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Manual for washing machine Ariston Margherita

instructions for the car AristonIn the age of information technology, the loss of printed instructions for a washing machine should not overshadow you. Even if you had to buy a used machine without instructions, you can always find its electronic version. In this article, we offer instructions for the Ariston Margherita washing machine.


Before using the washing machine, care must be taken to install it. After the unit is unpacked, it is necessary to carefully examine it for possible damage. Do not be so sure that the machine is all right. If you find something, then immediately call the store, and do not even think about turning on the machine.

If everything is in order, then you need to remove the transportation bolts that held the moving parts. They must be saved, they may be required, for example, when moving. Bolt holes can be closed with special plugs.

The next stage is the alignment of the surface on which the machine will stand. Usually align the position of the machine itself by rotating the front legs, but this may not be enough. Learn more about how to set the machine by level read the article on our website.

Having prepared the installation site, proceed to connect the hoses. Use your hands to screw the inlet hose to the water pipe ¾ in diameter or its bend. Then screw the bent end of the hose to the pipe coming out from the back of the machine, coming from the filling valve.

Important! Do not lose the rubber seal immediately after the fitting washer.

Connect the drain hose to the sewer or drain in the siphon of the sink, but only so that its end is not in the water. The top point of the drain must be fixed at a height of 60-100 cm, using a clamp on the rear wall of the machine. When connecting, it may be necessary to increase the length of the hose, this can be done, but the total length should not exceed 150 cm.

Now it remains to connect the machine to electricity, but before you do this:

  • check that the wiring matches the maximum load of the machine;
  • whether the voltage in the network meets the permissible norm;
  • whether the plug fits from the cord of the machine to your outlet, otherwise change the outlet, but do not use an adapter;
  • Is there grounding in the electrical network?

Powder cuvette

Ariston Margarita 2000In the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine, the powder cuvette has a semicircular shape and opens outward. The cuvette is divided into 4 compartments. The extreme compartment on the left is for various conditioners and fabric softeners. The elongated compartment on the right is the main compartment; liquid or loose detergent is placed in it.

The center compartment is designed for prewash. You can put in it at least liquid, even dry detergent. As for the fourth compartment, it is inserted into the prewash compartment in case you need to pour bleach. At the same time, be careful not to pour too much money, there is a special mark for this.

Note! Prewash and bleaching are mutually exclusive; you cannot use these two functions at the same time.

Launch washing

ariston-margarita-2000Launching washing is carried out from the control panel, so you need to know at least the basic buttons. So, after turning on the machine in the network, you need to press the power button on the control panel, next to the rotary knob for selecting programs. The desired program is selected by turning this knob only clockwise. Do not rotate it counterclockwise! After choosing a program, you need to press the handle itself, the wash will start in 5 seconds.

The two lower large buttons are used to select the spin speed or turn it off and to select the washing temperature. The panel also has buttons such as:

  • machine stop during washing;
  • accelerated washing mode;
  • enhanced washing - a button that allows you to use prewash;
  • prewash.

When choosing a program, be careful. Pay attention to the labels on the clothes, consider the type of fabric and be sure to sort things by color.

Care and safety

The instruction manual for the machine is not only the installation and its launch, but also the rules for care and safety. In order for the washing machine to work properly for a long time, you need to monitor its cleanliness. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. First of all, after each wash, turn off the water tap.
  2. Wipe the drum of the machine and rubber cuff with a dry cloth. This will prevent mold and odor.
  3. The powder cuvette is best rinsed in clean water and also wiped with a dry cloth.
  4. Wash the machine outside with warm water and a small amount of soap.
  5. Do not exceed the dosage of detergents, this will lead to the formation of a large amount of foam.
  6. Before washing, check the contents of the pockets so that a foreign object does not get into the tank of the machine.
  7. Clean your laundry every six months with a special cleaning agent.
  8. Check the drain filter regularly and flush it for debris and dirt.
  9. During washing, do not touch the machine and do not let the child near the door.
  10. Never open the door with force.
  11. In the event of a malfunction or an abnormal sound, turn off the water supply tap and unplug the machine.

We hope this brief summary of the use of the Ariston brand washing machine has become useful to you. And you will find all the details in the full instructions, the link to which you see below.


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