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Painting in the technique of "pysanka"

Self-made bright and beautiful traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs are a wonderful gift for Easter. In addition, with their help, you can decorate the house on the eve of the holiday: for this, you can put ready-made Easter eggs in baskets or hang on

Felt Ball Earrings

It turns out, contrary to many judgments, you can wallow not only boots, but even decorations! For example, felt earrings will be a great addition to any outfit. And to make sure of this, they can be easily made by yourself!

Openwork candle

An openwork candle can be a beautiful trifle in your interior design, which can give you some special atmosphere, or it can become an attractive addition to a romantic evening or night. In addition, openwork is different from ordinary

Kusudama Triple Pancake

Kusudamas were used in Japan to store medicinal or simply aromatic herbs. It was believed that natural aromas are beneficial for physical and spiritual health. There are a huge number of kusudam models, Japanese origami masters and

Velvet money bag

Many people hide money in envelopes, piggy banks or books in order to save up for a thing they like, being carried away by the style of Feng Shui, I know for sure that money should add up to something beautiful and expensive, banknotes should be convenient and pleasant. No matter how

Gift Wrapping

A simple solution for gift wrapping is a fabric bag made in the patchwork style. It is useful in cases where you want to give some small gifts or something made by yourself, and you can just pour candy into it,

Reed blinds

Spring is coming. Sometimes a window that is too sunny makes us uncomfortable - bright light hurts our eyes or overheats the workplace too much. It is not always convenient to use curtains. Our blinds will save space, fit into the window opening and

Valentine's card with beads

On Valentine's Day, people in love present each other with teddy bears or other soft toys, give sweets, bouquets of flowers and decorations. Time passes, but the values ​​remain the same, a DIY gift takes the lead

An unusual gift for any holiday

The best surprise for the holiday is a handmade gift. You can make it for a loved one. I propose to knit an original case for electronic media as a gift. In addition to pleasant impressions, a person will receive

Electric burner

A small red-hot spiral, powered by electric current, in skillful hands turns into a kind of pencil, which burns various images on a tree. This is an electric burner.

New year champagne

Without a bottle of champagne, it is impossible to imagine a single New Year's table. But for our champagne to be truly festive, it must be beautifully decorated. For this we will use: water-based paint, tapes (or decorative

Leather mobile phone case

The stores sell many different cases for mobile phones. But what could be better than a handmade gift? Moreover, such a product will be made with love and in a single copy.This case is soft and

Knitted slippers

In some countries, it is customary to give only handmade gifts for a birthday - a purchased gift is considered offensive. We don’t have such a custom, but often there is a desire to give a birthday person something original, something that neither

Chain "Summer Cocktail"

All girls and women love jewelry. This forces them to buy new models and designs of earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and so on. But sometimes a purchase can disappoint. This happens if a friend or girl from a general circle of friends bought

Child protection on a swing cabinet

The "castle" actually has 2 main functions: to prevent the child from opening the closet and distract his attention for a short while. Making a "child protection" will take no more than an hour. This "lock" is, of course, not suitable for all swing cabinets. Pin it on round

Original pendant from an old key

The world of accessories is very rich and diverse. In almost any store you can buy a beautiful brooch, elegant necklace, exquisite earrings or a stylish bracelet. But the need to spend money on things purchased disappears when there is an opportunity


You can make a handicraft that would bring joy from household things and objects. The result will be stunning. An unusual home-made toy can amuse a company on a holiday, take a child, arrange a competition. We will make a folk toy

Decorative tree

The greatest joy is the things that you have created with your own hands. I propose to make a decorative tree - they can decorate the interior of your house, present for a birthday or a wedding.

Folk doll

Now quite a lot of attention is paid to traditional crafts, we are learning how to do what our ancestors knew how to do. And this is good, because we can understand how these people lived, what they believed in and what they were afraid of. One of the traditional crafts -

Device for receiving "dead" and "living" water

Remember how in an old Russian fairy tale: in order to revive a hero, you need to sprinkle him with “dead” water, and then drink “live” water. Today, “living” and “dead” water is neither fiction nor fiction. Of course, it is literally impossible to revive

Guitar Pickup

There are many ways to make guitar pickups. I will tell you about the simplest one that requires minimal knowledge in radio engineering.

Homemade spirit lamp

An alcohol bottle for any novice chemist is practically an irreplaceable thing. However, getting or buying it is not so simple. But there is always a simple way out of hopelessness. Alcohol is not such a difficult thing that you couldn’t do it yourself. Alcohol

Board Drill

Many beginner hams often experience problems with drilling printed circuit boards. To solve this problem, I can advise you to make this device. This is nothing more than a homemade mini drill for circuit boards. . .


Here is such a cute, and most importantly, a simple keychain for keys that everyone can do. We will need only two multi-colored ropes. . .
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