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Antinakipin concentrateMany dishwasher owners think that their “home helpers” are reliably protected from scale thanks to the ion exchanger resin, but they are mistaken. If the water is very hard, then to protect parts from limescale, you need to use anti-scale for dishwashers. Periodic use of this tool allows you to clean the details of the dishwasher from lime deposits that have already formed, thus protecting it from damage. We’ll talk about this tool today.

What is the remedy for?

Some people have already had to use the universal Antinakipin powder for washing and dishwashers. This remedy is not bad, but its effect on calcareous deposits is not powerful enough. You have to carry out several procedures to more or less clean the dishwasher from scale. Relatively recently, a new, concentrated means of Unmomento Antinakipin appeared in 10 ml capsules.

These small capsules contain a lethal compound, which, when mixed with water in a typewriter, leaves no chance for limescale. It is a powerful tool that destroys lime deposits safely if you use it regularly. If, for example, you never cleaned your dishwasher with Antinakipin, and then you suddenly decided to clean it, you can harm the machine. The fact is that the old scale that has formed over the years on the heating element can collapse and damage the heater.

Large pieces of limescale that have fallen off as a result of cleaning can clog the impeller of the pump or even damage it

As a result, cleaning will result in repair. At the same time, not cleaning the machine is also bad, because lime deposits will break it sooner or later. The ideal and only option is to use Antinakipin at least 1 time in 3-4 months. This will significantly extend the life of your dishwasher.

How effective is the remedy?

I really do not want to talk about the effectiveness of the new concentrated Antinakipin, especially since we do not have much experience with its use. We ask users who have already tried it to learn about the effectiveness and functionality of this tool. We present you their feedback.

Julia, Stary Oskolscale in PMM

I learned about Antinakipin from the seller in the store. When I bought mine dishwasher Bosch SPS30E02RU, the seller said that you must sometimes use this tool so that the machine lasts a long time. A year and a half, I washed the machine with Antinakipin powder once every 6 months, then it ended, and I took Antinakipin in capsules. Using it is much more convenient. I can’t say anything about the effect, but the machine works well.

Eugene, St. Petersburg

I used the dishwasher for about four years, until it broke. The heating element is out of order. The master said that it was all because of hard water, but as far as I know, the dishwasher is protected from scale thanks to salt, which, incidentally, I regularly poured. I voiced my thoughts to the master, and he laughed at me and said that henceforth I would periodically wash the dishwasher with Antinakipin. After replacing the heating element, almost three years have passed, while everything works, apparently Antinakipin helps.

Irina, Moscow

A week ago, a heater burned out in our Electrolux dishwasher. We called the master and he, having sorted the dishwasher, was long surprised that there was no scale on the details. The "old woman" is in operation for the ninth year, and inside as new. I told him that since almost the first day I have been using Antinakipin powder. I wash their insides once every 4 months. I use the machine very often, I think that without this product it would be overgrown with scale. I recommend it to everyone, verified!

How to use the product?

So, we reflected the opinions of people, it remains to talk how to use Unmomento Antiscale in capsules. This is a simple matter and will not take you much time.

  1. Unload the dishwasher. There should be nothing in the baskets.
  2. We put on rubber gloves.
  3. We open the package with the Anti-scale agent, take out one capsule, open it and pour the contents into the detergent compartment.
  4. We close the door of the dishwasher and activate the washing program at high temperature.
  5. We wait until the program completes its work and everything, consider that you have cleaned the typewriter.

In conclusion, we note that if you have a dishwasher recently, do not neglect basic safety measures. Otherwise, after a few years you can “get” to a major repair. If this does not bother you, then do not bother with the purchase of this tool. But if you want the “home assistant” to work long and efficiently, use Antinakipin at least once every six months.


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