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Bench for storing little things

Tell me, dear readers, have you ever thought about throwing plastic bottles from under the lemonade into the bin that you throw away not only money, but also wonderful material that could add coziness and order

Curtains - threads

As you know, curtains are designed to decorate windows, thereby protecting themselves from moonlight or daylight. But the curtains, which you will read about below, will surely surprise you and interest you, because curtains - threads are created and are not used

Bauble with the inscription

Many people dream of having a bauble with their own name or the name of their favorite team written or some other inscription that has a special meaning for them. It should be noted that weaving baubles is a fairly easy matter, if you understand and learn the basics. So,

Crafts from CDs

To always reign in your home, you need to store small things somewhere. Our wonderful handmade box is perfect for this business. For work, we need super-glue, an old medium-sized box, a cloth of two

Floor repair, laminate flooring and skirting installation

The floor on the loggia had a catastrophic slope towards the street, creaked strongly and scared everyone with its appearance. Old boards rotted long ago and were not suitable as a base for the finish coating. After some thought, it was decided to dismantle everything old

New time for old watches

My relatives made repairs in the kitchen. There is not enough wall clock for a complete interior. The old clock is working, but outwardly does not fit into the updated kitchen. It’s a pity to dispose of the watch, a gift inscription on it is a gift. I AM

How to breathe new life into old wallpapers

Most people are not able to make repairs as often as they would like. The reasons for this are a modest budget, lack of free time, and more often both at the same time. Know: any problem can be solved, the main thing is to have a desire and

Original collage

A collage is a composition that is created by applying (gluing, sewing and the like) to the basic basis of various objects, drawings and pictures. This type of art has gained popularity quite recently, but still now

DIY candy bouquet

For lovers of sweets and flowers, a bouquet of sweets will be an excellent present. It is worth showing a little imagination and diligence, and you can please your loved ones with such an unusual and pleasant gift. The following will be used to create the bouquet

Lady's business card holder

Each lady probably has a notebook in which she puts her plans for the day, various reminder notes, inserts business cards and discount cards, pastes commemorative theater tickets that remind her of only a lot, and

Leather box

Such a box is quite suitable for storing various little things, as well as an original gift wrapping, and it can also serve as a gift. This is one of those products that allow you to get the joy of creativity in the process of their

Cube - a transformer from paper

An entertaining paper craft “Cube - Transformer” can be made independently in a few minutes. For this we need - sheet A - 4, scotch tape, a ruler, a pencil.Instead of a ruler, you can use any flat plate.

Snowman made of disposable diapers

Recently, gifts created from improvised materials are becoming increasingly popular. Not the last place in the list of such presents is occupied by products from disposable diapers. These crafts are intended, as you might guess, for children. FROM

Watches for children

To make a watch you will need: an eraser, a ruler, double-sided tape, brushes, watercolor paints, an old watch, a battery, a screwdriver, a piece of paper, a burning device, a pencil, a container of water and a blank for plywood. Harvesting is possible

Wedding chest for money

A wedding is an important event in the life of every couple in love, as well as their near and dear ones. On a wedding day, everything should be perfect, aerobatics! And so that it was so, and this solemn day passed without any force majeure, which means it is necessary

Glass candle holder

Almost everyone in the house can find a lot of things that have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, but which the hand does not rise to throw away. Among such rarities, the most common are ordinary faceted glasses. But even from this, it seemed

Converter circuit for gauss guns

The converter is made on the popular timer 555 series. The design of the converter is quite simple and can not cause difficulties even for beginner radio amateurs. The power of such a converter largely depends on the field

Snow curtain

You can decorate your apartment for the New Year yourself: all you need for this is a desire to create and, of course, a bit of free time. You can give the room a fabulous look using an unusual snow curtain made of paper. To create it for you


For children, the original craft is a fascinating activity, especially made together with parents. One of these crafts would like to bring to your attention. A kite (dragon), like an aircraft, is very interesting for a child. For the first time he

Wings for children's costume

If your little princess is crazy about outfits of fairies and butterflies, then you certainly can not do without wings. And it is not necessary to scour the shops in pursuit of this detail of a children's costume. You can easily do them yourself. For creating

Vase "Oriental Tale"

The stores are now full of all kinds of crafts with which you can decorate your apartment. But it is always nice to have beautiful, stylish things done by your own hands in the house, and even better - made with your children (or grandchildren). Independent choice

Multicolored butterflies

On cold winter days, when a snowstorm sweeps outside the window, and also in the evenings when snow falls outside the window, I so want to return to the summer - hot, bright, sunny. One of the components of the wonderful season is airy, colorful butterflies, which

Advent wreath

To create a festive mood and decorate the apartment on the eve of Christmas will help such a traditional symbol as Advent wreath. Usually it is made of fir branches and decorated with satin ribbon bows and candles, but you can create your own

We transform shoes ourselves

The New Year is just around the corner, so you should already think about your outfit for the festive evening. If there is no way to buy new things for ourselves, we will "reconstruct" old ones. And as always, improvised means will be needed for this: threads, needles, paint
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