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Master classes:

Quilling card “Volumetric flower”

Unforgettable and unique is the gift that is made by yourself. Therefore, a quilling postcard will be the perfect solution for any occasion. Next will be presented a master class that will help everyone to complete a simple and very

Quilling painting “Forest Fairy”

The quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. As a result of simple manipulations, paper stripes turn into spiral blanks, from which voluminous crafts and paintings can be made. And if you combine several techniques

How to make a quilling bee

The transformation of thin strips into a variety of figures and compositions is known as quilling. To master this technique is not difficult, but it is better to start not with the creation of paintings, but with its individual elements. In this workshop we will show how to make a bee.

Painting "Pregnant"

I love the quilling technique. It all started with simple flowers, then there were beautiful voluminous paintings. And at a new stage, I wanted to master contour quilling. The work was just amazing, girlfriends envy when they see it. BUT

Postcard to the day of lovers

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer. It’s time to prepare Valentine’s cards for your loved ones. If you want to please your soulmate, then there is nothing better than to make such a card with your own hands!

Quilling paper topiary

In today's workshop, I would like to tell and show you how to make topiary using the quilling technique. This topiary is very attractive, so it will certainly complement the interior of your home. In the article you will find a detailed

Wedding card

An unforgettable event that you want to organize as original and unique as possible. In this case, the newlyweds will be helped by the most unique ideas that will bring features to the event. It may concern backgammon newlyweds, ideas for

Greeting card "Lamb"

If you want to make a unique, original postcard with your own hands, then this master class will help in this. Such a card will be suitable on Valentine's Day, for Birthday, as well as any other holiday. Funny and unusual sheep

Photo collage of family photos

If you want to easily put photos in a photo album and decorate the walls beautifully with them, the “Pleasant Moments” workshop is for you. It’s not difficult to make masterpieces, and in your arsenal it is enough to have paints and colored paper. So, let's get started?

Postcard "Ladybugs" do it yourself

Going to your child’s birthday, then this workshop will help you to make a very unusual and original gift with your own hands. In addition, such crafts can be done by parents with their children. To complete the postcard you need

Postcard "Coffee"

The restrained style of this card will not leave anyone indifferent. Such work is quite simple, but very unusual. For its implementation, simple materials are used. Even if you don’t have special quilling paper, you can

Postcard "Owls"

Do you want to create a unique, bright and fairly easy-to-do postcard with your own hands? Then this master class will help in this. To do the work you do not need to use any unusual materials. In addition, such a craft can be

Festive beautiful card

Going to a celebration, for example, an anniversary, birthday, wedding celebration, in addition to a gift, we often buy a postcard. It is a festive beautiful card that is a successful addition to the main gift. In addition, if

Greeting card "Dragonfly"

How to originally congratulate your friends, parents or acquaintances on the holiday? Of course, unusual handmade work that will surprise every recipient of such a gift. An exclusive do-it-yourself postcard is exactly the option when you don’t have

Fancy valentine

It is always nice to get a sign of attention, a souvenir, a small gift from your beloved hands. It is especially nice when this gift is a symbol of your love. Such a sign of attention may be the original Valentine. With a little patience and

Slices of fruit on an openwork plate

Believe me, as soon as you master the technique of "quilling", you will simply not be stopped. I am fascinated by the process of curling paper stripes. I did not buy a special kit for this technique, but took the materials at hand. Instead of a hook for

Painting "Turtles"

Quilling, or the paper-rolling technique, allows you to create incredibly bewitching paintings and crafts. Flowers are the easiest thing to master. When I could confidently make any plant miracle, then my imagination wanted to go beyond that. AND


The easiest way to design a variety of flowers from the elements of the quilling technique. It can be chamomiles, bells, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots - the simplest, and tulips, daffodils, poppies, lilacs, dahlias, orchids and others are more difficult to make. I have long been

Christmas garland

Today I would like to tell you about a piece of jewelry, a handmade garland. Her jewelry is made in the style of quilling - by the method of curling and gluing paper. However, in the process of its manufacture, we did not use special paper, but took

Original panel from a tennis racket

Quilling is one of the fascinating creative techniques. Round spirals spin from thin paper stripes, other shapes are made of them, glued together with glue into unusual ornaments. In this technique, flowers look beautiful,

Greeting card with ants

To make a postcard with our own hands "Ants" we need to use: 1. Lime green cardboard. 2. Paper for quilling - black, red, white. 3. Colored paper light green. 4. Cardboard or the basis for a postcard 15x15 cm green or dark green. 5.

Postcard “Tree of Love”

Quilling is a direction of creativity, in which, using paper and giving it different forms, you can get interesting postcards and voluminous crafts. One of its types is linear quilling, when whole pictures can be created practically

Postcard “Snowflake”

Winter is coming and everyone’s favorite New Year holiday is approaching. An original postcard made by yourself will please yourselves and loved ones. All that is needed is glue and paper in several colors, as well as limitless imagination. In the implementation of the most daring

Greeting card "Butterfly on a flower"

The art of quilling is gaining more and more popularity, especially the interen and complex version of it - linear quilling, that is, creating a picture from straight or slightly curled stripes of paper. Today we will get acquainted with this technique and make a beautiful
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