not be built into furniture, but this does not detract from its many advantages.

  1. Capacity about nine sets of dishes. In fact, this is a whole mountain.
  2. The consumption of cold water is not more than 9 liters per cycle.
  3. There are 5 washing programs, including the very necessary pre-soak mode.

This model does not have an incomplete load mode, but it spends so little water.

  1. The machine is completely protected from water leaks. Even if the inlet hose bursts, not a single drop of water will fall on the floor.
  2. You can delay the start of a program in increments of 1 hour. The maximum time is 24 hours.
  3. You can use not only powders, but also 3 in 1 products, there is a corresponding compartment.

Bosch Serie 4 SPS 53E06

We especially note the branded baskets for dishes from Bosch, in which it is very easy to fold even non-standard plates and cups. And also a holder for glasses, which will not allow to break a single item during washing. The absence of salt and rinse aid is warned by special indicator lamps.

Corting KDF 2095 N

And this is a vivid example of an excellent compact dishwasher, which is not only capable of decorating your kitchen, but also perfectly washing dishes. Since the Korting KDF 2095 N is a compact model, it holds no more than 6 sets of dishes in one go, but it's not so small. For single people and families in which there are no children yet, this is an ideal option. The machine is equipped with electronic control and a relatively good display.

Corting KDF 2095 N

The model is not the quietest, this is its unconditional minus, but it should be noted that the water consumption is only 7 liters, which cannot but please the housewives who do not like to spend too much. There are 6 complete programs, among which there is also a mode for lightly soiled dishes. The machine easily recognizes 3 in 1 tablets and it is completely protected from leaks. In addition, it, like any compact machine, does not take up much space in your kitchen. It can even be put on the table.

So, we are convinced that there are not so few black dishwashers on store shelves. Thanks to our review, you can expand your horizons and make a more meaningful choice. We hope this article really helps you, good luck!


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