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Hairpins "Butterflies"

Little girls always love, like their mothers, to dress up, do different hairstyles and come up with some new looks for themselves. Of course, to decorate the hairstyle you need hoops, hair clips, elastic bands and other accessories.

Large spiral vase made of paper vines

To reproduce such a vase-spiral you will need: • tubes of magazine sheets of 116 pieces; • PVA glue; • scissors; • clothes pegs; • 2 liter plastic bottle.

Weaving basket of a magazine vine

For weaving a basket will require: • cardboard; • scissors; • tubes of magazine paper - 46 pieces; • double sided tape; • PVA glue; • clothes pegs.

Newspaper flower pot

The selection of flower pots in supermarkets is very large. But every housewife wants to have an original pot without big material investments. And the solution to this problem. You can weave yourself a nice pot for indoor plants using

Candle decoration

Materials: - Paraffin or wax candles (you can buy wax in specialized stores or shops for creativity; a cheaper option: buy ordinary candles in a supermarket) - the number of candles depends on the size of the future candle; -

Stroller envelope

Why do you need ordinary envelopes for money? They are already somehow tired of the order ... You yourself can make a very original little masterpiece - a gift, envelope and memory. Especially on the occasion of the birth of a child.

Newspaper Hat

Once upon a time, people read a lot of newspapers. Now much less. Nevertheless, in each house there is a couple. What fate awaits them? Storage in the attic, waste paper ... None. With patience and imagination, you can make a hat.

Amazing photo panel

We all love photos in the interior. You can place them on the walls, on shelves, bedside tables and so on. We are already used to the fact that photographs can be framed - it is beautiful and standard. However, if you want something unusual in the interior, then I

White-wing gliders, ceiling tile airplane

Recently, small models of gliders from EPP, in other words from ceiling tiles, have begun to appear in toy stores. Of course, such a toy flies beautifully, withstands many flights and can be launched everywhere, but the prices bite - $ 9 per
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