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Page for a children's book in pop-up style

Like many other paper crafts, pop-up creations quite often become real works of art. Complex, multifaceted, colorful, they attract the attention of adults and children. However, the secrets of pop-up are not as complex as

A parrot

There are very simple crafts (boat, airplane), with the assembly of which even a preschooler will cope. Others - not every adult will be able to. This parrot made of paper with ease will make a child and 7-10 years old. Moreover, the instruction is given very

Paper kitten

It’s not difficult to make such cute kittens. Look at the photo, repeat each step and after 20 minutes you will have a paper kitten on the shelf. And even two. The most difficult thing in the craft is to figure out how to make the ears. And with the rest

Craft from pieces of yarn, cereals, pasta

Interesting and unusual creative work can come from materials of different textures. In one picture, you can use cereals, pasta, and trimmings of yarn and thread, and plasticine, and such an interesting paper technique as origami. Such

Exclusive Spice Jars

Tart, burning and unusually fragrant spices and spices are not just a culinary whim, but an integral ingredient in any oriental colorful dish. That's only with all its high position in the kitchen, they are stored, as a rule, in ordinary

Easter bunny

In the bright holiday of Easter can not do without an Easter bunny. It is a traditional holiday attribute in Europe and America. On the eve of Easter, mass sales of chocolate rabbits and cards with their image begin. Millions of kids are waiting for it

Volumetric picture

You do not know what to give to mom, grandmother or teacher for her birthday. We propose to complete the picture with a three-dimensional pattern in the form of a flower. The craft is made of inexpensive materials. The technology shown in the master class will allow you to create paintings

Bead egg

Spring has come - time for miracles. The spring murmurs - “Christ is Risen!” There are no lighter words in the world - “Truly Christ is Risen!” Very soon a beautiful bright holiday will come - Easter. All women will bake Easter cakes and paint eggs. And all the needlewomen

Fish on a plate

The application is made of pasta of various shapes on a plate. As a basis used ordinary plasticine for children's creativity. Motivated to create crafts a huge assortment of pasta on the shelves of supermarkets,

Cute chest

Decoupage is an art accessible to everyone. To make an interesting little thing using this technique, you do not need special knowledge that can please everyone. A cute chest decorated with your own hands can become a repository of your

Reverse decoupage on a plate

Reverse decoupage is a paper application laid on a hard surface and coated with varnish or paint on top. Thanks to this technology, you can create real masterpieces with your own hands. So, for example, in the presence of plain materials you

Designer Case

Probably, every mom has a daily problem, where to store children's pencils designer. After all, packages of them are so often lost that you do not have time to follow them. I offer you one option - this is a handbag made of a plastic bottle. FROM

Wooden children's toy "Chickens"

One of the toys that our grandfathers played in childhood is a woodwork, in which two figures bend alternately to the center: first one, then the second and again. It may be figures of girls “picking berries on

Newspaper Stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or a newborn's bride. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusivity. A surprise made by you personally will always stand out from the background

Valentine's Day Casket

Soon a wonderful holiday, Valentine's Day. If you want to please a loved one with a gift, but do not know what to give. We offer you a master class on creating a box "Valentine's Day". Symbol of the day of all lovers

Car inverter 12-220V

About six months ago I bought a car. I will not describe all the modernizations made to improve it; I will focus only on one. This is a 12-220V inverter for powering consumer electronics from the car's on-board network. Of course one could

Funny ladybug

In kindergarten and school, at home and in the circle of “skillful hands” - everywhere and always, children are happy to make bright and interesting crafts, come up with unusual things to decorate a classroom or their room, make original gifts for

Gift box

Getting ready to visit, we are thinking not only about the gift, but also about how to pack it. I want the gift box to be original and practical. You can make such a box with your own hands. For this craft it will not take a lot of time and skills.

Aries figurine with a jigsaw machine

Artistic sawing of wooden crafts is one of the most popular types of decorative art available to a creative person who does not have special education and training. Original master-sawmakers create from wooden

How to make a hummingbird bird

Despite the apparent complexity, this bird is easy to do. See how it looks good among the green! To do this, take thick paper - it will hold its shape better. And there are few bends in this craft. Hummingbird is made from a triangle. For


To make such a neck, you need to try. Of course, such a task is not within the power of a small child, but a schoolboy can very well lay down this bird. The most difficult thing here is to hide a sharp corner inside the craft at the top of the figure, and in the rest

Openwork basket

The standard idea and the most non-standard embodiment of this idea into reality, the solution of an ordinary problem in an original way - is the life of a creative person. A made openwork basket can be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen interior and cute


If your baby can easily make a boat or an airplane out of paper, then he can already be taught to make an elephant. First, you yourself will practice at your leisure, so that the child will not be bored with this process and begin to work. Moreover, this
«Do it yourself - do it yourself"- a site of interesting homemade products made from improvised materials and objects at home. Step-by-step master classes with photos and descriptions, technologies, examples of work - all that a real master or just a craftsman needs for needlework. Crafts of any complexity, a large selection of directions and ideas for creativity.

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