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Paper fish

These beautiful fish can become a decoration in a children's room if you hang them on strings from the ceiling or to a chandelier. Then they will wave from the slightest breath of the wind, as if floating in the waves. And also, having made several of multi-colored paper


Elephant in many countries is a very revered animal. It symbolizes great power, wisdom and even longevity. That is why elephants are often used as figurines, figures, and soft toys as interior decorations. Yes, and the kids are very

Craft from pieces of yarn, cereals, pasta

Interesting and unusual creative work can come from materials of different textures. In one picture, you can use cereals, pasta, and trimmings of yarn and thread, and plasticine, and such an interesting paper technique as origami. Such

DIY rocket - craft with kids

Children are the flowers of life. But these "flowers" are sometimes so unbearable, especially in outdoor games. Sometimes there is a desire to sit in a quiet environment, without screaming, noises and running. And there is a great activity that will help your children

Easter egg braided with beads

Easter is a beloved holiday for everyone, which people of all ages look forward to not only eating delicious cakes and cottage cheese with raisins, but also to present each other with traditional souvenirs. Staining of chicken eggs

Swallow Pendants

The image of a swallow, a symbol of the beginning, the arrival of spring, goodness, good luck and fidelity, is often used in paintings, embroideries, tattoos and other artistic creations. The popularity of the use of fine motifs with a swallow due to

Thread egg

Holidays are always pleasant and fun. Recently, it has become especially popular to thematically decorate the interior, which further adjusts to the holiday atmosphere. One of the main Easter elements is the egg, which can also be

Bouquet of roses from sweets and paper specks

There is no such person who would not like sweets. Almost every holiday gift is complemented by the recipient's favorite candy. But giving them in ordinary packaging is too commonplace, and buying in an exclusive one is expensive. Today I will tell you how

Easter bunny

In the bright holiday of Easter can not do without an Easter bunny. It is a traditional holiday attribute in Europe and America. On the eve of Easter, mass sales of chocolate rabbits and cards with their image begin. Millions of kids are waiting for it

Volumetric picture

You do not know what to give to mom, grandmother or teacher for her birthday. We propose to complete the picture with a three-dimensional pattern in the form of a flower. The craft is made of inexpensive materials. The technology shown in the master class will allow you to create paintings

Fish on a plate

The application is made of pasta of various shapes on a plate. As a basis used ordinary plasticine for children's creativity. Motivated to create crafts a huge assortment of pasta on the shelves of supermarkets,

Egg Tray Train

For classes with children, it is important to use a variety of material. Children like to see their own in ordinary things, to fantasize.Having at home several models of toy locomotives, the child still seeks to create a toy for games. And how

Designer Case

Probably, every mom has a daily problem, where to store children's pencils designer. After all, packages of them are so often lost that you do not have time to follow them. I offer you one option - this is a handbag made of a plastic bottle. FROM

Wooden children's toy "Chickens"

One of the toys that our grandfathers played in childhood is a woodwork, in which two figures bend alternately to the center: first one, then the second and again. It may be figures of girls “picking berries on

Newspaper Stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or a newborn's bride. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusivity. A surprise made by you personally will always stand out from the background

Miniature chest of drawers

For most needlewomen, the question often arises of how to place all the necessary little things. I also encountered such a problem when I decided to try to create jewelry with my own hands. All shvenzy and other accessories necessary

Plasticine Rainbow Caterpillar

In this master class, we will sculpt, it would seem, an ordinary caterpillar made of plasticine balls, which even the smallest child can handle, but due to the smooth transition of colors and a couple of small details, the craft will turn out to be unusual. Getting down to

Fun Balloon Toys

Today I want to offer you to make toys from improvised means. To make them, you will need: elastic balloons of various sizes, preferably made of dense latex, thin markers, a funnel, flour, pencil and various types of decorations.

Viscose Napkin Keychain

Trinkets are equally liked by both adults and children. Although they are not a necessity, but as a gift will suit everyone. Children love to cling to bags of figures of favorite cartoon characters. Men are happy to accept keychains as a gift.

Funny ladybug

In kindergarten and school, at home and in the circle of “skillful hands” - everywhere and always, children are happy to make bright and interesting crafts, come up with unusual things to decorate a classroom or their room, make original gifts for

Aries figurine with a jigsaw machine

Artistic sawing of wooden crafts is one of the most popular types of decorative art available to a creative person who does not have special education and training. Original master-sawmakers create from wooden


Children are always attracted to something unusual and mysterious. They watch movies with all sorts of monsters and monsters. But it’s better to introduce children to the world around them not through a scary movie, but with the help of such crafts. Look how cute

Mysterious couple panel using the iris folding technique

There is such an interesting technique in needlework as iris folding. It is mainly used in the manufacture of paper crafts. But I like working with textiles more. Therefore, almost all of my work was done using the iris folding technique of fabric.
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