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Master class canned cucumbers with tomatoes

In the cucumber season, many are engaged in conservation, and each housewife has its own subtleties of pickling cucumbers. I would like to offer another version of canned cucumbers with tomatoes. Salted vegetables in this way are always successful, and


A summer fish soup can be cooked not only from river or lake fish. From the sea, it turns out even tastier! For this dish you do not need to use good pieces, just a head and trimmed red fish such as trout, salmon or salmon.

Shawarma at home

Sharma is a traditional Caucasian dish, but the combination of taste fried on charcoal, meat and juicy vegetables in it will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

Lasagna for all occasions

Today there is no such person who did not know, did not try or just did not hear anything about climbing. This dish is very tasty and is often prepared according to various recipes in many restaurants. Delicious lasagna can also be prepared at home.

Delicious homemade borsch

Everyone loves delicious homemade food. Traditional cuisine is always very tasty, satisfying and beautiful. Today I will teach you how to cook a classic homemade borsch, and you will understand that everyone can make it.

Pizza on the loaf

A pizza recipe on a loaf is a real find in the case when you want to cook a tasty, satisfying dish in the shortest possible time. For example, unexpected guests came. You can cook such pizza for breakfast if you have leftover food from dinner

Learning to cook delicious borsch

The most popular first course in many cuisines of the world is the beloved borscht. Each mistress in the arsenal, of course, has several options for its preparation. Today we propose to cook this hearty rich dish according to our

Funny pasta

I like to cook "not separate" main dishes, that is, those that do not consist separately of the meat or fish component and the side dish. I offer a recipe for a second dish, which includes pasta, vegetables and sausage. Separately cook pasta (400 grams

Rassolnik in Leningrad

Many Russian families make soups. Usually it is rich thick cabbage soup, borscht, pickle, which go well especially in winter. Coming from the cold, you will pour a plate of soaring fragrant nourishing rich brew - and immediately the world will become kind, and you -

Dietary Salad

As you know, corn lowers appetite, therefore, for everyone who wants to part with extra pounds, this product should be in the first place. In the process of processing corn grains lose almost all useful properties, therefore, corn

Skewer case

Anyone in his spare time seeks to replenish his strength, experience. I want to devote a lot of time to a hobby. In the family, everyone can have a favorite pastime - reading, embroidery, designing, sewing, photography, fishing, hunting. Need to rest

Recipe "Salad with" Kiriesh "

Today I suggest you cook a very tasty and simple salad with crackers. I received the recipe for this salad from my mother several years ago, and now it is always on our holiday table. This salad has several advantages: a hearty salad,

Bottle with vegetables

A very beautiful souvenir for the kitchen can be made from the simplest things. All that is needed is a glass bottle of an irregular shape, bright fresh vegetables, acetic acid and a little aesthetic taste.

Healthy casserole

I offer you a recipe for a delicious, beautiful and healthy casserole of two types of cabbage. Even those who reject vegetables in all their manifestations will not refuse to try a beautiful dish in summer. Thanks to its low calorie content, the casserole is ideal for dinner.
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