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Manual for washer Bosch Maxx 5

instructions for washer Bosch maxx5A brief instruction manual is intended to become a guidebook that will help you quickly figure out a new washing machine. If the instruction is expanded, then it is inconvenient to read it, and many users simply will not do it, but will begin to study their new Bosch Maxx “by typing”, which can lead to problems. After a little thought, we decided to release an abridged version of the instructions for the Bosch Max 5 washer, collecting all the most basic in it and discarding the “water”. And this is what we got.

We put and connect

The Bosch Maxx 5 series washer requires reliable installation on a hardened surface. During the spin cycle, the washing machine can move due to strong vibration, so it is very important to set it in level, and it is better to fix the legs statically in order to fix the case.

A warning! The Bosch Maxx 5 washer is very heavy, so be careful when moving it from place to place.

After unpacking the machine, check if the case is damaged. If damage is found, you need to take measures to return the equipment to the store, do not even try to connect it to the network. If the case is intact and there are no complaints about the packaging, you can proceed with the installation. Before you “turn” the washing machine, make sure that everything is normal in the place where you put it.

  • The floor has been strengthened. It is not necessary to perfectly align it, because at the base of the washing machine body there are twisting legs, but still desirable.
  • Conclusions were organized from the water, sewer pipe. In addition, a special moisture resistant must be made. socket for washing machine.
  • There was enough space between objects to accommodate the washer body so that the clearance on all sides was at least 1 cm.

On the back wall of the fifth model Bosch Maxx machine there are transportation bolts, the task of which is to fix the drum during transportation of the washing machine, they must be unscrewed. Take them somewhere far away, but do not throw them away, in the future they can come in handy. Seal the resulting holes. The inlet and drain hose must also be removed from the fixing fasteners, but only after dragging the machine to the installation site.

Next, we take the construction level, put it on the lid of the machine and begin to twist its legs one by one until we manage to level it. Permissible deviation is not more than 2 degrees. After that, we connect the drain hose to the sewer pipe. It is very important to ensure that the hose is bent so that there is water in the knee. She will not let odors from the sewer into the machine. Optimum connection height 60 cm.

At the next stage, we connect the inlet hose through a tee to the outlet of the water pipe, not forgetting to isolate the connections with a fusee. Tee tap lead diameter is standard, ¾ inch. Before fastening the inlet hose, make sure that all the rubber bands are in place.

Attention! Do not connect the washing machine to a water supply in which the water pressure is very low. You can check this by opening the tap and calculate the amount of water that has flowed out per minute (should be at least 8 l / min).

Lastly, we connect the washing machine to the mains. Before inserting the plug into a power outlet, make sure that water does not get on it. In addition, the outlet must be fully operational. If in doubt, contact an electrician. The main thing is that the outlet is grounded and can withstand the maximum load that a Bosch washing machine can create.

We deal with the powder receiver

The washing machine of this brand has a standard powder receptacle with a classic rectangular shape. You can pull it out by pulling the handle all the way. A special stop will prevent the cuvette from being pulled out to the end. Having pulled out the powder receiver for the first time, you will see 3 compartments.

  • Compartment number 1 (if you look from right to left) is marked with the Roman numeral "I", so it is simply impossible to mix it up.It is intended for prewash, so you will not use it often.
  • Compartment No. 2 (located in the middle) is marked with a flower pattern. Air conditioning should be poured into this compartment, and starch or rinse aid should be poured.
  • Compartment number 3 (if you look from right to left) is marked with the Roman numeral “II”. We will use this compartment most often. Powder for main washing, Kalgon, stain remover is poured into it.

Pour the powder into compartment No. 1 if the program provides for prewash. In particular, prewash may be required when we wash very dirty cotton or mixed laundry. Do not overdose powder, conditioner, and especially bleach. This can damage not only the laundry, but also the washing machine (increased foaming, from excess powder, can damage the electronic module).

How to start washing?

Having connected the washing machine of this brand, do not rush to press the on / off button. First check if the tee tap is open and if water flows into the machine’s tank by gravity. If everything is normal, perform the following manipulations.

  1. Turn on the machine by pressing the button.
  2. Close the hatch tightly.
  3. Add some powder to the main wash compartment of the powder receptacle and push the tray back.
  4. Locate the program selector on the control panel and use it to select the washing mode at 900WITH.
  5. Press the “start” button and wait until the wash is finished. As soon as the washing machine stops working, we can assume that the machine is ready for use in normal mode.

bosh control panel

When starting up a Bosch washing machine for the first time, never put laundry in the drum. The program should be implemented idle.

To wash the laundry, proceed the same as for the first start, only put more powder and do not forget to sort the laundry before putting it into the machine. After choosing a program, press the "start" button and wait for the wash to finish. If during washing it is necessary to reload the laundry, press “start” again, and then wait until one of the messages appears on the display. “Yes” will mean that reloading is possible. Open the hatch and drop the forgotten laundry. “No” means that reloading is not possible. To continue washing, press the “start” button again.

