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A way to instantly thread a needle without any tools

You will definitely take this method into service when you learn how easy it is to thread a needle in a matter of seconds. This will not require any additional devices. In this example, a large-eye needle will be used first.

How to make molds for epoxy from starch and sealant

Epoxy is a liquid two-component composition. To make a cabochon, it is poured into molds. But buying them is not necessary. You can create a silicone mold yourself.

Tool for cutting bottles of any diameter and length

I present a device for cutting glass bottles, which allows you to cut bottles of various diameters, and also has an adjustment for the height of the cut. With a certain dexterity, it allows you to cut even square bottles, as well as oval and other

How to repair worn jeans

In some people, the constitution of the body is designed in such a way that jeans are rubbed around the inner seam very quickly. The trousers themselves are still almost new, and the fabric in this place has already become thinner and is about to threaten to tear.

Polymer clay mug decor

What to do if you want to have attributes with your favorite character, but it is not on sale? The answer is obvious: create your own amazing hero yourself. Figures, trinkets, relief decoration of mugs can be made of polymer clay with your own hands. Just enough

Felted wool raccoon

Raccoons have long become YouTube stars. They are mobile, dexterous, cunning, inquisitive animals. Many children would like to have such a friend at home, but, alas, this is impossible in most cases.

Decorating PVC pipes for natural wood

PVC pipes are used for heating, water supply, drainage from roofs and the creation of various crafts. With such great advantages, they have a huge drawback - unsightly appearance. As a result of communication of them

DIY bonsai tree

In winter, like at no other time of the year, any green objects please the eye. Especially if these items resemble a warm summer. Therefore, my daughter asked me to purchase a bonsai tree. I, of course, did not agree. Besides the fact that the present

Champagne in Christmas tree dress

Do not know how to make an original decoration for a New Year's table with your own hands? Then this master class is for you! On each table on New Year's Eve there is a bottle of champagne, right? To originally present this, it would seem,

How to make a big "Kinder surprise"

How wonderful gifts for children for the New Year! What marketing ideas do not come up with in order to attract the attention of not only boys and girls, but, of course, their parents. But we all know the cooler the packaging,

DIY winter decor

In the warm season, the house or apartment can be decorated with fresh flowers and other natural materials. They collected the composition, and the room became beautiful. And what about winter? How to decorate the room so that it is elegant, and stylish, and creative? For help

New Year's window decor

On New Year's holidays, I want to create some kind of magical fairy tale in my home interior. Needlewomen decorate the Christmas tree or pine with homemade toys, hang tinsel on the walls, attach a Christmas wreath to the front door. But the windows are often

How to make a Christmas tree in origami technique

Using the modules, you can build a voluminous Christmas tree for the New Year 2019, which will delight you with its festive look, if it is then decorated. Also, the craft will be useful for children, because the origami technique will allow you to develop imagination, accuracy and motor skills.

How to make a baby’s handprint as a keepsake

Do you dream to make a memory imprint of the handle or legs of your child? Recently, it has gained great popularity, and ready-made purchase sets help to make prints effortlessly. But at home, you can repeat something similar from

Bill pig

We are all accustomed to piggy banks in the form of pigs, in which they scrupulously stack money. If you want to accumulate a certain amount for the purchase of the thing you need, then the piggy bank will certainly help. But you have to wait. In the same lesson proposed

Plasticine painting

An ordinary picture bought in a store will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture of yourself with plasticine? If you wish, you can even depict your pet in the picture - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

How to weave a bauble with watermelons from beads

All girls and girls love to make baubles. They can be worn as a sign of friendship or love, or simply as a decoration. They can be woven from floss threads, and in this article we will talk about a bauble made of beads. It weaves as easily as from threads

Organizer for cosmetic brushes and pencils

Each thing has its purpose. Therefore, you need to store things carefully and carefully. So, cosmetic brushes and pencils are convenient to keep in a separate place. As a storage, you can use various cosmetic bags, jars, but best of all

DIY bas-relief sculpting

Creativity attracts many people with the opportunity to prove themselves in a new field of activity and realize their ideas without intermediaries. I used the repair in the apartment and decided to make a bas-relief on the wall. It turned out to be simple and very exciting.

Set for the kitchen using decoupage technique

Every housewife wants her kitchen to be not only functional, but also beautiful. And you can decorate the kitchen with items decorated with your own hands. So to decorate the kitchen you can make a bright set, which will consist of a board and a jar.

How to quickly and inexpensively upgrade decorative pillows

Admit it, it bothers you to look at the same thing constantly, to use the same things. So I am the same. To cheer up, I’m changing something in the apartment: curtains, bedspreads, pillows ... The other day I decided to update two small decorative

Sew a faux leather backpack

The most convenient accessory for weekend trips, city walks and even “forays” to the bazaar. The use of such a bag is found by everyone, from a schoolboy to a senior citizen.With sufficient experience and the presence of a sewing machine “all-terrain vehicle”, to sew unassuming

How to upgrade a clay flower pot

With the onset of spring, not only nature wakes up, but also the desire to create. If you have at your disposal an old clay flower pot, you are incredibly lucky. It is these textured flower pots that are valued in fashionable Scandinavian interiors. But if

Plaster Easter Magnets

On a beautiful and bright holiday - Easter, I want to give my loved ones not only a good mood, but also spiritual gifts. And what could be better than a handmade gift? A beautiful and memorable gift will be a magnet in the form of an Easter
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