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Master classes:

Openwork candle

An openwork candle can be a beautiful trifle in your interior design, which can give you some special atmosphere, or it can become an attractive addition to a romantic evening or night. In addition, openwork is different from ordinary

Christmas wreath

The idea to decorate the doors of their houses with Christmas wreaths came to us not so long ago. They are made from dry twigs, from cones and nuts, from branches of spruce, pine and even laurel. Well, today we will make a New Year’s wreath of materials that can be easily

Cereal Bottle

Such bottles are sold in specialty gift shops. But, excuse me, you can make them yourself! There is nothing complicated. A small creative translation of the products available in the house, a minimum of effort and we will get a wonderful
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«Do it yourself - do it yourself"- a site of interesting homemade products made from improvised materials and objects at home. Step-by-step master classes with photos and descriptions, technologies, examples of work - all that a real master or just a craftsman needs for needlework. Crafts of any complexity, a large selection of directions and ideas for creativity.

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