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What is better washing machine Bosch or Samsung

which is better washing machine bosh or samsungThousands of people coming to the household appliance store wonder: which washing machine is better than Bosch or Samsung? The question is very provocative and incorrect, because under the Bosch and Samsung brands there are a great many washing machines with their pros and cons. Perhaps for this reason, experts do not seriously consider this issue, but we still try to study the topic in detail and draw at least some intermediate conclusions.

Advantages of Bosch technology

Why do customers love Bosch washing machines? Of course, for quality, impeccable functionality and high reliability. But is it relevant today. Users note the high quality of parts for Bosch brand washing machines (even the budget series), though this is not always compensated by a high-quality assembly. The best assembly for German-made models, a little worse cars from Poland and Slovakia, the most poor-quality assembly - Russian.

Choosing models of the German assembly, we can be sure of their quality. Most manufacturers of washing machines have programs that are only nominally able to care for delicate fabrics. Bosch really develops washing algorithms that are the least harmful to wool, silk and other “delicate” materials. It should be noted that they have achieved great success in this area, somewhat ahead of their main competitors. Bosch cars stand out for a number of features.

  1. Approximately 95% of all Bosch washing machine models are fully protected against water leaks. Competitors, at best, equip only 60% of their washers with full protection.
  2. Bosch machines have quite perfect protection against excessive foaming. Such protection is on models of different brands, but only in Bosch sensors have optimal sensitivity.
  3. Compared with the Korean competitor, Bosch expanded the range of models of cars, especially budget ones. Now, customers with any wallet can afford a washer of a well-known German brand.
  4. Analysis of the modern Russian retail market for washing equipment showed that on average Bosch washers are several tens of dollars cheaper, although five years ago the opposite was observed.
  5. If you need a narrow front-loading machine in the Bosch lineup, you can easily find it. A Korean competitor has very few such cars.

The common drawback of most Boschs is the rustic design and fairly primitive software.

Samsung Strengths

Before moving on to the merits of Samsung washing machines, I want to talk about their shortcomings. Without knowledge of the flaws, it will be difficult to say which is better, Bosch or Samsung cars. Well, yes, we were distracted. One of the main disadvantages of Samsung technology should be considered a poor lineup. Moreover, over the past 3 years, the lineup has become even poorer.

Users also point to the overpriced and excessive amount of "unnecessary", the so-called marketing functions, for which you have to overpay. Often for this reason, potential buyers refuse Samsung cars in favor of other brands of equipment. Now let's talk about the merits of “home helpers” from Samsung.

  1. Great design. Koreans have clearly worked on the design of cars. Stylish case, design of the hatch door, control panel, all these elements look very decent.
  2. A wide, roomy and well-designed hatch with a door. At Samsung machines, the door breaks extremely rarely, and dirty laundry is very conveniently put into the drum. A pile of linen actually flies into the bowels of the machine.
  3. The hatch of the hatch is fitted very clearly and tightly, while the hatch door closes without problems, and the drum does not touch it during rotation. A tight fit virtually eliminates the entry of small things between the cuff of the hatch and the drum.Women's panties, children's socks very rarely end up in the tanks of modern Samsung washing machines.
  4. Samsung technicians have significantly improved the system of protection against imbalance. Analogs to this system simply do not exist. There are special balls inside the drum that provide balanced rotation, even if two sets of women's underwear are washed inside.
  5. Several models of Samsung machines are equipped with the function of reloading linen during washing. However, in fairness it must be said that the Bosch technique has already acquired a similar novelty.ceramic TEN washing machine Samsung

A lot of controversy among experts is caused by relatively new TENs of Samsung machines. These heating elements have a ceramic coating that protects the heating element from scale formation. The first batch of these parts turned out to be very bad. Scale on them formed even faster than on metal. For this reason, such TENs have gained notoriety among many masters.

Currently, these details are substantially finalized. The composition of the ceramic material has been changed. Now the scum to it really “clings with a creak”, but still clings, therefore use calgon still have to.

Review of the best models

And yet, which washing machine to choose Bosch or Samsung? By the totality of the pros and cons of the winner is difficult to identify. Apparently, you still have to consider specific models. It is for these purposes that we have prepared a review.

  1. Bosch WAT $ 677 mid-range model. It has excellent characteristics. There is a drum that holds 9 kg of laundry, 15 most selected washing programs, the highest energy consumption class and excellent comprehensive protection. The only drawback of the model can be considered only spinning at a speed of a maximum of 1000 rpm, but not everyone considers this a minus. The machine has a wide sunroof and a quiet engine.
  2. Bosch WLL 2426E. This washing machine can be purchased for a much more modest price - $ 403. For this money, you get a large digital display, a load of 7 kg of dry laundry, a spin speed of 1200 rpm, as well as amazing energy efficiency of A +++ class. We add here a complete protective package against various technical risks, 17 washing programs and a 32 cm wide loading hatch.
  3. Bosch WLN I really liked the users for high-quality and quiet washing. This model combines the best traditions and advanced technologies of the Bosch company. The machine is equipped with intelligent control, an informative screen, as well as a balanced drum, which can load up to 7 kg of laundry. 100% safety, spin speed up to 1200 rpm, there is even internal drum lighting so that the user does not forget to pull out small things that are stuck to the inner walls. The price is $ 480.
    Bosch WAT 20441 Bosch WLN 24240 Bosch WLL 2426E
  4. Samsung WW10M86KNOA. A very expensive, but technically sophisticated Korean-made washing machine with a load of 10 kg. Management can be carried out not only by the touch control panel, but even remotely using a smartphone. The machine is equipped with functions: direct drive, bubble washing, reloading of linen. Spin is carried out at speeds up to 1600 rpm. The model has a special compartment for liquid powder, internal drum lighting and 14 washing programs. Partial leakage protection. The average price is $ 1,500.
    Samsung WW10M86KNOA
  5. Samsung WW80K62E01W. This machine for two years in a row is chosen by customers of the largest online stores in the country. She looks very beautiful in appearance, has a load of 8 kg of dry laundry, while she has unrivaled software. Even experts note that this model has “strong firmware”. The machine washes excellently, and the spin is beyond praise. If necessary, the drum can be accelerated to 1200 rpm. The arsenal of 14 carefully selected programs. The price is 483 dollars.
  6. Samsung WW90K6414QW. Not at all a cheap, but technically very well packaged washing machine of impeccable assembly. The machine is controlled by a touch panel and a smartphone.There is additional loading of linen and a modified drum for 9 kg of linen. Spin can be accelerated to 1400 revolutions per minute, and 14 washing programs guarantee high quality care for your things. The average cost is $ 890.
    Samsung WW80K62E01W Samsung WW90K6414QW

The time has come to draw our subjective conclusion based on the data analyzed. In our opinion, Bosch equipment wins by a slight margin. Given the adverse economic situation in the country, Bosch offers more models at the best price. Perhaps technically, Bosch cars lose a little to their Korean competitors, but they are better balanced, well protected and work longer, provided that you choose a Bosch "home assistant" of the German assembly.


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