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House for Kote

When designing a game complex for a cat, the idea arose of making a hanging house on the ground floor. Main requirements: lightweight, durable, stable construction from improvised materials. I didn’t want to spend extra money on the basis for the house,

Designer Case

Probably, every mom has a daily problem, where to store children's pencils designer. After all, packages of them are so often lost that you do not have time to follow them. I offer you one option - this is a handbag made of a plastic bottle. FROM

Headphone plug repair

Very often, the headphone breaks off the wire near the plug. Let's try to repair this malfunction on our own. To do this, we need glue, an ordinary spool of thread, a piece of heat shrink tube and electrical tape. I want to note that the work is very

Corner shelf

Corners in the room almost always remain unoccupied, but meanwhile there is enough space there to accommodate a small shelf, shelving or suspension. From a design point of view, angular arrangement gives some advantage, because similar

DIY Shambhala bracelet

Such bracelets are a kind of amulets, talismans. It is believed that they protect their master from any negative interference, attract good luck and protect from all sorts of adversities. If in your soul there is a place for miracle and magic, then in beauty and

Hair band

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. After a long hibernation, everything around begins to come to life. At this time of the year I want to look special. Change heavy winter sweaters and jeans for a bright flowing dress, loose hair and decorate them

Portable battery charger

On one of the amateur radio sites I saw a circuit for charging portable Ni-Mn and Ni-Cd batteries with an operating voltage of 1.2-1.4 V from a USB port. Using this device, you can charge portable rechargeable batteries with a current of approximately 100 mA.

White Rose

All girls love flowers. And the eighth of March is a great occasion to please them with these flowers. But, unlike fresh flowers, which will fade after a couple of days, flowers tied with their own hands will delight their owner for many years.

Funny brooch - giraffe

Children like to cling to their things or backpacks funny toys or key chains. You can pamper your child and once a month or even a week make him a new toy - a brooch. In this workshop I will show how to knit a giraffe, but in the same way

Bracelet “Shambhala”

Bracelets called Shambhala broke into fashion. This is the art of macramé combined with exquisite beads. Depending on the type of lace and the beads themselves, such bracelets are divided into male and female. In this MK I will show how to do

Native American Amulet - Dream Catcher

Many are familiar with such an unusual device as a dream catcher, whose origin is associated with an ancient Native American legend. According to the legend, dreams and energy floating in the night air fall into the web of the catcher and are woven into its threads.

Soft book

Sew a soft developmental book of fabric under the strength of any mom. To create it requires minimal sewing skills, patience and time. The pleasure of the process is guaranteed - to the mother while she is creating, and to the baby when he is playing.Let's decide on the plots


Such a toy will certainly appeal to girls. It will take a little patience and free time to sew it. For work you will need: fleece of yellow, white and orange and black colors, striped cotton fabric, thread, needle, scissors, cotton or

Baby elephant

Funny, cute toy elephant calf will appeal to everyone! A small, bright, funny miracle will bring a lot of joy to the kids. Well, who will not be pleased to have such a cute animal that can be easily put in your pocket, hidden in your purse or

Christmas tree toy

Before the New Year is always a festive and high spirits. Most often we create it for ourselves. But sometimes the surrounding things can do the mood. And if they are made with their own hands, then the soul is light and joyful, and a sense of pride is simply

Chestnuts may come in handy.

Often children bring from the walk the "wealth" of nature. Especially with enthusiasm they like to collect fallen chestnuts, look for them under the foliage and enjoy every find. From them you can make not only simple children's crafts, but also jewelry for the girl.

Light bulb alcohol

Blown bulb? It doesn’t matter, do not write it off to throw it away - we will give it a second chance for the quality of the spirit lamp. As fuel for refueling, it is preferable to use ethyl sleeps, it burns without soot and practically does not leave a smell after combustion.

Creative cup holder

It often happens that while we are at the computer, we often eat, putting the glass directly on the table leaving “circles” on it from the hot glass, this is corrected by putting various objects under the glass, but all this was very uncomfortable and I wanted a little

Case for phone

Each of us has at least one phone in our pocket, and someone more. Choosing a new gadget, we strive to show individuality, and choosing a cover for it, we decorate and protect it from scratches. But if you find a unique phone almost

Old leather bag bracelet

If you have an obsolete leather bag that you are going to throw away, or any other unnecessary item made of leather or leatherette, you can not throw it away, but use it in needlework, for example, you can make it out of this thing

Breathe life into the old mirror

Probably every person has some kind of old-old thing, which is a pity to throw away. It is often difficult to place such a thing somewhere, because it does not look anywhere and only spoils the entire interior. So it is with me. While cleaning the apartment I got

Contrast bracelet

It is not very difficult to make a beautiful original jewelry on your own hands. I offer a variant of my patent leather bracelet. Follow the description. Materials needed: 1. two small pieces of patent leather - one white, one red

Case for smartphone

If you want to distinguish yourself in front of friends and colleagues or just in front of relatives, then a crocheted cover is what you need. These cases, cases and handbags for smartphones are ideal for modern fashionistas who want to

Alatyr - a symbol of universal harmony

Amulets and talismans at all times were in demand in all corners of the world. They were used both to protect themselves from all kinds of misfortunes, and to attract various benefits. In Slavic culture, the most common charms are
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