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What is an activator washing machine?

activator washing machineThere are still people who use mini-washing machines of the activator type for washing things. The modern generation does not even imagine what kind of cars they are, but our parents know everything about them. The activator machine has its own strengths compared to a washing machine with a drum type machine. We will talk about these advantages, as well as conduct a review of well-known models of activator-type washing machines.

The device of a similar washing machine

Activator type machines have the simplest device. Such a machine consists of 4 main parts:

  • a tank made of metal or plastic;
  • electric motor;
  • activator;
  • mechanical timer.

When washing, pour water into the tank, add and dissolve the powder, lay the laundry and turn on the timer. The activator rotates, and the laundry rotates with it. This is how the washing process takes place. When the machine stops, the laundry must be removed and rinsed in a separate container, or pour clean water and run the machine again. If the machine is equipped with a centrifuge, then after rinsing the laundry is transferred to it and wrung out.

The activator machine is very simple. Lack of electronics eliminates frequent breakdowns. All that can break is an electric motor or a timer, in very rare cases a plastic tank bursts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Activator type machines have several advantages compared to automatic washing machines. We list them:

  • energy saving. In simple activator machines, water is poured already warmed up, which means that energy is spent only on the operation of the electric motor. Of course, there are models with heated water, in which increased energy consumption is carried out at the moment of switching on the ten.
  • the ability to wash clothes with any powder, even for hand washing.activator washing machine
  • saving water consumption. You can do 2-3 washings in one water, for example, first start washing white items, then colored ones and wash black items in the last cycle.
  • Do not require connection to a central water supply. it makes it possible to use such machines in rural areas, in the country and in other places where there is no water supply.
  • reliability provided by simple assembly.
  • the ability to control the washing time, as well as stopping the wash at any minute.
  • washing large volumes of laundry, some models are designed for 14 kg of items for one wash cycle.
  • have a low noise level and practically do not vibrate during operation.
  • are small in size, this makes it easy to rearrange such machines or transported to the country.
  • low price. Most activator cars are several times cheaper than automatic machines with a drum, especially domestic models. Their cost varies from 1500 to 6000 rubles.

As for the shortcomings, then they can not be.

  • Washing clothes in machines of this type requires manual labor in the form of rinsing and shifting wet items, spinning (if there is no centrifuge). And that means such a machine cannot be left unattended.
  • A set of water is carried out manually.
  • In such machines it is dangerous to wash delicate things, as this can lead to their damage.

    Note! In modern models, the modes of delicate washing, as well as washing cashmere and wool, which is not a drawback, have appeared.

  • Such machines can not be built in, because the load of laundry on top of them.
  • When draining water, each time you need to substitute a special container, and then pour it into the designated place.

Varieties of activating machines

Cars of this type are different, they differ in the features of the device and the presence of functions. But while they all have only a vertical load of linen. Three different types of such washing machines can be distinguished; this division is considered conditional.

  1. The simplest activator machines. They consist of a tank, activator and manual extraction.Manual spin - these are two rollers fastened together, between which a wet product is inserted and scrolled. These machines include "Baby", "Oka", "Saturn 1616", "Fairy".
  2. Activator semi-automatic machines. A similar machine has two tanks, one washing and rinsing. The second tank is a centrifuge designed to spin the laundry, which is transferred from the first tank. In different models, various additional functions, for example, a timer with a choice of washing time, delicate washing mode, reverse, etc. As an example of semi-automatic machines, we can name the machines: Siberia, Renova WS 40, Unit 210, Snow White 55.
  3. Activator machines automatic. This type includes modern activator machines, in which water is collected, drained, heated, boiled, air bubble rinsed. In addition, a delicate mode, washing wool and others is provided. An activator machine differs from a drum machine in that it has an activator-impeller in its tank. Here is an example of an activator machine: Redwer WMA 5521, Evgo EWP 4026 N, Mabe LMR1083PBYR0, Whirlpool Vantage.

Note! Activated type automatic machines do not have the disadvantages listed above. Their disadvantage can be called only the high cost and greater volume of water consumed.

Overview of Famous Models

There are a lot of washing machines of the activator type. Despite this, many people prefer drum machines. What is the matter here? We believe that the point here is a misunderstanding of the essence of the issue. The market offers drum machines, it advertises them well, which means that it remains for the consumer to buy.

With the phrase “activator machines”, most of us present such models as “Baby” or “Siberia”. But this is wrong, so we will try to give an overview of the models of activator-type machines of all available types.

  • Baby One of the most popular washing machines of the Soviet era, the mistresses liked for their small size and the ability to quickly wash a small amount of dirty laundry. The tank of the machine is designed for 27 liters of water, in one cycle you can wash up to 1 kg of laundry. There is a hose for draining waste water. This is the most popular machine at its box office. Ideal for summer cottages. Cost from 1500 washing machine
  • Feya CMP-20. Semi-automatic washing machine with a centrifuge. Loading linen up to 2 kg. Spin is carried out at a speed of 1320 rpm. The cost is about 2500 rubles.fairy washing machine
  • Renova WS 50. Semi-automatic machine with a centrifuge. Loading of linen up to 5 kg. Spin is carried out at a speed of 1350 rpm. There is a hose for dialing and for draining water. Management is carried out mechanically. Cost from 4000 rub.Renova washing machine
  • Mabe LMR1083PBYR. The machine is a machine with mechanical control. The maximum load of linen is 10 kg. Spin is carried out at a speed of 680 rpm. There are modes: washing delicate things and express washing. You can choose the temperature of the water for washing, washing in cold water is possible, and it is also possible to connect to hot water. There is an emergency opening of the tank door. The cost of 15,000 rubles.Mebe washing machine
  • Bosch WOR 16155. Activator typewriter automatic machine with electronic control. Loading of linen up to 6 kg. The maximum spin speed is 800. You can select the water temperature, spin speed, there is protection against leaks. Possible delayed start of the program. The cost of 32,000 rubles.bosh washing machine
  • Whirlpool Vantage. Activator machine with touch control, USB - interface, color display and the presence of 33 washing modes. You can create your own washing mode, wash sportswear, shoes, small bath mats. However, such a miracle of technology costs a lot of money and will cost about 123500 rubles.whirlpool washing machine

So, activator cars are different: the most primitive and convenient for transportation and use in summer conditions, as well as super-technological and modern. By their characteristics, such machines are in no way inferior to drum-type machines. The choice is yours.


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