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Easter panel

On the great and bright holiday of Easter, I want to give not only Easter cake and a painted egg, but also something more durable that will remind you of this holiday. Let's try to make a beautiful and bright panel in the appropriate theme.

Unusual mural on the wall

List of required materials: - A sheet of paper. - Paints. Gouache is preferable, since when drawing with gouache, less water is required than for watercolor, respectively, and the paper will deform less. - Brush - Jar or glass with

Picture-amulet "Horseshoe"

Since ancient times, it was believed to find a horseshoe for luck. According to popular legend, the blacksmith, who had horseshoe the unclean, concluded an agreement with him: he does not enter the house where the horseshoe hangs with its horns down. Each house should have a talisman. Who else but he will protect the inhabitants

Cute flowers - petals

Every needlewoman in the house simply must have her work. And it doesn’t matter at all what it is: an embroidered panel or a flower topiary - the main thing is that it inspires new masterpieces and gives positive emotions. One of mine has become such a find.

Parrot toys

Nature gave the parrots great curiosity and interest in everything new that appears in their cages. So that your feathered pet doesn’t look for activities on its own, direct his talents to the desired direction, namely, if the bird loves

3D postcard panel

Panels are used in interior decoration to fill the walls. There are several types: carved, wood, art, marine theme and others. Most often made panels with flowers, which organically fits into the decor of the room.

Mysterious couple panel using the iris folding technique

There is such an interesting technique in needlework as iris folding. It is mainly used in the manufacture of paper crafts. But I like working with textiles more. Therefore, almost all of my work was done using the iris folding technique of fabric.

Panel of newspaper tubes

Panel translated from French means "piece of fabric." But if you look at what kind of compositions skilled craftswomen can make, you can’t call them anything other than works of decorative art. As early as the 18th century, mosaic panels adorned churches and

Interior decor with butterflies

The use of such decorative elements as paintings, panels, appliques help give open walls a complete look and create comfort in the room. However, there is a less expensive and more original way of decorating the wall - decoration

Amazing photo panel

We all love photos in the interior. You can place them on the walls, on shelves, bedside tables and so on. We are already used to the fact that photographs can be framed - it is beautiful and standard. However, if you want something unusual in the interior, then I

Corrugated paper flower tree

A very long time ago, in ancient times, people began to master the art of creating flowers from paper. They decorated housing, presented to each other, and in the middle of the 18th century in European countries paper flowers began to be used to decorate temples. A little bit later

Reed blinds

Spring is coming.Sometimes a window that is too sunny makes us uncomfortable - bright light hurts our eyes or overheats the workplace too much. It is not always convenient to use curtains. Our blinds will save space, fit into the window opening and

Panel "White Flowers"

This craft is created quickly from simple materials in an affordable way. The hardest part is the flowers. But for their manufacture no special skills are needed. For the product you need: - wrapping paper or wallpaper, painted with wood size

Salt dough wall plate for Valentine's Day

Immediately after the New Year's souvenirs, the turn came of “Valentines”, this time they are made in the form of wall panels and pendants. We make them from salt dough according to a traditional recipe, adding only a little starch in order to facilitate the work with

Kerosene flashlight upgrade

It so happened in old village houses that even the most unnecessary and completely outdated thing could never be thrown away, but was carried away “out of sight”, in the hope that it would come in handy someday. And it came in handy. From the old

Salty dough souvenir

Salty dough is a universal, and most importantly ecological, material for sculpting interesting souvenirs, fridge magnets, wall panels and other nice little things. This lesson will appeal to children of any age. When sculpting in children

Unusual use of toothpaste

Toothpaste protects teeth and the entire oral cavity from unwanted diseases, inflammations and other unnecessary nonsense. But the application of toothpaste does not end there. Toothpaste has many other useful properties that are likely to find application.
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