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Diffraction spectroscope

A spectroscope is a device that allows you to study the spectrum of light, by diluting its spectral components along a specific axis. Light can be divided into monochromatic waves either due to the phenomenon of dispersion, or due to diffraction. AT

Leather case for player

It turns out that making a stylish leather case for the player yourself is not so difficult. We need: 1. A little skin, the thicker the better 2. Thick cardboard or plywood 4. Awl 5. A dull metal object 6. Water 7. A sharp knife.

Balloon or Aircraft

Typically, such balls take off very high and are carried away by air for several kilometers. On Halloween, you can draw a face on a ball with black paint. When launched in the dark, such a ghost aircraft will be very effective

Electrophore machine from CD

Electrophore car assembled from compact disks and 2 coolers. It produces about 20,000 volts, which is limited by the distance of the gaps between the plates of the capacitors of the disk. Photos and assembly description. Easy repeatable device.

Do-it-yourself solar collector.

If your country house does not yet have electricity and gas, and heating water is a certain difficulty, I propose to make a solar water heater for showers and washing dishes from materials that can often be found in landfills.

Backlit mouse pad

If you are tired of the usual banal mouse pad, then make your own unique, which no one has!


A bristle-walker, a bristle-robot, a vibro-pass - a simple toy that uses vibration for its movement.

Soap bubbler

This toy is very simple to repeat and is recommended for assembly in a place with children of secondary school age. Despite the general availability of the material (cardboard, paper clips, compact discs) it contains elements that require accuracy when performing.

Ping Pong Sharak Pistol

This is a real firearm. Naturally, it will not harm you, because it is a toy pistol.

Air-hydraulic rocket

The air-hydraulic model is one of the simplest in rocket modeling. It is characterized by simplicity of design and operation. This model makes it possible to conduct many different experiments and, most importantly, get acquainted with the action

How can I use the compressor from the refrigerator as an airbrush

Most people in garages and barns can find an old refrigerator. Why store? unknown! If you are one of those, then I suggest using this hardware in business. . .
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