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Overview of Atlas 5 kg washing machines

SM Atlant 5 kgWe have long promised to make an overview of the best Atlant washing machines for 5 kg of laundry, and now, finally, it has become possible to fulfill this promise. Atlant machines with a drum capacity of 5 kg are notable for their low price, acceptable washing quality and high reliability, but the drum volume is enough for a family of three. Perhaps this explains the increased interest of consumers in "home helpers" of this kind and today, we will try to satisfy this interest.


The pearl of our review today is the ATLANT 50U88 washing machine with a load of 5 kilograms. The model was highly appreciated by more than 160 buyers of various online stores of household appliances, in addition, this machine received the highest ratings from 4 out of 6 experts. Case dimensions ATLANT 50U88 (W x D x H) - 600 x 420 x 850 mm.

The machine does not have a display, and the spin is carried out at a maximum of 800 rpm and it seems to be bad for a modern model. However, users, first of all, drew attention to:

  • the price of the machine;
  • quality of washing clothes;

The high quality of washing with the ATLANT 50U88 machine was rated by 77 users in their reviews.

  • low noise level;
  • high build quality.


They felt that at a price of $ 198, a washing machine could well afford a number of shortcomings, which, incidentally, more than overlap with its merits. The ATLANT 50U88 has 23 programs in its arsenal. If they are skillfully used, you can qualitatively wash any laundry. The machine has few additional features, but it can boast of something.

  1. There is a program that allows you to wash the wool.
  2. There is a special program that allows you to delay the start of washing for up to 1 day.
  3. The hatch door can open 180 degrees.
  4. You can cancel the spin.

The manufacturer also did a good job on the safety of the ATLANT 50U88. She has sensors that monitor imbalance, excessive foaming, as well as leaks. There is also protection against the intervention of young children, which the user turns on and off at will. Not bad for $ 198, what do you think?


If you are ready to pay $ 32 more for a digital display, then you can take the ATLANT 50U87, which won no less praise from users. The dimensions of its body are the same as that of the model described above, the load is also 5 kg. Spin is also carried out at a maximum of 800 rpm. What is the difference between the ATLANT 50U87 and the ATLANT 50U88, besides the fact that the 87 model is equipped with a display?

  1. She has 15 washing programs, and not 23, like the 88 model, but these programs are better balanced.
  2. The design of the 87 model is slightly different.
  3. This machine has a stop mode with water in the drum. Mistresses are happy to use it in some cases.


Users note another advantage of the ATLANT 50U87. She has a removable top cover. And although this model is not built-in, it can be installed under the countertop, after dismantling the top cover. How much is the ATLANT 50U87? The cost will pleasantly surprise you - $ 230.


Highly appreciated by users and the washing machine ATLANT 50C81 front-loading machine. It is highly balanced in price and quality. About 2018 buyers in 2018 marked this machine as their best purchase. The machine costs $ 210 and it should be noted that for this money it is usually difficult to buy a good washing machine. The drum of the machine holds as much as 5 kg of dry laundry, while the top cover of the machine is removed, which allows you to partially integrate this technique into the furniture.


ATLANT 50C81 has acceptable energy efficiency. For one wash, it consumes about 49 liters of water and 0.19 kW / h of electricity. There are 21 washing modes. The user will need a lot of time to master all the programs properly.The machine is quite quiet, even when spinning it produces no more than 68 dB, and this is a very, very good indicator.


This car represents an ideal ratio of cost and quality. Currently, ATLANT 50U107 can be bought for $ 214 and for this money you get a perfectly “packaged” washing machine. Firstly, her drum holds 5 kg of laundry and can squeeze laundry at a speed of 1000 revolutions. Secondly, it has digital control and a good modern display. Thirdly, this machine has 15 washing programs, half of which are used by housewives every day.


Additional features are also available. There is a delay start timer, which allows you to set the program in advance, and then make it start after many hours. There is also a delicate spin program and a water drum stop mode. Yes, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that this model has been tested by several hundred users, and they note its reliability and high quality work. What else is needed!


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