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How to make a cool PVC pipe lamp

Creative ideas often arise unexpectedly and, seemingly, from scratch. But their material realization gives such dividends that the costs of translating them into reality seem meager. Today we’ll try from a pipe that is not ordinary-looking

Comprehensive cleaning of the iron with all available means

Now I will show how incredibly simple it is to clean the iron not only from the outside, but also inside, using the tools that are always available in almost any kitchen. The sole of the iron, its water tank with all channels, will be cleaned at a time. Iron again

How to make a floor lamp UPPERLIG as from IKEA and save

Good afternoon! I saw the UPPERLIG floor lamp in the IKEA store. I liked the lamp and considering how much it costs (about 4000 rubles), I figured that this can be done on my own almost for a penny. And went to the nearest building

Water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide against rust - I share my personal experience in cleaning dishes dryers

Vacation "crept unnoticed." It is time to do something that the hands all year simply did not reach. I have been looking at my dish dryer for a long time. It is metal, bought in an economy class store. The quality is appropriate. As

How to make a gate with a secret: open your own, no stranger

Everyone wants to protect their site from the penetration of unauthorized persons, for this various fences are erected, gates and gates are made. A lock is installed on the gate, it is used for long-term care from home. Daily use

Simple folding do-it-yourself clothes dryer

This is a very convenient clothes dryer that will not bother anyone, because at the time of inactivity it easily folds. Very simple design for repetition. In order to extend the life of clothes and linen and at the same time maintain their presentation, they should not be

How to easily clean a dirty pan from soot

Every housewife knows how difficult it is to clean the surface of the pan from carbon deposits, especially if he is not one month old. There is a very effective way to restore the appearance of dishes with minimal physical effort. Moreover, the surface is not at all

How to repair a kitchen knife with a broken nose (point)

If you handle the knife carelessly, you can damage and even break off its tip. From this, the cutting object loses not only its external attractiveness, but also part of its important functions. It becomes not very convenient to work and not too

How to refill a disposable mill with spices

Many have disposable pepper mills. They are very convenient to use, the degree of grinding satisfies the cooks, transparent packaging allows you to control the amount of product. The only drawback is the devices are non-separable, after using up

A quick and 100% way to eliminate leaking toilet bowl

Each of us met with an unpleasant situation - the tank is filled with water, the float is raised to the upper position, and the water constantly leaks a little. There is a cardinal option - to completely replace the entire mechanism, but it is expensive and long. Also to

The 3 most affordable ways to grind a kitchen knife

A dull knife not only significantly complicates the cooking process, but also increases the risk of injury. It has to be pressed with great effort, vegetables slip out of wet hands, the blade falls onto soft tissues. There are

How to clean a very dirty skillet without too much effort

On the Internet there are many different tips on this topic, some of them are quite effective, others cause a smile with their naivety. But all methods require a long cooking of dishes in a large capacity - the kitchen is filled with a very unpleasant odor,

How to clean the shower head easily and quickly

Sooner or later, depending on the quality (hardness) of the water in the plumbing system, the watering can of the bathtub or shower stall may clog. Water through some holes begins to beat to the sides, and through others it stops flowing at all or only drips. Not

How to just clean the pan from carbon deposits without "chemistry"

A pan is more often and intense than other utensils used for cooking. It mainly fries foods at high temperature. Therefore, even with the most careful handling of this kitchen utensil and constant washing after each

How to remove small objects caught in a drum from a washing machine

Sometimes after washing, you may notice the absence of one sock, handkerchief or other trifles. Usually this is attributed to their own absent-mindedness, but often small clothes and objects can simply fall behind the drum of a typewriter. It is fraught with subsequent

How to soundproof a stainless steel sink

These irreplaceable stainless steel products fully meet their purpose, are unpretentious in maintenance, are cleaned with ordinary detergents, are not afraid of aggressive environments and high temperatures. But they have one acoustic flaw, annoying

7 effective ant control techniques

Summer is a great time for out-of-town picnics, but they do not always go as pleasantly as planned. One of the reasons - the ants occupied the table, it is impossible to drive them away from it. If you have such problems, we recommend using

A new mosquito net handle in just 5 minutes from a plastic bottle

Industrial pens are made of plastic, it is a fragile material and quite often breaks. Without them, removing the grid is a problem, and throwing it away and buying a new one is expensive. The way out is to make a pen yourself. This will require a minimum of time, financial

What to make from the remnants of soap?

Soap is rarely used completely. When a small piece remains, people prefer to buy a new bar. After all, remnant is inconvenient to use. But throwing it away is a pity, so a few old pieces can accumulate at home. Of these crumbs quite

How I get rid of stubborn traces of fat on a cooker hood in 5 minutes

One of the problems when cleaning the kitchen is traces of oil. Some surfaces are covered with a dense layer of fat. And with water, such dirt cannot be cleaned. But there is a way how to effortlessly wash a stove, hood or table from traces of oil in just a couple of minutes.

Master class: cleaning a kitchen apron with soda and vinegar

The kitchen apron is a real fighter of the invisible front, imperceptibly, but thoroughly contributes to the overall pollution of the kitchen. Spray of hot fat, steam from pots, dust and smoke settle on the apron, freeze, then stick layer by layer. Eventually

How to clean a mattress

A clean mattress is simply a necessary condition for every person, because in a dream a person spends the third part of his life.This simple four-step cleaning guide will help you find a comfortable and clean sleeping area.

How to repair a burnt carpet

The carpet not only insulates the floor and makes it pleasant to walk on it, but also serves as a real decoration of the room, especially when it is in harmony with the interior of the room.

DIY do-it-yourself air freshener

Winter is rightfully the "season of citruses." Tangerines, oranges, lemons ... As soon as you cut the peel a little, the air is instantly filled with a pleasant light aroma. I want to keep it as long as possible! How to do it? Most people right away
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