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Yarn motanka doll

Dolls-motanka are not just toys created for children's games. These are amulets. They can be found in any culture of the world. Historians claim that the first appeared more than five centuries ago. Such dolls differ from ordinary ones in that they have no face. By

Croup bag with a transparent window

Convenient, cute, practical bags for cereals - a good gift for a caring hostess. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the cereal will not spill out, and a transparent window will show whether it is time to replenish the supply. To sew a bright bag, you need a dense

Upholstered chair made of plastic bottles

To make a soft chair out of plastic bottles, you will need: • plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters - 24 pieces; • adhesive tape; • scissors; • wooden box for vegetables; • knife; • unnecessary sweater; • foam rubber; • a flap of fur; • threads; • needle.

Stump garden pots

To make a garden planter in the form of a stump, we will prepare cement, sand, building gypsum (alabaster), building mesh, an empty plastic container, alkyd enamel in different colors, a primer, brushes, a sponge and containers for mortar. Before starting work

Pumpkin Earrings

Almost every girl believes that there are not many jewelry. And not one girl can not resist the original and unique earrings. For the summer, you can make beautiful and bright Pumpkin earrings for yourself, which can decorate the summer

How to sew a gearshift cover yourself

Maintenance of the car and work on its tuning is best entrusted to specialists. But there are some things that you can do yourself. For example, you can do your own thing to alter the cover on the gear lever.

Onigiri Keychain

Modern jewelry amazes with its unusual and original look. Today, almost any item, be it food or a living creature, can serve as an inspiration for creating a great accessory. This workshop will tell how

Candle decoration

Materials: - Paraffin or wax candles (you can buy wax in specialized stores or shops for creativity; a cheaper option: buy ordinary candles in a supermarket) - the number of candles depends on the size of the future candle; -

Making a case for a touch mobile phone

Today, in the salons of mobile communication there is a huge assortment of covers for cell phones, which will satisfy any needs and tastes. Nevertheless, often if you want to purchase a case for a specific phone model, it turns out that the choice

Volumetric picture

You do not know what to give to mom, grandmother or teacher for her birthday. We propose to complete the picture with a three-dimensional pattern in the form of a flower. The craft is made of inexpensive materials. The technology shown in the master class will allow you to create paintings

Headphone upgrade for PC

Almost everyone has old headphones for the computer, which can give a second life. I propose to evaluate my master class on the upgrade of an attribute so indispensable for a music lover. As an experimental sample I chose old Dialog headphones

Three-color painting

Today we will perform a very simple and incredibly useful exercise in flower science.All professional artists have gone through this more than once, and, I think, no one regretted it. In an art school, such an exercise is performed in the first year

Corner shelf

Corners in the room almost always remain unoccupied, but meanwhile there is enough space there to accommodate a small shelf, shelving or suspension. From a design point of view, angular arrangement gives some advantage, because similar

Decorating the bottle with colored salt

In order to decorate the interior, create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the house or to please a loved one with an original gift, it is not necessary to buy expensive souvenirs. You can create them yourself. Lately very

Heart shaped photo frames

Photos of loved ones awaken in us rainbow feelings. Insert the photo into the photo frame, made in the shape of a heart, with our own hands. This photo frame can be put on the table, or can be attached to the wall. The highlight of your interior will be a wall decorated with

Thread box

Beautiful and convenient boxes for storing various trinkets are always needed in the house. For example, I like to knit, but over the years of doing this hobby, I have gathered a lot of yarn remnants, which, on the one hand, I need, and on the other hand, they constantly lie in

Mobile table from the usual

You have a rather successful kitchen furniture, which usually stands in the corner - it does not bother anyone. When guests arrive, or it is time for the whole family to eat, you begin to move it to a convenient place. An even more exotic problem: to decompose

Original earrings

Polymer clay is one of those materials that is easy and pleasant to work with without any special skills and tools. Plastic has a pleasant pliable structure that allows you to create real masterpieces,

Kansash-style flower for beginners

Japanese needlework is always striking in its originality and minimal cost. To create delightful masterpieces in the kanzashi style, the main tool is fabric and an incredible amount of painstaking work and perseverance. Lately

Delicate butterfly for decor

A huge amount of unnecessary things can be turned into wonderful things. In the process of work, putting your soul into the craft, you feel how little beauty is born, inspiring immediately to new masterpieces.

Omelet with croutons

There is not always time to cook something unusual for dinner. And you always want to eat. The fastest dish to cook is, of course, scrambled eggs. And also with an omelet it turns out a very tasty salad.

Christmas boot

Ideas to make toys for decorating a Christmas tree come completely unexpectedly. So it happened this time. Seeing the empty packaging from under children's socks, I wondered how they looked like boots hanging by the fireplace. So persistent formed

Lily as a decoration

Lily as a decoration is used very often. Women love to decorate their clothes and hair with flowers. Moreover, not only alive, but also made of various materials. To make a lily flower, you need a satin ribbon of a beautiful color,

New time for old watches

My relatives made repairs in the kitchen. There is not enough wall clock for a complete interior. The old clock is working, but outwardly does not fit into the updated kitchen. It’s a pity to dispose of the watch, a gift inscription on it is a gift. I AM
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