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Copper wire ring

Today you will learn how to create jewelry using a rather unusual technique. This technique is called wire wrap art (among the masters there is its simple name - wi-wire) and involves the creation of all sorts of gizmos by twisting the wire.

House for Kote

When designing a game complex for a cat, the idea arose of making a hanging house on the ground floor. Main requirements: lightweight, durable, stable construction from improvised materials. I didn’t want to spend extra money on the basis for the house,

Case for the camera

To make a cover, we need a little fur velor from an old sheepskin coat, a thin synthetic winterizer and Velcro, as well as any sewing machine, scissors, ruler, marker, adhesive tape, Moment glue and glue stick. Designed a pattern with a program


Each girl is characterized by a change in image. Changing the color of the hair, you will have to pick up a bunch of accessories for the hairstyle again, since not all previous ones will do. However, you can make a new note in a less costly way. Simply upgrade

New life of an old computer disk

95% of the world's population have personal computers, and with them many digital media for storing information. One of these devices is a computer disk, which, like any other thing, has its own term

Lightweight pendant lampshade

Now we will make a light hanging lampshade for a small room - a small kitchen or hallway. This lampshade is made in ethnic style, which has recently become very popular. It is very appropriate in a country house, in the country, where sometimes

Attic stairs

When building the stairs to the attic, I was guided by the basic principles: safety, convenience, functionality, economy in manufacturing and visual appeal. In advance, when designing a house, I provided a location

Stereo FM transmitter from MP3 player

I don’t have a car, but I decided to use this thing in my own way. Like a stereo transmitter. Why do I need it? And in order to broadcast sound from the laptop to the music center. The fact is that I like to watch a movie on the big screen, on

Gauss gan

Good afternoon, dear ham radio. Each of you at least once in your life wanted to collect a Gauss gan, in other words a Gaussian gun. Today we will consider an option, perhaps one of the simplest schemes for implementing the project. The main part of the Gauss gun is

Narrow bathroom cabinet

The cut chipboard, using an old iron, is glued with a paper edge. Aligning one edge of the edge to the corner of the part, with a hot iron, smooth the edge along the entire end. When heated, the glue melts and sticks to the edge. Protruding edge

Multimedia projector

I think many would like to have a home theater at home. If you have already thought about this, then you probably came across the question - How to make a large screen? If you buy a TV, it will cost a pretty penny, and even a large TV with

Board Drill

Many beginner hams often experience problems with drilling printed circuit boards. To solve this problem, I can advise you to make this device.This is nothing more than a homemade mini drill for circuit boards. . .

Simple radiation detector

This is a simple sensor, given its sensitivity! I decided to use a small ionization chamber with a current amplifier built on a composite transistor as a sensor. This circuit really works well after 5-10 minutes,

Simple multimedia projector

The time of the USSR is a thing of the past and left behind a variety of trinkets that are now no longer needed by anyone. For example, you probably have a slide projector or a filmoscope in the pantry. Nobody needs him anymore, but it’s a pity to throw away ... Let's give him a second

Animation engraving

Much new has been discovered in modding over the years. The technique has become more perfect, and modders gained a lot of experience. But as then, today most often one sheet of acrylic is used for engraving. But you can work with several. It may


There was a task to collect anemometer for one project, so that it was possible to take data on a computer via USB. The article will focus more on the anemometer itself than on the data processing system from it. . .

The name of the track being played on the body

Surely you have repeatedly seen all kinds of LCD-panels on the front of the system unit, or maybe you already managed to get hold of your own. But real modders prefer a slightly more complex and interesting process - making an LCD screen with their own hands.

Wind generator

This simple device can come in handy when fishing, camping, etc. places. With it, you can charge a mobile phone, mp3 player, flashlight, etc. Lightweight, compact wind generator will be your assistant. . .

How to make a robot arm for animatronics.

To create a robot arm, a piece of corrugated plastic tube, a box from a CD, twine, glue and electrical tape are used. The manipulator itself is strong enough to hold, for example, a bottle or a cell phone.

To replace incandescent lamps. . .

We remake an ordinary light bulb into an LED. The photo shows examples of manufactured holders for LEDs. Using this technology, you can make a holder of any shape for LEDs of various sizes and with any number of them.

DIY multimedia projector

You do not have money for the projector? No problem! In our laboratory, we assembled the projector with our own hands - and the entire project cost less than $ 300. We got a picture in XGA resolution, with a diagonal of 3 meters and a brightness of 3,500 ANSI lumens. Do not believe? Then
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