In the process of implementing the program, you can change it. To do this, press "start", turn the mode selector to the desired position, and then again press "start". The old program will be canceled, and the new one will start from the very beginning. If you mistakenly chose a high-temperature wash, cancel it also, only instead of the new mode select “rinse”, it will help to cool the laundry and, thereby, minimize the negative effects.

Care and safety: basic rules

It is necessary to take care of a Bosch washing machine, and then it will last a long time. After each wash, be sure to leave the hatch ajar to allow air to enter. Otherwise, mold may form in the washing machine and an unpleasant odor will appear. The powder receptacle must also be left ajar.

After washing, wipe the cuff of the hatch, the inner surfaces of the drum, and the inner compartments of the powder cuvette with a cloth. It is also necessary to unscrew the dust filter 1 time in 4-5 washes and wash out the dirt that accumulates there during this time. Be especially careful when putting laundry into the machine, do not forget to check the pockets so that small objects do not get into the drum, and from there into the tank. If you are finished using the machine, be sure to close the tap.

For safety reasons, keep small children away from the washer. Do not overload the machine with too much laundry. Do not put too much detergent or rinse aid.If the machine refuses to wash after switching on, and issues an error code, contact an authorized service center immediately.

So, we consider the instructions indicated in our shortened version as the most important. If you want to familiarize yourself with the expanded version of the instructions for washing this model, then there is nothing easier, because it is attached to this publication. Good luck


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  1. Gravatar Tan Tan:

    Why does the machine go to the rinse level and continue to wash? Doesn’t flush and pick up again? Also, after rinsing, it goes into spin mode and does not drain water, does not squeeze.

    • Gravatar Anton Anton:

      Try turning it on 90 degrees and then touching the door, if the water in the machine is cold, then the heater died, I came across this.

  2. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    The child poked at the buttons and now the key light is on. None of the programs turn on.

    • Gravatar Nina Nina:

      The child turned on the lock, press the round start-stop button. And hold on. As it picks up and the key disappears, it means it is unlocked. You can also lock and hold. I always do this when I start the wash, otherwise the children twist, poke buttons.

      • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

        Thanks, Nina, it helped.

      • Gravatar Mila Mila:

        Thanks, Nina !!! You are light and joy!

  3. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    A foreign object has fallen into the drum; it is impossible to get through the drain hole. What will have to understand?

  4. Gravatar Andrei Andrei:

    Hello. Please tell me, it gives an error F 17.

  5. Gravatar Laura Laura:

    Scroll three times, and then on to spin in all modes. What is the reason?

  6. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Washed on cotton. The light was knocked out due to a fire in the entrance panel. Some time later, I set any mode to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, wool, erases the mode 1h 20 minutes, as if on cotton. How to restore programs?

  7. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    I did not find the normal consumption of washing powder. Who will help?

    • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

      Two tablespoons. The rest is overspending.

  8. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Please tell me what is the error F21?

  9. Gravatar Eve Eve:

    How to set the wash without spin?

  10. Gravatar Inna Inna:

    Why did the machine begin to reduce the rinse time. It should last 24 minutes, but now it rinses once faster. She specially watched her, after 13 minutes remaining immediately 3 minutes passed, and after 3 minutes there was a signal about the end of washing. What's the matter?

  11. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Question. The car began to skip minutes. For example, set the cotton mode. She showed washing 1 hour 23 minutes. After 11 minutes, jumped for 46 minutes and began to rinse. What to do in such a situation?

  12. Gravatar Vika Vika:

    Incorrectly inserted the blue retainer and the powder container is jammed. Now it opens only two cm. What to do?

  13. Gravatar Tamara Tamara:

    The machine shows time 01 and the key appears after turning off F16. What it is?

  14. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    In the window, a basin of foam constantly flashes red. What does this mean?

  15. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Bulbs flash: basin, 400 and 800, spin speed. As I understand. More machine does not respond to anything. Does not work.

  16. Gravatar Anastasia Anastasia:

    What does the “-” sign on the scoreboard mean? There was a beep and the machine got up!

  17. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Good day! A flashing key appeared on the board and the modes are no longer set. What to do? Thank.

  18. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    Where to pour the washing gel, in which cuvette?

    • Gravatar Elina Elina:

      There, where is the powder.

    • Gravatar Love Love:

      In the second compartment.

  19. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    What is the error F 7?

  20. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    In the application, the powder receiver hit a foreign object and rolled into the inside. What to do now, does anyone know?

  21. Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

    Does not drain water when pressed

  22. Gravatar Olesya Olesya:

    And who knows what the F16 error is?

  23. Gravatar Lucy Lucy:

    Please tell me why all programs erase more than 2 hours, even 30 ° modes?

  24. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Good day! How to put a child lock on Bosch Maxx 5 family edition?

  25. Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

    Hello! The first time I use this machine, I don’t understand why, when I pressed the “start” button, the machine starts spinning, but the water does not come?

  26. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Hello! Help me to understand! Washed as usual, from the hole where forgotten small things are collected, water poured. I unscrewed everything, cleaned it, but the water continues to flow when I turn it on. What should be done? Or will only the master help here?

  27. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    How to clean the trash filter yourself?

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