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Scrapbooking paper

Master classes:

Needlework box

Even of the simplest things that we do not pay attention to, we consider garbage, you can do something worthwhile, unlike anything else. If, for example, you connect an ordinary cardboard box that was already going on a trip to the trash

Paper Pencil Stand

You can organize your workplace with the help of various devices. For lovers of needlework, it will be interesting to create them with your own hands. For example, the step-by-step production of a pencil stand is shown in this workshop.

Copyright paper

Handmade paper making is a very creative and fascinating process. The peculiarity of this master class is that to create your own author’s paper you don’t need any special devices and materials, all

Making beautiful postcard paper

When you are invited to a birthday, what do you think first of all, apart from the present? Of course, about a beautiful postcard. The choice of postcards is often given special attention. I want her to be not only beautiful, but also fun, suitable for
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