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Overview of Dishwasher Accessories

dishwasher accessoriesThe dishwasher made life easier for no family. Many cars have been working for more than ten years, someone changed the old equipment to a new one. Dishwashers are constantly being improved, supplemented by new features and convenient options. Any equipment, including a dishwasher, requires constant care and compliance with operating rules. To do this, use high-quality detergents and original accessories, which will be discussed later.

What are accessories?

Translated from French, the word accessory translates to “addition." Therefore, in the framework of this article under the accessories for the dishwasher, we mean the additional (related) parts that accompany the dishwasher. As for dishwashing detergents, we will not attribute them to accessories, read which remedy is better to choose You can in a separate article.

What are these additional details that are suitable for specific brands of dishwashers, for example Bosch, Siemens, Miele, let's list:

  • internal chamber cleaners and deodorants;
  • test strips to determine water hardness;
  • microfilters;
  • holders for small dishes;
  • hose extension with Aqua stop system;
  • baskets for tall glasses;
  • bottle holder;
  • inserts for knives;
  • facades on the door;
  • sprinkler for washing baking sheets;
  • fasteners for embedded models.

Accessories for dishwashers Bosch and Siemens

Let's review some of the accessories for dishwashers, using Bosch and Siemens as dishwashers.

German-made Protect cleansers for Bosch and Siemens dishwashers are available in 50 ml bottles. This product is intended to get rid of grease and limescale inside the dishwasher. It can also be used to clean the sealing gum along the door contour. It’s easy to use the cleaner: the bottle is opened and put upside down in the dishwasher without dishes, then it starts the washing mode. Regular use will prevent the formation of unpleasant odors, one bottle is designed for one cleaning.
cleaner for bosh
The holder for glasses in the Bosch SMZ 5300 dishwasher. This accessory will provide reliable fastening of glasses in the machine, as well as high-quality washing and drying. In dishwashers 60 cm wide and with VarioFlexPlus or VarioFlex boxes you can place 4 of these holders at once, which means that it is ideal to wash 16 glasses for wine or champagne. In machines with a width of 45 cm, only 2 holders will fit respectively.

Important! The height of the glass for installation in such a holder should not exceed 24.5 cm, and a diameter of 10.5 cm.

glass holder

Manufacturers from Siemens offer dishwashers convenient hooks-holders for small dishes that are attached to the sides of the upper basket.
holders of small dishesSuch an accessory as a bottle holder is very convenient; it is installed in the lower basket.

bottle holder

The most popular accessories are:

  • sprayer for washing large items and baking sheets;
  • test strips for determining water hardness and
  • hose extensions.

dishwasher accessories

During prolonged use, machine parts such as the rocker arm and cleaning filters may fail. They are also commercially available. They can be easily replaced without the help of specialists..

dishwasher accessories

Accessories for Siemens dishwashers are often suitable for Bosch dishwashers. Dishwashers of these brands are produced under the control of one concern, and therefore their components are similar. The manufacturer recommends using original accessories, which will extend the life of the equipment.


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