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Plywood car model

Do you like working with wood? Then it is especially for you! Today I will show you how to assemble an old car model from plywood.


You can make a handicraft that would bring joy from household things and objects. The result will be stunning. An unusual home-made toy can amuse a company on a holiday, take a child, arrange a competition. We will make a folk toy


This snowflake is much more beautiful than ordinary, cut just from a piece of paper, but it is made much more difficult. From the very beginning, I wanted to name my story not just a snowflake, but a snowflake from Oksana. The fact is that this method of making snowflakes

Ionophone - a singing arc

Now I will tell you about how to make the “Ionophone” with my own hands or how it was also called the “singing arc”. Actually from the names it is already possible to guess that the ionophone is a sound source. The sound in this device comes from a burning arc, the timbre of sound

Homemade, homemade air conditioning

For it you will need: 1. An old printer. 2. 4 coolers from a computer. 3. The power supply. 4. Insulation tape. 5. A bottle of ice. (We put a plastic bottle of water in the freezer, and after 5-10 hours we get a bottle of ice.) 6. Soldering iron. AT

Homemade Alcohol Burner

A home-made alcohol burner can come in handy, say, while fishing, camping, in the woods. With it, you can reheat food or boil water. It can also be used in various other experiments and experiments. Filled with alcohol, it does not

We embed the DSL modem in the PC system unit

And so, many owners of ADSL modems faced a problem when the modem has nowhere to put or it overheats, well, or simply distracts with its flicker. I propose to remove it into the body of the system unit, of course you can fix it at the table, but in

Homemade chewing gum for hands - HandGum

Our home-made handgam in almost all properties coincides with the sold one (it flows, breaks, stretches, jumps)

Tesla coil on a single transistor or Brovin kacher

I present to you a very small Tesla coil on a single transistor or a Brovin kacher. In the Tesla coil, a very high alternating voltage of high frequency is supplied to the primary winding, and as a primary winding it feeds the collector current

Rug with engraving

Here is such a beautiful, and most importantly, a simple mouse pad for a computer mouse, everyone can do. You can’t buy one in the store! The picture can be anything, the color of the backlight, too. All homemade is made of all available materials with your own hands.

10 Watt LED Downlight

LEDs can be very effective and economical in long-term use. 10 Watt LED bulbs can replace 100 W or 30 W incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent lamp. Despite the relatively high

Make a crossbow

To make a good home-made crossbow you need good knowledge and skills in this area. But you can simplify the design a bit by making all of the available materials.

DIY plasma ball

The role of our plasma ball will be an ordinary incandescent lamp, but the high-voltage source of high frequency is quite simple.In addition, from our source it is possible to build not only a plasma ball, but also demonstrate beautiful experiments with

Toy flashlight

This pretty cool flashlight is easy to make from the box of SMINT. . .

Do it yourself pump for CBO

Well, what is the CBO, I think some have already guessed - this is a water cooling system. What is a pump? - This is a pump that makes coolant circulate through the system. In the article I will tell you one example of a homemade pump. . .

Board Drill

Many beginner hams often experience problems with drilling printed circuit boards. To solve this problem, I can advise you to make this device. This is nothing more than a homemade mini drill for circuit boards. . .

We take out combustible gas from the water

The model is based entirely on the Hillary Eldridge patent, USA 603 058 “Electrical Retort” presented April 26, 1898. Combustible gas is produced by an electric arc obtained by graphite rods immersed in distilled, potable, salted or

Miniature Exam Devices

I think many remember Leonid Gaidai’s famous film “Operation Y and Shurik’s other adventures,” how they passed exams on the synchrophasotron. This is precisely what this miniature device collection for examinations will be about. And start

Mobile Phone Holder

Here is such an irreplaceable trinket that will help you get rid of a number of minor problems associated with the battery charge of a cell phone. I think it makes no sense to talk about these problems: too short or long cord, unreliable connecting

Wind generator with no magnetic sticking generator

Since there is no magnetic sticking, the propeller merrily rotates from the slightest breeze, which you do not even feel on the ground. With a working wind, it develops high revolutions, I have an ammeter for 2A direct connection, so it often surpasses 12

DIY lamps

Any home-made lamp is beautiful and unusual. Of course there is no one but you! I will give you a couple of dozen designs of home-made lamps. After all, the main idea, not the material!

Jacob's ladder

Jacob's ladder - two electrodes are located, located as in the figure. It is most likely the most beautiful application of an electric arc :))) And it works like this: an arc appears in the lower part of the electrodes, the air around it heats up and

Crafts from floppy disks

Yes ... the floppy disk drive has gone down in history ... and left behind a lot of floppy disks. Throw away a pity ... Here is the idea --->

Solar battery of diodes and transistors

In the economy of the radio constructor, there will always be old diodes and transistors from radio receivers and televisions that have become unnecessary. In skillful hands, this is wealth that can be effectively used. For example, do-it-yourself solar panel
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