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Bosch Top-loading WashersAlthough Bosch top-loading washing machines are the most popular and lose their counterparts with front-loading, they still sell well. Why is that? Good question and answer it is not easy. Undoubtedly, the Bosch top-loading washing machine has its advantages, otherwise we would not have bought it, but what are these advantages, let's try to figure it out. At the same time, we will make a small review on these washers.

Functionality Features

Bosch's “home helpers” with vertical loading have a number of technical features that invariably attract consumers. Many models are equipped with a drum auto parking system, additional loading of laundry during washing and a system for smoothly opening the drum flaps. The energy class is usually “A”, and the spin class is usually “B”, which is not very good. Since their "counterparts" with front loading have a spin class "A", and a power consumption class of at least A +.

The set of programs of the machine with vertical loading is almost the same, but their useful drum volume is slightly smaller. It seems to be not noticeable if you wash everyday linen, but if you wash down jackets or blankets, 1.5-2 kg of load may not be enough. Otherwise, Bosch top-loading machines are not very different from horizontal lines in terms of feature set. But if you look at them from the point of view of use, you can identify a lot of advantages that distinguish these machines from the more common front-end.

Main advantages and disadvantages

If we give an objective assessment of Bosch verticals, then we can conclude that they have a lot of advantages. Let's try to list the most basic advantages.Energy Class Bosch Top-loading Washers

  1. Top-loading bosh takes up less space in the bathroom. There is no need to leave space in front of the washing machine body, as the hatch for loading clothes is on top.
  2. Such machines are much more stable, even when spinning at 1200 rpm, they will not “jump”.
  3. It will be difficult for small children to get to the control panel of such a washing machine, which means that they will not be of particular interest.
  4. Top loading bosh cannot leak through the hatch. A front-loading wash can very well, especially if the cuff is damaged.
  5. It is very convenient for people with a sore back to use such a washing machine, since the hatch is on top and in order to load the laundry you do not need to bend.
  6. In the interior, such cars look very aesthetically pleasing.

Outside, the machine looks like a curbstone of the correct form, which does not catch the eye and does not distract attention.

The drawbacks of Bosch top-loading machines are also there, and we cannot ignore them. For example, many housewives like to use the top cover of the washing machine as a shelf for various household items. With similar washers this number will not work. At the top there is a hatch with a control panel, which means that you can not put anything on it. In washers of the Russian assembly, the hatch often falls inward with open sashes. As a result, you have to call the master, who "opens" the sash and cranks the drum back.

Model Overview

Now let's give an example of several models washing machines boshthat have a vertical load and are sold today in Russian stores. For our review, we specially selected the most popular models that users prefer most often.

Bosch WOT 26483. A very noteworthy Bosch top-loading washing machine, which has a lot of positive reviews on the Web. This Bosch drum holds 6 kg of dry laundry. There is a very beautiful digital display on which information is displayed simply and clearly, and this, in turn, indicates high-quality software.The spin speed is up to 1300 revolutions, while the machine "stands rooted to the spot." The model has many washing programs, a delay timer, and in addition, this machine is quiet, and this is a huge plus.

Bosch WOT 26483


Bosch WOR 20154. This machine has slightly more modest characteristics than the Bosch WOT 26483, but this fact does not detract from its merits. The drum can wash up to 6 kg of dry laundry. Modern intellectual management. Spin at speeds up to 1000 rpm (for most things this speed is enough for high-quality spin). The model is well protected, it integrates complete leakage protection, imbalance control and foam control. The model is quality assembled and low noise.

Bosch WOR 20154

Bosch WOT 24455. A very advanced model of the middle class assembled in Slovakia. A modern display is installed on it, an advanced electronic control is integrated. Bosch WOT 24455 can not be called low noise, but it has a load of 6.5 kg and a very high-quality car parking system, which almost completely eliminates the slipping of the drum with open shutters. Spin is possible at a speed of 1200 rpm. There is a mini program that can refresh clothes in just 15 minutes.

Bosch WOT 24455

So, the Bosch top-loading washer deserves attention. It may well be preferred, especially if the standard Bosch, front-loading, does not fit in a small bathroom.


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