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Master classes:

Panel "Fiery feather"

Have you ever tried to make a decorative feather? But this is no less interesting idea, especially for those who like to try something new, but not too time-consuming. And if you develop your imagination further, then with such elements you can

Bead curtain and lampshade

Many different beautiful and interesting things can be made from beads and threads with your own hands, for example, curtains for door or window openings and lampshade (chandelier) for decorating a lamp in a room. The assortment of filament curtains and curtains is very diverse: their

Fan made of wooden sticks

In the interior, when the walls are empty and monotonous, it is somehow boring. And if something decorates them, then these are usually paintings or panels. And in this case, I propose to pay attention to the panel fan, which will look, despite its simplicity,

Fish "Nemo" in the technique of trimming

Funny and fearless clownfish from the cartoon "Finding Nemo" has long been loved by boys and girls. Thanks to this master class, you can quickly and easily make your favorite hero with your child. Simplicity and accessibility of presentation and

Surface decor using the technique of "Spot Painting"

Spot painting is the easiest way to decorate various surfaces and products, which does not require expensive materials and professional art skills. In this master class, the decor of a palette for sculpting a face is considered.

Workshop for decorating a unique mug

Often, you need to give something not very expensive, but at the same time with all your heart and with love. At such moments, you need to think about the question: what can you do with your own hands? After all, the most precious gifts to the heart are gifts made by hand. A great

Lamp shabby chic

A stylish interior is, above all, thoughtful details. They are the indicator of a good impression of the room. Such important details include lighting. It so happens that the lamp that once pleased the eye is tired or does not fit

Composition "Bottle of Abundance"

A souvenir representing the abundance of money will be a great addition to the interior of the house. It will be an interesting gift. To do this we need: - an empty bottle of interesting shape. - paper tape. - scissors. - a few coins. - short lightning

Panel in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place of eating and a nook for tea drinking. Therefore, the decor should be of a similar theme to cause not only delight, but also appetite. Try to make an original panel from the test and other additional materials.

Wish tree with tags

If you have a major celebration, then surely the questions about the place of celebration and the list of guests have already been resolved. But how to complement and diversify the holiday? How to stand out from the crowd and create a fabulous atmosphere? Will come to help in resolving these issues

Picture from felt

Volumetric soft compositions can decorate any room.Their unusual texture will fill the interior with a contrast of color and shape, help emphasize the individual style of the owner, will become a spectacular transition between zones or just a hallmark

Photo collage of children's photos

Children's photos over the years become the most valuable property in the house, especially for loving parents. Children grow up very quickly and it is sometimes so difficult to remember their earlier childhood. To revive all these past moments and the brightest feelings will help

Knitted pattern "Underwater life"

Bright knitted composition on the marine theme. This picture will give a charge of positive, sunny mood and fill the life of each of us with the atmosphere of summer. Now the memories of the sea and the beach will begin to emerge not only in your memory, but also in your

DIY wattle

How to beautifully design flower beds and flower groups in a private house or in the country? You can cover the perimeter with large stones or buy plastic fences, commercially available in a large assortment. There is another interesting option - wicker

Bags for storing herbs and seeds

Summer is the first time to collect herbs and flowers. Marigolds, chamomile, calendula, linden - all this is a real treasure in the season of colds and ailments. What winter is without a medicinal “crop”? It is for such purposes that special “repositories" are needed.

Textile picture for a nursery

Decorating a child’s room with a variety of small things is always nice. Moreover, it is simply necessary. After all, maintaining the coziness, comfort and good atmosphere in the house is the task of all its residents. It’s good when children are on par with their parents

Bright decor of a plain t-shirt

Any thing can be transformed beyond recognition and this master class confirms what has been said. In this master class, we will focus on decorating a children's plain t-shirt, improvised materials with minimal investment. To work you need: • thing

Pastel colored bobonnier

Vintage caskets are always attractive and interesting. You can make a round bobonnier from cardboard bushings from adhesive tape and other materials that are always in the cabinet of the needlewoman. Materials: • Two tight bushings from tape; • thick cardboard; •

Workshop on making eco wall decorations

What materials will be needed for this? - Three small branches of a tree (30-35 cm in length). - Threads of two colors: white and beige. - A glass with a small amount of coffee (the more saturated and darker the color, the better). - Beads of various colors and sizes,

DIY hammock - it's just

Hammock, one of the oldest ... no! So it won’t work. If you already read this note, then you have already heard or read about the history, advantages and other points. Therefore, let's proceed to the main thing, namely - how to make your hammock

We draw a sea sunset and decorate the old door

If you wanted to try yourself in the role of an artist, then this master class will help to make your dream a reality! In addition, it will save the family budget: the old door does not have to be replaced with a new one. Sea sunset, cirrus clouds, splashing waves and very

Alteration of the box using different decoration techniques

Many women have been keeping old things for years, which the hand does not rise to throw out, and they are no longer suitable for everyday use. For example, painted wooden caskets. But any junk can easily give a second life! If your

How to make a lampshade with your own hands

If you have a table lamp or sconce that does not have a lampshade, then you do not have to spend money on its purchase. Do-it-yourself lampshade is not at all difficult to do. A self-made lampshade will not only be magnificent

Painting from improvised materials

Good day. Recently I went to visit my friend and saw on her wall a beautiful picture made of sequins. I really liked her and I also wanted one. I went to the store, looked at the pictures, at prices. It turned out
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