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Quilling paintings

Master classes:

Quilling painting “Forest Fairy”

The quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. As a result of simple manipulations, paper stripes turn into spiral blanks from which voluminous crafts and paintings can be made. And if you combine several techniques

Painting "Pregnant"

I love the quilling technique. It all started with simple flowers, then there were beautiful voluminous paintings. And at a new stage, I wanted to master contour quilling. The work was just amazing, girlfriends envy when they see it. BUT

Photo collage of family photos

If you want to easily put photos in a photo album and decorate the walls beautifully with them, the “Pleasant Moments” workshop is for you. It’s not difficult to make masterpieces, and in your arsenal it is enough to have paints and colored paper. So, let's get started?

Painting "Turtles"

Quilling, or the paper-rolling technique, allows you to create incredibly bewitching paintings and crafts. Flowers are the easiest thing to master. When I could confidently make any plant miracle, then my imagination wanted to go beyond that. AND

Greeting card "Butterfly on a flower"

The art of quilling is gaining more and more popularity, especially the intereny and complex version of it - linear quilling, that is, creating a picture from straight or slightly curled stripes of paper. Today we will get acquainted with this technique and make a beautiful
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