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Overview of Ariston Top-loading Washing Machines

SM Ariston Top-loadingAriston brand washing machines have become widely popular both in the Russian Federation and far beyond its borders. This is primarily due to the modern and attractive design, along with the presence of many modern features. In most cases, consumers prefer front-loading technology. But, a top-loading washing machine is trying not to concede to its "brother", and lately has been successfully competing with it. In today's article, we decided to present you with a peculiar overview of the Hotpoint Ariston top-loading washing machines, and talk about the technical component of the best models.

Do I need to buy such a machine?

Based on user comments on the World Wide Web, we were able to find several advantages and disadvantages of such a technique. The benefits include the following:

  • intuitive control panel;
  • convenience of loading;
  • many models on the market;
  • it is convenient to fall asleep powder;
  • extensive functionality and many washing modes;
  • modern design;
  • the ability to set the temperature for a separate program.

There are several drawbacks, namely: unstable electronics; quick wear fill hose; unstable pump operation. But taking into account the affordable price, and the listed advantages, you can simply turn a blind eye to a small number of minuses. In addition, the latter can be avoided, and the main condition for this is proper operation.

Careful care is the key to long-term operation of the device.

Hotpoint-Ariston AVTL 83

A reliable and high-quality model that will definitely be an indispensable assistant for any housewife. Distinctive features are: silent operation, small size and weight, wide functionality and lack of vibrations during operation. As for the technical characteristics, they look very impressive.

  1. The water consumption for one wash is 52 liters.
  2. The maximum amount of linen is 5 kg.
  3. Electronic control.
  4. White color.
  5. Several speed modes (maximum - 800 rpm);
  6. Washing control.
  7. There is no display.

Hotpoint-Ariston AVTL 83

The material for the production of this model was high-quality white plastic, resistant to mechanical damage. By purchasing this machine, the consumer will be able to use several washing modes, set a suitable temperature.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L

A modern and fairly high-quality top-loading Ariston washing machine. In terms of sales, the presented model occupies one of the leading lines in the domestic market, and for several reasons. First of all, this model is characterized by extremely clear control, which is carried out through the keypad.

Also, this technique will please the function of automatic weighing of linen, and it will be decent to save water during the washing process, which is especially important at current prices. In addition to the above, there are a number of other pleasant moments that are contained in the characteristics of the model:

  • maximum amount of linen - 6 kg;
  • the ability to perform additional loading after the start of washing;
  • rotation speed at the time of extraction - up to 1000 rpm;
  • several ext. modes;
  • 18 built-in programs;
  • mode for washing woolen things;
  • minimum noise during operation;
  • option to control imbalance and foam level.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L

This Hotpoint Ariston model has a small size (40x60x90 cm) and weight (90 kg), so you can install it even in a limited space (small kitchen or bathroom). A durable plastic case of white color protects the machine from damage. Subject to the operating conditions recommended by the manufacturer, the equipment will last you a long time.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L

This is a bright representative of the middle price segment.Among its main advantages, consumers distinguish: minimum noise level during operation, compactness and low weight, elementary control and the presence of a number of useful functions. This is an excellent option for installation in apartments with a small quadrature, because it allows you to save space, compared with counterparts with front-loading. Imagine the technical characteristics of this model:

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L

  • the maximum weight of laundry for one wash is 5 kg;
  • the possibility of reloading;
  • electronic panel;
  • White color;
  • low energy consumption with effective washing and spinning;
  • 42 liters of water are spent for one wash;
  • during spinning, the drum can spin in speed mode up to 1000 rpm;
  • partial protection against water leakage;
  • imbalance and foam control option;
  • 18 built-in programs;
  • a mode for woolen things, an economy mode, a quick wash mode, and a number of other options;
  • countdown to launch - up to 12 hours;
  • the ability to set a suitable temperature.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L top-loading washing machine is a great helper in any home, as after purchasing it and starting to use it, washing will turn into a real pleasure!

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTG 722 H C

The characteristics of this model are not much different from their predecessors. Having decided to make a purchase, the consumer will also receive a modern washing machine with a long service life.

In addition to the above, the distinguishing sides of the presented technology is the high-quality assembly and modern design, as a result of which the machine will easily fit into any interior. And given the wide variety of features and affordable price, this Hotpoint Ariston machine can be considered an ideal option for any housewife. Let's talk about the characteristics in more detail.

  1. The maximum amount of linen for one wash.
  2. The option of reloading.
  3. Management with an intuitive electronic panel.
  4. The presence of a digital display.
  5. The minimum indicator of electricity consumption is 0.15 kW * h / kg.
  6. For washing, 50 liters of water are consumed.
  7. The indicator of rotation speed at the time of spin up to 1200 rpm.
  8. There is a function of canceling the spin and determining its speed mode.
  9. There is protection from children.
  10. There is a function to control the imbalance and the amount of foam.
  11. There are 14 programs available, including a wash mode for woolen items, as well as delicate and other modes.
  12. There is a timer before washing - yes (up to 24 hours).

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTG 722 H C

The presented machine has compact dimensions and light weight, it will be almost silent in operation. The case is made in white of durable plastic, which provides reliable protection against mechanical damage. Management is carried out by using a convenient panel located on the top of the case.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTG 602 H

On the Internet, you can find many laudatory reviews of the presented model. First of all, consumers highlight the small size and weight of the device, so you can install it even in a small bathroom or even a kitchen. Special attention should be paid to the minimum noise figure during operation, which is why the nasty sound will not annoy, and distract from other matters. As for the technical characteristics, they look as follows:

  • maximum amount of linen per wash - 6 kg;
  • lack of drying;
  • smart management;
  • the presence of a digital display;
  • acceptable indicator of electricity consumption;
  • the ability to choose the temperature regime, along with setting a timer before the start of washing (maximum - 24 hours);
  • the drum at the time of spinning rotates at a speed of up to 1000 rpm;
  • the ability to set the spin speed mode or cancel it one-time;
  • there is a control of imbalance and amount of foam;
  • the presence of many washing modes, ranging from woolen things, and ending with a program to remove stains.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTG 602 H

Along with the above, the presented Hotpoint Ariston machine has a modern design, which allows you to fit it into almost any interior. The model is protected from damage by a durable white plastic case.

As you can see, the variety of washing machines from the specified manufacturer is amazing, and any consumer will be able to choose the right option for himself. The only thing worth starting from in the selection process is personal preference. It is on their basis that you can purchase the model you need!


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