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Plywood watch

Clock from plywood “Orange mood”. Ordinary wall clocks can be purchased at any store, the choice is wide enough. But a thing made to someone as a gift with their own hands will look much more spectacular. In addition, it will serve as a reminder

Gold Plated Leather Flower

In my favorite burgundy bag, I recently made a small hole. Well, do not throw it away just because I'm such a mess. It was decided to find a piece of leather in tone, make a flower out of it, decorate a little with gold and close the hole. TO

Needle bed

Each of us has at least once in a lifetime faced with the problem of the loss of a needle, followed by a lengthy search in a panic. So, to prevent this from happening again, I suggest you make a needle bed with which you will always know where your

Decorative needle-slippers

Let's consider how to make a decorative slipper-needle bed. Its finished length is about 15 cm. To make such a small thing, you need 5.5 m of a satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide. From my personal experience, I can add that it is especially good

Upholstered chair made of plastic bottles

To make a soft chair out of plastic bottles, you will need: • plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters - 24 pieces; • adhesive tape; • scissors; • wooden box for vegetables; • knife; • unnecessary sweater; • foam rubber; • a flap of fur; • threads; • needle.

Transform hair comb

Now many prefer to use wooden combs. Such combs are environmentally friendly, do not damage the scalp, hair is not electrified, unlike plastic ones. But more often than not, these combs are just fine sanded without applying

Macrame Bead Bracelet

Need: 1. Thread kapron shoe color - 1 pc. 2. Colored buttons - 4-5 pcs. 3. 2 small rings (sold at a hardware store) - 2 pcs. 4. Clasp - 1 pc. 5. Small beads -112-140 pcs. (half-coil) 6. medium beads - 12-15pcs.

How to build a cat house

Cats are moody and masterful animals. Each has not only its own character, but also addictions, from which wean them sometimes oh, how hard! And if your pussy wanted to equip a nest on the shelf of your closet with clothes - be prepared for the fact that

Cup stand

From colorful balls of woolen threads, you can make bright coasters for cups in the form of small woolen rugs, which are likely to be useful in the household. To make the stand you will need: - threads for knitting white, red and yellow

Miniature chest of drawers

For most needlewomen, the question often arises of how to place all the necessary little things. I also encountered such a problem when I decided to try to create jewelry with my own hands. All shvenzy and other accessories necessary

Basket with flowers

Sometimes it is difficult to correctly and beautifully make a bouquet, especially if there is no experience. In this case, the simplest basket will help to solve the problem - it has always been and remains the best option for decorating a bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers. Not necessary

Casket from the book

On the eve of such a family holiday as the anniversary of my beloved mom, I had a serious question about a gift. The fact is that mom does not like expensive and pathos things. Even a standard bouquet of roses is a waste of money for her. Especially

Doll "Feeding"

The doll “Nursing machine” was known among the Russian people, one of its names was “Cabbage”, and it was called “Vepsian rvanka” from the Finno-Ugric peoples. Why is it so funny called? This is due to the historical technology of making the chrysalis. She certainly had to

Padding a computer chair

In the process of using furniture, sooner or later it becomes worthless. If the budget of your family cannot allow the replacement of old furniture, then this can be solved by self-repair. As an example, imagine a computer chair. More precisely hauling

Crown for the Snow Queen

For the manufacture of the Snow Queen’s crown, we will need the following materials: - foam rubber - cylinder with silver paint - cutting knife - needle - white threads - silver sequins - white acrylic paint - silver satin ribbon - large

Glamorous Monkey

For tailoring the monkey, we need: • A pair of terry children's socks; • Hollofiber (for filling toys); • needle; • Thread; • Scissors.

Decoupage Christmas balls

New Year is coming, and we want to decorate our Christmas tree somehow very beautifully and at the same time, original and unusual. Therefore, today's master class will come in handy for us, thanks to which we will decorate plastic balls in technique on our own

Christmas tree decoupage

Today we will study a detailed master class on making Christmas tree decorations using decoupage technique. What we will need for this: • Two foam hearts; • Two napkins for decoupage: one with New Year's deer, and the second with horses; • White acrylic

Christmas snowflake decoupage

Soon the New Year and we want to create some kind of toy or decoration for our New Year guest - Christmas trees with our own hands. Toys using decoupage technique look very good. Consider a detailed master class with a step-by-step description of the whole process.

Decoupage boards with Paris

Such a chopping board, decorated using decoupage technique, can be an excellent decoration for the kitchen interior, and it can also serve its intended purpose - for cutting products. On one side, the board is decorated with a decoupage napkin.

Imitation granite masonry

Solid-colored walls - this, you see, is boring. Much more interesting is the painting in several colors. We bring to your attention a master class on surface painting with imitation of bulk granite masonry. And you don’t have to be

Decoupage magnet

When beauty arises in a person, he tries to share it with the whole world, and this is explained very simply - the constant attraction to the world of creativity. One of the techniques that help bring ideas to life is decoupage, the art of decorating.

Decoupage plates

In this master class I will tell you how to turn a simple plate into a decorative interior item using the decoupage technique and the technique of spot painting. For work, we need: 1. Glass plate. 2. The napkin is dense, 3-ply. 3.

Cutting board decoupage

Decoupage technique has recently become increasingly popular. It is a varnished application of napkins, postcards or various paper pictures. You can decorate absolutely any surface with decoupage - from furniture to
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