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Decorative plate "Bees on flowers"

A decorative plate can be made from any object of a suitable shape or, as in this case, from a regular disposable plate. Beautiful and unusual product will make the original composition. Will it be your own idea or borrowed

Flower Arrangement and Cold Porcelain

Engaged in needlework and still have not tried to make floral arrangements using the technique of cold porcelain? It's time to fix it! To prepare cold porcelain you need: - 50 grams of starch; - 50 grams of soda; - 50 grams of water; - any

Earrings "Flowers"

In the summer I want to look bright and beautiful, original jewelry will help in this. But to be sure that no one else will have such jewelry, you can make them yourself from polymer clay. A variety of polymer clay is such that

Ceiling tile plane

The legend of aviation in miniature. Aircraft modeling is a great activity that is suitable for both boys and adult men. Love for airplanes, as well as a little patience - this is perhaps all that is needed to get a good

Flowers for polymer clay decor

The time has passed when only clay and ordinary clay existed! Now there is such a variety of materials for creativity that the head is spinning from what else to do. Polymer clay is a godsend for creative people. It is very pleasant on

Craft from pieces of yarn, cereals, pasta

Interesting and unusual creative work can come from materials of different textures. In one picture, you can use cereals, pasta, and trimmings of yarn and thread, and plasticine, and such an interesting paper technique as origami. Such

Easter 3D flowerbed

The painted chicken eggs no longer surprise anyone, no matter how professionally the painting was done. Applying floral ornaments is not difficult even for a child. But what if you add volume to the mural, breathe life into the flowers? Let's try it! Us

Fish on a plate

The application is made of pasta of various shapes on a plate. As a basis used ordinary plasticine for children's creativity. Motivated to create crafts a huge assortment of pasta on the shelves of supermarkets,

Plasticine painting

Probably everyone watched the domestic plasticine cartoon. Agree, very beautiful and not ordinary. I suggest that you do something similar, namely a picture of plasticine. It sounds strange, of course, but don’t worry, everything is beautiful and

Plasticine Rainbow Caterpillar

In this master class, we will sculpt, it would seem, an ordinary caterpillar made of plasticine balls, which even the smallest child can handle, but due to the smooth transition of colors and a couple of small details, the craft will turn out to be unusual. Getting down to

Making a stuffed bird

In order to make a stuffed bird, you need to have: Wire, copper sulfate (or its solution), brush (for applying copper sulfate), tow (or any stuffing material (synthetic winterizer, cotton wool and the like), glue (moment),

Decor bottle "Golden Sunflowers"

Beautiful things attract attention.And beautiful things made by hand are pleasant not only for the eyes, but also for the soul. There is no factory stereotyping and facelessness in them, but there is always a place for creative imagination and a non-standard approach to standard

Paper rose

When there are always flowers in an apartment or house, even the air seems cleaner and more pleasant. It is difficult to please yourself with fresh flowers all year round, so I figured out how to pamper myself with beautiful aromas and species, without real flowers. Today I will tell and

Decorative vase

Any thing made by yourself is more valuable than just bought in a store. Especially if it is a piece of furniture, in this case, you can choose any size, shape and style that is right for your

Eyes for dolls

Everyone, literally everyone sculpted from plasticine in childhood. Modeling is included in the program of preschool development of citizens. Someone got better, someone worse. Some are already in their years, and they are happy to spend time modeling different figures. One trouble -

Clay horse

Recently, many people have been subordinating their lives to the Chinese calendar. And on January 31, the year of the horse begins. The blue horse is a talisman and should bring good luck all year. Especially if it is made by hand.

Christmas tree from candy box

Many people ask: how to decorate a house for the New Year holidays? Let's create together the little sister of a big New Year tree from a package of sweets. For work you will need: candy packaging, plasticine or gypsum, colored paper or foil. we

Swinging picture

A swinging picture created from improvised things can become an interesting interior addition to a children's room. And so, let's get started. We will need: white thick paper (or cardboard), scissors, paints, PVA glue, cocktail tubes, adhesive tape,

Children's craft "Aquarium in a box"

Children's crafts are of great importance for the development of a child of any age. They develop not only fine motor skills, but also imagination, the ability to express themselves and an understanding of the world. And today we will show how with the help of plasticine and match

Volumetric plate

Antique stylization: a decorative plate with a three-dimensional image. I really like antiques. There is a mysterious charm of time in them: once they decorated the interior of the estate, they witnessed the fate of its inhabitants, and then

Candy bouquet of colored paper

Colored paper is an auspicious material for creativity with children. From double-sided colored paper, you can come up with voluminous crafts, and then present them as a gift. For example, together with my daughters, we tried to make such flowers, very

White-wing gliders, ceiling tile airplane

Recently, small models of gliders from EPP, in other words from ceiling tiles, have begun to appear in toy stores. Of course, such a toy flies beautifully, withstands many flights and can be launched everywhere, but the prices bite - $ 9 per

Polymer clay earrings

Do you remember how you used to learn to sculpt from plasticine in your childhood? So many interesting ideas, but all of them, as a rule, ended with dirty hands and unfulfilled expectations. Today there is a great alternative to all of these.

How to get a special decoration?

Namely, a decoration made of polymer clay, or, as it is also called, plastic (thermoplastics). This material is quite easy to use: it resembles plasticine.Sometimes it is called "adult plasticine." And rightly so, because this material is not at all
«Do it yourself - do it yourself"- a site of interesting homemade products made from improvised materials and objects at home. Step-by-step master classes with photos and descriptions, technologies, examples of work - all that a real master or just a craftsman needs for needlework. Crafts of any complexity, a large selection of directions and ideas for creativity.

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