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How to learn to save energy?

None of us are ready to refuse such a good of civilization as electricity. Moreover, without it you can’t get to watch TV or “hang” in the computer, and you can’t do without light either. Computers and TVs, Chargers

The use of aluminum foil, or food foil for all occasions

Food aluminum foil is the thinnest flexible sheet of aluminum, the minimum thickness of which reaches 0.001 mm. Food foil is used mainly by many housewives in culinary matters for the preparation and storage of food. Being non-toxic

Men's handmade soap

It's no secret that handmade soap can be a great gift for any holiday. Over the years, the realization comes that gifts made by the hands of loved ones are priceless. Let's take a look at a detailed master class on how to do it yourself

Easy way to grout tiles

Do-it-yourself repairs cause a lot of problems. Some of them can and should be solved independently, including finding your own, original solutions. So, through trial and error, I found a way to

Beautiful bedspread - the key to comfort

The bedroom is the best place in the house. It is here that you can relax and take a break from the hardships of the past day. It is not surprising that the housewives furnish and decorate this room with special care. To make your bedroom look more comfortable and romantic, sew

Herbal Tooth Powder

Everyone loves when their teeth and gums are healthy, without plaque, caries, yellowness, etc. Today, there are many dental and oral care products on sale, but can we be sure of their effectiveness and safety? Best cook

Decorative pillow

The comfort in any room largely depends on how well the textiles are selected, how fashionable accents are placed. This is especially true of the bedroom and living room: bedspreads and pillows here play almost the main role in the interior design.


The Domovenok is the key to your peace of mind! Does your brownie live? If not, be sure to settle it in your home. He will bring you good luck and will be the guardian of the family hearth. A do-it-yourself little house, will be a good defense against all misfortunes.


In order to make such a hairpin, you will need: • Three satin ribbons 5 cm wide. • A piece of organza 25? 5 cm. • Cardboard. • Scissors. • Ruler. • Candle or lighter. • Moment glue or glue gun. • Rhinestones, beads. • Scrunchy

Stained glass window

Making a real stained glass window from glass, like the ones that we can see in cathedrals or in the windows of old buildings, is a painstaking task, and not everyone is ready to turn their house into a studio equipped with everything necessary for this kind

Tea warmer and napkin

In the cold season, the heating pad and tea towel will help to keep your tea warm. The set is easy to execute, does not require special skills and expensive materials. If you do not have a sewing machine, then it is quite possible to do with hand seams. Dimensions

Vintage letter

An old-style letter is a great way to please your soul mate, because it combines an elegant and unusual appearance with touching and sincere words that come from the heart. To create such a letter we need:

Simple flowerbed

I want everything on the plot to please the eye. Small flowerbeds made by yourself make bright details in the design of each garden. It’s not necessary for any person to seriously engage in landscape design in order to do something

Ribbon shorts

Perhaps, each person can find old clothes that have long been asked for scrap. Often, people immediately throw out old blouses, shirts, and jeans instead of giving them a second life. This master class will help not only

Homemade Cheese Cheese

Homemade cheese, the process of which is completely in the hands of the hostess “from scratch”, is sometimes much better than cheese from the store with its not very useful additives and “secrets” of production. You will be surprised, but at home you can cook many varieties: mascarpone,


Girls are very fond of dressing up their dolls! But after all, dolls are most often sold without additional outfits. And if even dresses are attached to it, then such dolls are much more expensive. Therefore, if you have a sewing machine, patience and desire

Painting using nails and thread

We will need: - plywood; - wood stain; - gloves; - varnish for yachts and brush; - newspapers; - scissors; - nails (it is better to choose carpentry or furniture nails, we used - “Blister copper nail blister”); - hammer; - threads.

To prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging

Each of us faced a problem when, leaving the shower, you try to look in the mirror for cosmetic procedures, but it wasn’t there. The entire mirror surface in water smudges and drops. I have to wait for the room

Shawarma at home

Sharma is a traditional Caucasian dish, but the combination of taste fried on charcoal, meat and juicy vegetables in it will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

Natural candy

More and more often in our time, we began to pay more attention to what we eat. Probably, people finally began to understand how much truth is in the saying "you are what you eat." Or they’ve already poisoned their body so much that it makes itself felt more and more often,

Auto Watering Home Flowers

Each of us has repeatedly had to leave our house for a long time. We have summer cottages, friends in other cities, a desire to go abroad or to some resort sanatorium. Even a banal camping trip with tents requires

Candle decoration

Materials: - Paraffin or wax candles (you can buy wax in specialized stores or shops for creativity; a cheaper option: buy ordinary candles in a supermarket) - the number of candles depends on the size of the future candle; -

Gift envelope for a disk

This master class will be devoted to creating an envelope for the disc with your own hands. I want to warn you right away - be patient. The envelope is trimmed with fabric, and working with it is very painstaking!

Roman curtain

The Roman curtain is a well-known type of curtain that has dimensions that are compact compared to the classical curtain, but at the same time looks very impressive on the window. This article provides a detailed description of the manufacturing process of Roman curtains.
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