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Master classes:

How to make a quilling bee

The transformation of thin strips into a variety of figures and compositions is known as quilling. To master this technique is not difficult, but it is better to start not with the creation of paintings, but with its individual elements. In this workshop we will show how to make a bee.

Christmas garland

Today I would like to tell you about a piece of jewelry, a handmade garland. Her jewelry is made in the style of quilling - by the method of curling and gluing paper. However, in the process of its manufacture, we did not use special paper, but took

Quilling box

A charming paper box can be the decoration of your dressing table or a good gift for your girlfriend, aunt, grandmother. In order to make a box of paper you will need: -Office paper of different colors. -Scissors. -Glue. -Brush.

Openwork basket

The standard idea and the most non-standard embodiment of this idea into reality, the solution of an ordinary problem in an original way - is the life of a creative person. A made openwork basket can be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen interior and cute

Card Suits Earrings

We will need: - paper for quilling of two colors; - a toothpick; - PVA glue"; - scissors - Moment glue (transparent); - metal rings for fastening; - hooks-holders for earrings.

Needlework case

A needlewoman always needs different sizes of boxes, caskets, and a case for storing knitting needles or quilling paper will not be superfluous. To make such a case you will need: - a bamboo napkin (40 x 35); - scissors; - instant glue; - 2

Snow Maiden from colored paper

Funny and uncomplicated in the execution of crafts based on a cone made of paper, probably familiar to everyone. We will tell you how to make this craft more interesting using the simplest elements of the quilling technique. As the New Year approaches,

Volumetric applique basket

Today I want to share with you how to make one of the options for a bouquet for a bouquet using the volumetric application technique.

Quilling Heart

Sometimes we spend so much time choosing a gift for our second half that we forget that the most valuable gift is a DIY gift. In order to make a heart out of paper, we need red paper, one sheet is enough, clerical
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